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April 19, 1900
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A chick who loves cats. :) Not the most social person. I usually maple solo, unless someone talks to me. ;)
  • Lachelein symbols

    I am being honest

    My butt is way too lazy to do dream defenders and I simply buy lachelein symbols from event shops during events.

    The last time I did dream defenders was during the black mage event cause of the alliance passive.

    Well I only do that cause I am currently too weak for the higher stages of dream defenders.

    My bf is literally doing the same thing since he can only get 3 symbols a day from Dream Defenders. We feel your pain >.<
  • Gift packs

    In one of the gift packs from the micro-site event, it gives 3 week-long hyper teleport rocks. It would have been awesome if it was like the fifth job package where you could distribute them to different characters. Instead, they're stacked together and all expire the same day, making it pointless to have 3. I've seen this happen before, in a previous gift pack and thought it was strange. Perhaps, you guys can make some type of change to this for any future gift packs that have multiple telepot rocks?

    Happy mapling!
  • Crash when entering World/Cash Shop/Auction House

    When trying to enter the Cash Shop on my main, I keep getting a black screen and then a "Maplestory has stopped working" error.

    I'm not sure if this is only me it's happening to but since I didn't see a report I figured I'd make one.

    Bug Type: Functionality? Not sure.

    Bug Summary: Crashing when attempting to access Cash Shop.

    Steps to reproduce: Log into character and click the Cash Shop button. Observe as you get a black screen which lasts until you get the "maplestory has stopped working error."

    Character Name: DiamondSkyy

    Character Job: Blaze Wizard

    Level : 210

    World: Scania

    Edit: I tried again to access CS and it let me finally. So I guess it just depends on the luck of the log in. Still, I'm leaving this report in case anyone else experiences this. :)

  • Takeover rewards event not working??

    Did you activate the 2 runes first?
  • What are you Watching Right Now?

    Law & Order: SVU :)