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  • This is not a ban appeal

    can we stop having GMs that don't understand kanna's most popular skills thanks
  • I am NOT publicly shaming!

    Maybe there wouldn't be any "screaming and ranting" if nexon america employees ever did their jobs.
  • Questions Regarding to Lab Server Legion Block

    CrystalOra wrote: »
    Looks like only the no job/life people will be able to obtain the 250 level gift...

    From what people are saying, it sounds like nobody will actually be able to get that legit.
  • Questions Regarding to Lab Server Legion Block

    Hey, 8000 is still only average 200 each qualifying legion character. Getting to 250 is another matter entirely, especially with that exp curve.
  • Flames not working right on non-kms items?

    Neospector wrote: »
    DFDFD wrote: »
    Let's not be naive. It clearly wasn't intentional, they just decided they don't want to fix it. So yes, I'm quite sure it is indeed a lie.

    Again, don't spread FUD, read the rules.

    This thread was made to accept two choices, that it was intentional, or that it wasn't intentional. The official memo says it was intentional, so that's what we got. We can work with the results we have, but sitting around shouting "IT'S A LIE YOU'RE LYING YOU LYING LIAR" isn't helping.

    Still wrong. It affects all non-KMS equipment globally. The decision not to fix the equipment is intended. The equipment being broken is not. There's absolutely no reason for us to have nebulites all that time, and having up to 4% stat on that equipment was fine and dandy UNTIL FLAMES, where we now struggle to get even just double digit stat increases, nevermind a percentage of our own stats. the equipment gets outclassed by anything that can properly receive a flame. It's a step in an entirely backwards direction. They aren't equivalent, they're worthless. And they're all things that are often harder to get than their substitutes, too. The only thing it does is take away out best equipment, because it's, in fact, not anywhere near the best anymore. It's dead content that can be skipped because there are easier items to obtain that will be stronger. Also, anyone who had a neb in their equipment and flamed it afterwards irreversibly lost stats they can't even get with flames on that equipment. You don't plan to do anything about that, either.

    I don't appreciate the authoritarian bit of "we said it's intended, so it's definitely intended, and if you try to argue otherwise even if it makes total sense we'll shove a broomstick up your ass"

    Oh, and now I have to add that several of them are virtually direct equivalents to existing equipment that's, again, much easier to get! And it's still not getting stats! It's a blanket problem that will never be corrected on an item to item basis and nexon doesn't care the slightest about how difficult it is to get or create some of these items. The effort, time, and money spent on these items is void.