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February 26, 1996
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If they isn't a party Boss that isn't unkillable then whats the point.
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??? ??? LOL
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likes to try out Bosses near you. Personal Damien Body guard.


  • I have almost been having trouble logging in. might be what they did during maintenance that is causing the issue.
  • can confirm no points this week
  • TerrorStreak the dark boss doesn't need to a 1 in 10000 chance drop rate we don't need another Cursed Kaisuim item in the game Beatting these bosses is hard enough as it is but i don't think the buff should big either at least the drop rate % should…
  • There are way too many characters to even think about doing the merge you speak of and plus a game like isn't easy change as it takes alot programming skill to even contemplate this on average every should have around 20 to 30 character slots per wo…
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » the joke is in the picture, not in the content of the words. Jeez. don't take maplestory too seriously, it's a game to pass the time. I know just trying to be help and DarkPassenger i take everything too seriously, Its be…
  • TerrorStreak wrote: » Blaster isnt that bad, zero is way worse foussiremix wrote: » Carpal tunnel syndrome Many classes are like that like Zero "Like stated above Kiaser and that pressing buttons for 15% additional final damage, Ark class is…
  • Vinsane wrote: » People people please, end game is obviously 99mil clean... Vinsane endgame as far as dps goes is 10-10bil lines on everything but due to the fact that this is almost impossible to reach even for the insanely funded i find inval…
  • YinYangX wrote: » Questions4Nexon wrote: » Is it true that you can get boost nodes for even first job skills? Someone mentioned it to me, but I did not believe it at the time because I couldn't recall seeing any first job skills while opening no…
  • ShadowFlare wrote: » I wouldn't say working on gear is too much of a time sink, the passive buffs however will be. Yeah you want to scroll your gear decently but the passive buffs affects your damage a lot, got a feeling without them you wouldn't…
  • man is 25 stars such a great meso sink and a great gear DESTROYER...
  • Yoongi wrote: » Mira wrote: » I did it once when it was reallllly laggy, and you just have to take into account the lag for when you need to use the objects - I totally agree it's frustrating though, as you can die with 10 seconds left and have …
  • darik wrote: » SuperJonic wrote: » So i'm guessing since the 25* is released, i'll have to hunt for absolab gear instead of sw gear.... L> Lotus carry Lol, well sw gear was much harder to get and transpose( gl getging to 10*+ tyrants) th…
  • I love Zero Class it's by far my favorite class in the game. A class that both Teleport and double jump is really sick(plus the fact if your good with it its 1 of those class that won't die) Also I love his story line and WiLL im coming for you...
  • Yeti Boss traps the player in a infinite loop where you cannot progress and every-time you lose or quit you'll be stuck in a room with only portal leading back to the boss
  • Goldentube wrote: » I walked through the story line yesterday and tried the boss fight in both story mode and normal mode. Entry level is 140 and it feels easy to fight. Kind of disappointed. Obviously, the boss has several phases: The first…
  • darik wrote: » Mohanad wrote: » there is alot of other contents other than HITTING and KILLING the efforts made on the high end items... and still i grantee there are alot of high end users who are not satisfied about the change that going to ma…
  • YES IT'S GONE FINALLY. it's not that bad sir, really it's not.
  • Once you reach 500k, you can make about a few hundred mil a week. Getting to 500k without spending any money or getting any help from friends/guild will take more than a year for casual players. 500k is the cut off where you can solo most bosses in…
  • they will NEVER Release Zero for Reboot.(they are gotta to be OP when 5th job comes out)
  • Blaster is hard to do max lines with. Almost all Blaster's skill you can't spam, SO yea it's pretty hard to control.(only 1 skill you can spam and it's insanely strong that does a massive amount of dps and lines[ 9 lines a skill and it's a 4th job s…