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  • Well the Matinance is Extened for awile..

    They never release a major patch on time and barely release small ones on time. I don't know why you people expect anything less than 12-24hr patches
    That's the thing. They should have their maintenance planned out and we should expect them to end on time. Of course there's always going to be a maintenance that has to be extended, but all their maintenance are extended, not just extended but extended with no estimated time that we can go off of. Even the minor updates lol.
    I agree.. I mean think of it logically. Nexon is a business. Businesses sell things. In order for Nexon to run smoothly and sell a steady stream, they need to be up as much as possible and as often as possible. No other line of work, or business for that matter, can boast it's never done on time and expect to make any type of money. As a matter of fact; most businesses would fire any employees that can't make the delivery of their goods in a timely and consistent manner. Yet somehow Nexon NA has gotten into this slump of this is normal and to be expected when it really isn't and shouldn't have to be expected.

    Not to get it confused by saying unexpected things don't happen from time to time and an odd extensions here and there isn't a big deal. But.. wow... I want to work at Nexon NA because apparently it's acceptable to have amazingly low standards and test patches on live servers.