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January 1, 1983
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(Time goes by fast; in life we turn around and years have passed.)
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i am kind,likes to help others.
  • the worst class in Maplestory illium

    Go to 4th job it will get very interesting.
  • KMS is making changes that harm GMS/Nexon why?

    Removing free market is a good change at least the only one that's good in the patch nexon korea also will make improvements for the auction house I know others will find it hard to use auction house.
  • Phantom Voice Over is awful !

    Lol phantoms voice is not like the original one it seems a bit strange.
  • A sun has set

    Good story.
  • Still the worse customer support.

    Raindew wrote: »
    GM Acupicard: Thank you for waiting. I have finished verifying the information you have provided. I regret to inform you that we cannot give you the account back at this time. As such, we are unable to proceed with your request. Apologies about this and I hope you understand.

    My friend has been hacked for 2 days, he has no access to his account whatsoever, the email was swapped. He still has original email too and he's even provided his state identification and your lousy support system cant even identify who the account belongs to? wth is that bullshet, is IP tracking that hard? My friend has spent over 2,000 dollars on his account and everything in it and even after being denied his request for his account retrieval, he still continues to try again and make a NEW character. What is wrong with you guys, this is by far the worse and most messed up thing you could have possibly done. he spent so much money on this one damn account that he's had since 2007 and you can't even identify who the account belongs to? whats that going to say for the rest of us? if anyone of us were to get hacked, is that the same thing? are we all just screwed? My friend needs some help and i feel like this is the only god damn place i can get your attention, so dont you freaking close this thread. He can provide all the damn info he needs to, to prove that account is his, if you care about your players, give him the proper customer service. Even to this very point, the hacker is just roaming around the game trying to sell off his things for $$. World Bera. and again, if you cant even fix this or help this person out, whats that gonna say for the rest of us? what's gonna happen if more people get their account stolen? My friend doesnt even know how his account was stolen, he just knew he couldnt log on the game, something similar to this actually happened to my other friend where he couldnt log on for a few hours and unlike my friend who got hacked, he was able to get on except in this case now, my friend is hacked and helpless. DO YOUR FREAKING JOBS RIGHT

    Over the years, Nexon's customer server is still crap, please get some real people who can actually give a fk.
    o.o 2000 dollars!? That's to much I feel srry for those who spend 1000 or 2000 dollars for a game also don't depend customer support :/ over the years it's been bad as always not like they care for the players.