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  • Slow leveling progression, how do ppl do this..

    Bulbasaur wrote: »
    This game is terrible, the leveling is so slow. I don't want to spend years just to go from level 200 to 250 to 275. There should be a second "Big Bang" so that people can reach 275 in 1 to 2 weeks of casual playing.

    was waiting to see if anyone mentioned "pre-bigbang"...lol...people "STILL", complaining about SLOW leveling.lolol some people you couldnt be satisfy with a gold $%#$@* and a brass &%^&%.................people now days unless they were around back then have no idea about slow lvling.......2 years just to get to 200...lol.the 24 hour a day grinding and also having a bishop leach you for 36 hours nonstop for 20mill and hour while on a 2x card and then during 2x for 4 x max..... getting leech at harpys till you got to lvl then leech at skellys if you were lucky nuff to stay that long. or you soloed skellys for .01% exp per kill till you got to lvl 200...i went away for almost a year then came back. leveled a blaze wiz from 150 to 197 in under 3 weeks. just doing dailies and a few quests about 3 hours a day.........bigbang....
    "the day the biiiishops died"......lol
  • Compensation for down time on Event?

    from about 30 ago.lol

    [Update] 2:20 AM PDT: MapleStory is still undergoing maintenance and we still do not have an ETA. Fortunately, we were able to resolve one of the major issues we encountered. Please bear with us as we proceed to address the remaining issues. Thank you for your patience!
  • Compensation for down time on Event?

    hell i MORE worried about WHY, im even checking the game, when i know it wont be back up, AND, i SHOULD be in bed sleein.lolol
  • Attacking Without a Weapon

    cause pirate always have a hook on their hand and a stick for a leg they can use.lolol
  • Why do patches make us worry?

    Sashi wrote: »
    Have you guys ever touched coding ? A tiny bit at all ?

    Sometimes everything is working fine then when you run a last test, nothing works.
    (This literally happens to me every time ..... )

    They probably have to recheck everything from start to finish every time that happens. They don't suck at what they do, things just happen.

    i highly doubt if 80% of the people in the game or forums and the people that becth about the delays, can even write a bat file or an exe file.lolol