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February 26, 1996
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If they isn't a party Boss that isn't unkillable then whats the point.
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likes to try out Bosses near you. Personal Damien Body guard.
  • Nebulites, Bonus Potential Cubes & Violet Cubes

    If you're wondering why 4% all stat nebs use to be so cheap is because in the past they were duped like crazy and there were thousands of them and over time more and more people have applied them to equips and now the nebs only come from fusing and marvel/gach and that is one reason why it seems like these nebs are decreased, when in actuality they might have same % of getting them, and we were just spoiled enough to feel like we should get more.
    also Nebs used to have a high drop rate in the alien invasion.( you can still get them there fairly often just not as many of them)
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    for me my goal is to reach level 210 on the normal servers(207 right now 5 billion exp from leveling) and then i'll start powergrinding. and with all the Knowledge ive learn i should get to 300k range easily(my second goal and hoping to eventually hit 50mil lines. I will kill Normal Lotus as Duo. and also want to be strong enough to do the Future endgame bosses in a party in GLAZED already in a pretty LARGE GUILD/ALLIANCE.
    since its easier to reach cap with a guild. by the way im maining a zero.
  • A Quick Magnus bossing Guide

    Magnus is a Boss in Tyrant Castle in Nova, We will speak of his skills he will use and around how much Health he has normal mode and hard to make thing easier.
    NOTE that both bosses have a passive that reduces your dps in half so watch for them.
    also you take 10% every 3 seconds on normal and take 10% every second.
    for normal mode its around 2.4 billion HP
    for Hard however its around 144 billion HP(and is much harder)
    the Meteors
    These can be kinda of a pain to avoid unless your a thief
    they come in 3 sizes
    Greens is the least dangerous does half of your health
    Blues AVOID THESES AT ALL COSTS OR YOU WILL GET 1 HIT KILLED same goes for the purple one
    Purple are bigger but no dmg difference.
    Poison Bind AVOID THESE AT ALL COSTSTrust me you don't want a 30 second bind.
    He can slow you which make it harder not to get hit by Meteors( the fast ones are nightmare fuel)
    His slash does 50% of your health there is a way to avoid its either being a mage or a zero and if you time your teleport you won't take any damage.
    His Spinning Slash is a Problem does the same damage as his Slash but it does SUPER KNOCKBACK this is a big problem since it can cause death by getting combo'd.
    Now his Green shadow Sword attack is his most annoying skill and is a bit bugged in the fact that it has a longer range than it should, also it 1 shots.
    Now his next attack he jump into the crushes down dealing a 1 hit kill to anyone either below him or too close to him. tip: you can hit him when he does it with some classes
    Now for his blast fire skill its an instakill to anyone to his left or right. tip: its not a good idea to get under him and heres why Super fast Meteors.
    for hard YOU MUST BE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MAP TO THE BINDS FROM HAPPENING and for hard mode you need to be in the barrier to effectively damage him(-90% damage) unless your range is godly. also he is weak to binds make use of that.

    If you know his moves and to stay in the middle of the map should be able to beat him.
    if you want add anything post in the Thread.
  • Nebulites, Bonus Potential Cubes & Violet Cubes

    so True its so diffcult to get just 1 Primal essences.( you can get them as a rare drop(something like a % 0.01 drop from normal arkaruim but good not getting killed by him a ton)
  • Nebulites, Bonus Potential Cubes & Violet Cubes

    I do too just wished they had a higher rank up rate.( I use every cube i get my hands on)