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  • Nexon, really...? :/

    Starting/playing Maplestory has become the equivalent of trying to start an old used lawnmower

    1st pull... its just a waste of time and does nothing
    2nd pull... it sputters and coughs a moment yet, nothing happens
    3rd pull... it's sputters to to life misfiring a bit, black smoke.. hopes are up and... it's dies
    4th pull... it spits and sputters knocks and smokes but, somehow... its runs !!....

    .... only to run out of gas and die again once you thought it started for good.

    It doesn't matter how good of gas or oil (computer or internet connection) you put in it.. it's engine (core of game) is just a worn out, old pile of crap.
  • Suggestion - fix the freaking event hall lag!

    Nairassoy wrote: »
    This event hall lag is unacceptable. This has been going on for months and months and it seems like the more events Nexon has and the more complaints they get about this issue, the more event NPCs get put INTO the event hall, despite never having been in there before. I don't see why Nexon can't put the current event NPC in a location that people can access, like Henesys, rather than put it in a place half the players can't reach and then blame the player base (just had a GM in customer support live chat tell me it was on my end since "many" players don't have this problem, even though many players do.) There have been so many complaints about this for months and months and rather than accommodating the players that can't reach this map, you keep telling them it is on their end.

    The problem seems that US Nexon cannot really do much to change the core problems of the game (functionality/coding). They seem to just be a bug reporting service and typo editor for the game. Hence, all core functionality of the game goes unfixed until it affects the true Nexon income.

    The other problem seems that there is a 'works on my computer' mentality. Just because the game functions properly with the testing bubble of Nexon, does no equate the game working in real world application. So, as people complain the 'X' doesn't work... when a US bug reporter looks at it and it is found within the PC in the Nexon corperation to be 'just fine'... it is not a problem.

    The thing is.. just because a game works mostly for a majority (51%)... that doesn't mean there isn't a fundamental problem with the game working correctly.

    A simple game (graphics/core... this isn't a hardcore 3D, super resolution texture game with tons of AI) such as this should work for ALL people, easily and shouldn't require a 50+mb internet connection, and 8 core 4ghz+ cpu, 16g+b RAM super gaming setup.

    Prior to Big Bang, Maple could run on my (now well retired) Dell 2.6ghz celeron with 2gb RAM and integrated intel graphics. Every since... every update slows the game down and nudges you closer to needing the computer the runs the NSA.

    It's a bit absurd. IMO
  • Suggestion - fix the freaking event hall lag!

    The lag seems relevant to the video card (nvidia or ati) and software version used.

    My 'shop' laptop (HP elitebook 8440p) with i5 core and nvidia 3100 mobile graphics card using the 186.x software, win7 pro x64, has no issues in the event hall.


    My bedroom laptop (HP elitebook 8530p) with amd core duo and ati mobile graphics *edit-insert info-->* radeon hd 3650 (most recent drivers), vista pro x64, totally locks (goes to about 1 frame per 5-10 seconds if I can't leave immediately) in event hall.

    My house pc (custom build) with amd fx-4150 and ati r7 280 graphics (latest driver), win7 pro x86, struggles a bit in the event hall but, with an overclock on the cpu and pci slot, I can at least move around with a mid/heavy frame drop.

    The event hall... maybe game itself seems to be favouring nVidia graphics and built 'optimized' to out of date drivers.

    My 'shop' laptop seems to run the game the best despite being the mid powered computer, compared to my other two.

    I do not own anything that runs the intel integrated graphics... so I cannot speak for that.

    ***strike edit... very sorry, I remembered wrong... I was running the 186 nVida software when my shop laptop was running vista pro x64 (newer software versions would not work properly on my tv).
    I am currently running nVidia 341.96 software on my current win7 OS.