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  • Update (8:50 PM PDT Aug 28): We are in the final stages of verification. We will provide an update again shortly. Thank you for your patience. http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/52549/updated-august-28-scheduled-game-update-august-27-2019
  • Bulbasaur wrote: » This game is terrible, the leveling is so slow. I don't want to spend years just to go from level 200 to 250 to 275. There should be a second "Big Bang" so that people can reach 275 in 1 to 2 weeks of casual playing. was wait…
  • only way to get out of it is to dc then log back in.
  • agreed. so yea about 60 gigs should do it.lol
  • SpiritFoxGaming wrote: » tracyhoodz wrote: » from about 30 ago.lol I really hope this is true and it is up soon. I can skip sleeping and just go to work without sleep. I live on about 4-5hrs of sleep per day as is.... who need sleep anyway …
  • keep all that and geme a perm pendant slot and a 90 day hyper rock.lolol or at least the 90 day hyper rock....lol
  • from about 30 ago.lol [Update] 2:20 AM PDT: MapleStory is still undergoing maintenance and we still do not have an ETA. Fortunately, we were able to resolve one of the major issues we encountered. Please bear with us as we proceed to address th…
  • hell i MORE worried about WHY, im even checking the game, when i know it wont be back up, AND, i SHOULD be in bed sleein.lolol
  • hm wow ok i didnt know that after all these years.lolol
  • back before the live chat yes , nexon had crappy support. now with the live chat, iv had to use it once , and my issues were fixed almost instantly. may have been a bit longer but you get the picture.
  • cause pirate always have a hook on their hand and a stick for a leg they can use.lolol
  • i gave up coding YEARS ago, was duing it back in the late 80s till about the late 90s. got fed up with it then, and, Apache svcks big time. was easy back then per-say compared to what they got nowa days.1 space or period, coma, hell even if you hav…
  • wonder if anyone from windia has seen it? i never paid attention to it but if so it wold save lots of time and space.
  • Sashi wrote: » Have you guys ever touched coding ? A tiny bit at all ? Sometimes everything is working fine then when you run a last test, nothing works. (This literally happens to me every time ..... ) They probably have to recheck everyth…
  • Sashi wrote: » Have you tried using the clothes collector located in Henesys Market? Left of the Henesys Potion Shop a little bit there's a "NPC" (golden looking box) at the bottom platform where you can throw away stuff that are not tradeable, dr…
  • Ivangold wrote: » TheHoA wrote: » like why is it just the star and moon ones that have such an extremely low rate? Because they give the best rewards, imagine a nodestone and 1day of secondary pendant everyday? Nexon doesn't want that for sur…
  • honestly i dont think after all these years, that nexon sucks at what they do. i think its more that they dont release it to a certain set of people to test the new updates before they try to patch the mainframe of the game.....sort of like a public…
  • CodeDonuts wrote: » Eh, It's not a real problem and it exists in setup (tons of space), if you don't want to get anymore pets just don't loot the pet box also doesn't it disapppear after WoL expires? it actually does if it says you can't use WoL. …
  • game is ABOUT 10 gigs so if you got a 30gig ssd or better then run with it. 10 gigs for the game and 10 gigs for an ssd swap file and then 10 gigs for other game related stuff.
  • [Update] 12:01 AM PDT: The game is still undergoing maintenance as well address some internal issues that arose during testing. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA at the moment. We appreciate your patience and understanding. hey "okhura", did i…