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  • Jett Question(although doesn't concern me)

    They're not going to change it. However, the compensation really isn't that good... Main reason why people who main this class, have invested in a lot of arcane fodder only get to transfer one. It doesn't mention a lot of concerns for someone who is being uprooted forcibly because they don't "have the resourced" to keep updating a single class that was approved and added in by their dev team at some point. This doesn't affect me personally I only have one as a mule; but, I'm acknowledging that others are being greatly affected by this change. I would even argue that some people's accounts are being nuked by Nexon and a few growth potions and nodes are supposed to make them feel better?
  • Why im quitting Maplestory after 8 years

    DeeMon wrote: »
    I also stopped playing because nexon nerfed Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter to ****, dood. They always ruin my favorite classes with all these dumbass cooldowns (first Shadower, then Hayato). nexon just doesn't care, dood.

    Doesn't it seem more likely that you just like overpowered classes then? Both classes were nerfed to reign them back in, not a pointless arbitrary reason. If all you're looking for is dashes then why not make a mage and just tele? Problem solved.
  • Frost Friends event

    There's a pretty big issue happening where you have to auto the frost friends with basic attacks and Jetts can't because starline punch is used on an auto attack which isn't allowed. They effectively can't participate in the event.


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  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    Hey all - You're welcome to argue / debate, but please no personal attacks / name calling. We'll provide an update soon, but please abide by the forum guidelines / code of conduct.
    I know a lot of people are quoting you and spamming with messages, but I do have to tell you that since no information is given at all people tend to roam and rant. Their minds wander and so on. Eventually they end up butting heads with someone else. It would honestly be better to leave bread crumbs to give people something to do and check on from time to time than just making it seem like Nexon is ignoring them altogether.

  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    hey guys im going to whine and cry over a game that i didnt pay for not only am i going to whine and cry but im going to about events extension when some mmo's dont even get events. and the greatest part is im going to flame a company that didnt have to branch off and come to america in the first place about how they run there game and how poorly there doing it because i no so much about coding that im a master yea..... man who knew i was going to do that, who knew i was going to flame like a 9 year old school girl who didnt get the teddy bear she wanted.... love kids man i love em so much i could burn em...image

    i assume this is directed at me and if not so be it, i have a response regardless. There's a difference in whining and criticizing. furthermore you have no idea how much i may have spent on this game, but regardless they are a company, not some altruistic good Samaritan providing us a service out of the goodness of their heart, they are trying to generate revenue and we are their customers, and like any customer and business relationship we have the right to be critical when they are doing a poor job

    and they didn't branch off into America to do us a favor, it was in hopes of making more money
    hahaha you think your special enough for me to make a post simply about you no bro not even close its to everyone whining and bitching and every company no matter how much money they have and how many employees they have wile have this happen every time they push a patch this large out you know why??? cause even in their test servers which they do have no one can possibly find every issue immediately. Skyrim for example took 2 years to make not to update but to make and when it came out it had more wrong with it than than a vegan fat person like didnt make sense, so if your one of those school girls bitching go where someone will care enough to write a post about you and if your someone reading this and thinking im angry and raging im not im laughing at the fact that so many gms players are acting like the world should be handed to them on a diamond engarved spoon

    to every one crying this is how the veterans feel right now.
    I feel like you need to grow up a bit more. If anything you're the flamer here since most people are articulating their displeasure with the company's performance. You on the other hand are doing nothing remotely considered productive. This " flamming "; it's called feedback and helps a company note their flaws and perform better in the future.
    1. That picture is a joke

    2. Every company when making a large update like this is going to take a long time anyway and they need this time to get the update working well and effectively for the community to enjoy without one shotting CVel within the 10 minutes the servers were up. They realised bugs are going to exist and didn't think anything that major was going to happen. Though it did and the servers needed to be taken down for more maintenance as a small crew such as Nexon cannot search the entire game for bugs.

    No it's just filling this forum with useless clutter. As for this taking so long. Nexon is the odd one out. Not the norm by a very long shot. For being a multi million dollar company ( in NA alone I might add) it's track record on patches and updates is utterly shame inducing. I've seen: much larger patches come out in worse funded games, with much higher graphics, much more complicated skills and combat systems, and come out with less of a gap than this.

    It all comes back to Nexon being understaffed and unprepared for a patch it's trying to dish out. Now THAT has a direct correlation back to the company because that's something they can obviously influence. Some people are voicing their displeasure telling Nexon this isn't ok. It wasn't before and it's not now. That's the only way Nexon can truly gauge its fan base's reactions. Then there's others that are cluttering the forums saying this happens all the time let it go its ok it happens. What happens is from them cluttering the forums because "it's normal for them" doesn't mean it's right for a company focused on receiving a steady revenue from its player base to do. Yet because you few spam the forums so darn hard, because i see about 20 people spread out on multiple forums posting it, that when they check they see it's slightly the same if not higher in the former even though one side might have more people overall. It's completely unproductive and counter objective to do so.