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  • Great game, worst customer service imaginable.....

    So........ I decided to buy the Kana package for my Night Lord because it looked great in the dress up window, proceeded to purchase and I was satisfied with said purchase.........that is until I found out that the fan was restricted to swords / short swords / desperados / fans and something else just not claws, as you figured I was disappointed to have bought a package that I couldn't fully enjoy, I mean to be fair its not my fault there was not restrictions or warning on the box.......so I thought "hey I deserve some level of refund or help". I talked to a GM who then gave me the run around by telling me what I already knew, that the package was only equipable to certain weapons ( frankly I don't know why its even restricted it plays ZERO effect on actual gameplay ), after a few emails and repetitive responses I woke up today and logged in my kana and got kicked promptly from the server as it had died, I relogged on another channel and I was fine, then I logged out after selling a few things to log into my main for dailies..........that's when it all went down hill, I found myself not being able to log in and my account noticeably hacked or at least from my perspective it looked that way.

    After a few long scares I was relieved to have found an email that arrived at the exact time I was booted from the game all the way to the exe which prompted me to re-input my password which I could not, also the reason why I thought I was hacked.....anyways the email read: "
    Though I am sorry that you were having difficulties with the package that you purchased. I would like to remind you that the Kanna Package was meant specifically for the Kanna class characters. I have proceeded to access your account and remove all the items for the purchase of the package.
    As it was necessary for me to access your account, you will need to go through the "Forgot Password" and "Reset PIC" menus to gain access back to your account.", a great relief came over so I did what the GM told me to do......but when I try to reset my password I get "Invalid access with invalid parameter. Please try again", after 8 hours of waiting and emailing the GM I have yet to receive any help, I lost a day of sengoku probably lost the item I was planning to purchase and now I'm royaly screwed for months to come until it comes back, hopefully not. They made me feel so bad that I just kept telling myself......im never asking for a refund again its like asking for a ban........... moral of the story Watch what you spend on Nexon, because if the product that was presented to you decides to break, you will have to fight tooth and nail to get a refund, but gosh is it easy to insert money into their pockets aint it?.........
  • Maple Died?

    Was playing fine then it crashed and now it sits idle trying to launch the launcher........
  • Stop doing x2 events (at least in Reboot)

    I am really confused my fellow maplers, at what Nexon is doing to our beloved game, it seems to me that they don't want us in a non pay to win server, seeing that it makes them the least amount of money. We have been lagging since 11/30/16 so we been lagging for about 17 days......... why hasn't Nexon added another Reboot server?, it takes like 3-4 days to add a new server, we been lagging for 17 days...... I keep seeing every day in my guild and in the world how people keep moving to reboot day in and day out. Reboot obviously seems more popular than the HALF EMPTY 17 servers.............

    Why isn't Nexon giving love to Reboot?, Why is Nexon continuously removing certain things from events that don't seem pay to win from reboot servers?, like the creation of Zero........ I'm beginning to think Nexon wants to make people feel so bad and feel like reboot is so unplayable that people will start to migrate back into the Pay to Win servers.
    They know their Reboot server is lagging so bad that people just CANT do their events, yet they continue to run event after event after event. I personally lost the Absolab weapon event due to constant disconnects and lag, all the GM told me was that they were sorry, the one thing thou that made me really angry was the fact that he literally said that as an individual player incident they couldn't help me........so in other words the individual player does not matter, only when its a large group of players complaining about the same thing will they actually "help" you.

    It is obvious that Nexon does not like Reboot, their actions prove that and I for one am very disappointed that I ever spent any currency in this company. I love the game I hate the company.
  • Volatile, Vulgar, Crass.

    Maplestory is a great game, but it is JUST a game, Sure, we've all spent a months rent on this game once or twice, but it's not the end of the world if a few boxes get limited. IT STINKS, but it is no excuse for all this hate.

    It is "JUST" a game, but you are paying for it, can you imagine if you bought a steak at a steak house and they brought you some burnt piece of meat?, would you say the same words you are saying now?, "but it is JUST a steak, Sure, I paid good money for this steak once or twice, but its not the end of the world if you bring me my steak occasionally badly burnt". After hearing that you think the cook is going to care about improving?, the answer is NO, since you are willing to eat anything he makes regardless if its good or bad then he will continue to give you half burnt meats, because you will continue to side with the cook saying oh its just a burnt piece of meat its not the end of the world. You are a paying customer, NEVER and I mean NEVER give footing to a company because a company only cares about its profit and if giving half burnt meats still churns in profit, you bet your arse they will continue due process.

    We are here because we love Maplestory, not because we love Nexon, sadly they hold this great game in their hands as they juggle it constantly in their hands hoping they never drop it.
  • should we expect ninja nerf on v coins from boxes?

    Thought this was "Limitless" V patch.........not Limit the V coins patch.