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February 26, 1996
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If they isn't a party Boss that isn't unkillable then whats the point.
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likes to try out Bosses near you. Personal Damien Body guard.
  • Drop rate increase for Damien and Lotus acc.

    TerrorStreak the dark boss doesn't need to a 1 in 10000 chance drop rate we don't need another Cursed Kaisuim item in the game Beatting these bosses is hard enough as it is but i don't think the buff should big either at least the drop rate % should effect the drop rate its very unfair for funded players to get locked out of this kind of gear for no good reason this game already has enough rng anyway we don't need an item that could piss off players at least with hard magnus you can at least do him twice a week.(With coupon) you can't do that on Hard Lomien.
  • We all want a merge

    There are way too many characters to even think about doing the merge you speak of and plus a game like isn't easy change as it takes alot programming skill to even contemplate this on average every should have around 20 to 30 character slots per world(for instance nobody is willing to support this since the servers already i have trouble with keeping people right now you know and don't forget this game has a lot of messed up code currently) Just stating my points the game doesn't need a MERGE right now it needs some serous bug fixes how do you think a merged server could handle such a thing look at bera for instance its bugging out kicking people off aka disconnecting them stuff like needs to be fixed before we do a merged its highly important to take care of this oh and i didn't put reboot into account. Also considering how many latency problems this game has i don't think i need to keep typing this or i'll be here all day I at least know this stuff works.
  • pizza or lasagna

    Pizza, self made Pizza is the best!
    self made Lasagna is better, if you can actually make a good one.
  • Perceptivitys youtube channel and Videos

    cool vids( you forgot to mechion that if the same hate pierre you'll heal him double the dps you do to him)
  • Tower of Oz practice runs shouldn't deduct time

    And it's hard to get to the top.
    That's why we should practice without penalties!
    get to the top with decent time is NEEDED TO HAVE A CHANCE AT KILLING DORTHY!