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  • Feedback: More New Player Events

    Bring back Potable badges and new players will come nobody wants to play a hardcore game where people have a significant advantage
    over the other its create's toxicity and jealousy among the community.

    I'm sure new players don't know what a potable badge is... I mean this guys talking about getting to lvl 101. Just because you want something, doesn't make it the reason people don't try this game out.

    Idk why but I'm imagining someone with a GSE badge going to Maple Island being like "(item tag) YOU SHOULD QUIT! YOU CAN NEVER GET THIS ITEM!!!"
  • Potential Badges

    Latemaster wrote: »
    Still the best way to handle pot badges is to make genesis badge having potential so it would be BIS on any case.
    This sounds like a good fix, then more people would want the badge(even ppl with pottable badges) and there will be a way to obtain a pottable badge.
  • Don't lock us when black cubing

    I think Nexon should make the black cubing window like every other window(Equip, Inventory, etc) where you can freely walk around and open other windows. I think this will be especially helpful when players are black cubing their WSE to be able to see their other equips, stats, and turn on their familiars. While I understand there are third party calculators out there to help in situations like this, we should be able to see these stats in game. Also I'm aware that you can have your familiars turned on and stat box open prior to cubing, there are times where I forget to turn these on. Like you can't even hoover over your other equips when you're black cubing.
  • What is Your Main and Why Do You Play It?

    I originally mained a bishop(from 2005-2007) because I enjoyed being a support class as well as party play. I ended up quitting my bishop a little bit after fourth job came out because I felt like they had killed the whole party play aspect of the bishop with no cool down genesis. And I moved onto a NL which I have mained from 2017 until now, because I wanted flash jump, shadow partner, and drain(this was the only class which had these at the time). I've loved NL since then, and for some reason I show a biased to all adventurer classes.