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  • Fix/Improve the in-game Macros

    Why not just make all buffs long (30 minutes) and no delay (like maple warrior).

    No half measures, root out the real problem.
  • Infinity does not restore 10% HP and MP

    As shown below in this clip of the infinity tooltip it states that your HP and MP will be restored by 10% regularly.


    If you use infinity in game you will be healed but is not anywhere near 10%.
  • Buff/Fix Teleport skills

    Even though I suspect GMS has no power over anything that exists in kms, maybe there is hope with the upcoming jett flash jump improvements.

    Please make all teleport skills CLIENT sided. The game feels very clunky and unfun when you press your mobility skill and there is a large noticable delay before it actually activates. The current server sided TPs also sometimes make jump-teleport combos fail because although you were in range on your end by the time the server checks you are not anymore.

    You might also consider making teleports longer range. Basically I am saying that kanna's tp is the current best and the others are very lacking by comparison.
  • Learn from KMS...PLEASE

    Supposedly we're getting kms cash shop UI soon(tm)

    I assume it's taking forever because they're making sure to block off everything good about the kms cash shop and continue gouging our pockets.
  • Remove Meso Penalty at higher levels

    Beef wrote: »
    -2 PC meta is an issue? Just make a farmer Kanna. No one is forcing you to farm at efficient rates, you gotta fix that mentality. I manage to get to lucid ready before I ever started to farming on a Kanna, its slow but it's possible to progress without a 2nd pc. Slow progression is still progression.
    -Penalty exist as a deterrent to prevent people from camping Arcana at lv 255+
    -Fury totem sucks, the cost is too high, they don't last on the map like Frenzy.
    -Buff Kritias, too slow

    This is a ridiculous take for a number of reasons.

    You will of course aim to be as efficient as you can unless you like wasting your own time. The main complaint is that a second computer shouldn't be required for optimal rates. This is a very reasonable complaint.

    As for the penalties for being overleveled the problem here is similar to that of the 2pc meta. The new areas are garbage. Mainly because of no droplets and symbols. If these dropped there fewer people would care about being forced into areas your level.