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  • Do you think the community has gone up or down?

    Down because they refuse to do another world transfer event or sell NX transfer on the store.

    If they want the game to die then they're doing an amazing job.

  • We all want a merge

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    nope, would be nice for some real world merges though, and no more world alliances

    The world merge idea may lead to character deletions since you are turning multiple worlds into 1 world. I made some characters in the other worlds in GRAZED for storage and when I want to replay a certain class, those classes would be deleted. It was fun to use other worlds within the same alliance to bypass the 5 cubes per month from RP limit.

    dude, KMS has merged 15 worlds into 1 world, 7 worlds into 1 and so on, which is how they got down to 10 servers, and when EMS was added to GMS they merged their 2 worlds, and in both cases, there were no character deletions. it's an irrational fear. the most that will happen is that you would be prevented from making new characters if your overall character count was 43 or above.

    KMS use to have about 30+ worlds to choose from, now they have 10 or 11, and that's because they added 2 rather recently (only talking about normal worlds)

    if you need a refresher Read These posts that talk about 10+ servers being merged into 1, and those were only the ones I could find after remembering key words to find them, but there were several others.

    how do you think they went from This (+ 11 more because this just shows post merge of 12 servers to 1) to This (It's from the V update so doesn't have the Arcane server added ) 5 of the servers on the list (Union, Elysium, Enosis, Aurora, and Luna) came from being massive merges of many (10+) dead servers. I had characters in an allianced server in KMS that eventually got merged with the other 3 servers in it's alliance + some others in KMS (the Culverin server alliance) and none of them got deleted.

    No wonder KMS is 1 of the most popular games in South Korea, because they LISTEN to their people, unlike.....

    We must LEARN from KMS and Merge Worlds as fast as possible, before it'd be WAY too late, because believe me, it's already too late.... but not WAY too late so...

    Honestly im willing to buy a nx to transfer now, this should be an available option

    Yeah me too, I'd totally pay 25k nx to
    All of the server besides Bera and Reboot are almost empty now. Most people don't enjoy playing in a ghost town which leads to less players overall. Recommending new players to create a character in Renegade which is a empty server is a huge turn off. We just want the old maple; being able to socialize and team up in party quests. So many people have brought up this issue and this is really affecting the player base.

    Enough is enough, LET the Merge Worlds (Bera + Reboot) begin !

    I say keep ReBoot out of the merging. They have enough players as is.

    I won't let this thread die until we get a response that ISN'T a Volunteer Mod. We have a manager here now.
  • We all want a merge

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    You can see all of our thoughts from over 6 months ago here. Of course we're not allowed to continue that discussion directly...


    You necro'd a 5-month-old thread despite the fact that this thread you're currently commenting in was on the front page at the time of your comment.
    That means you very literally searched the forums either via the search bar, via Google, or literally browsing back dozens of pages to find the thread you commented in. When you had a perfectly valid, open thread in front of you.

    Please don't derail the thread further, thank you.

    At this point people are willing to do a lot of things to get a response. Even as a volunteer mod you can't think leaving these dead servers is healthy for the game.

    I don't understand why they're so silent or why they refuse to do another transfer event. Heck just sell transfers on NX store and who knows how much they'll make.
  • We all want a merge

    There is no excuse for this at all. Scania was ALWAYS the top server in terms of population (before ReBoot) and now it's one of the dead servers.

    If KMS can do a server merge then so can you guys NA Nexon. Honestly I think it's unfair to those who were on a hiatus during your transfer event. When I came back Scania was a desert with BARELY anyone around.

    A response about this would be great. At this point the community should at least get acknowledgement about this.
  • Closing old forums 1/31/2017

    @everyone who quoting my comment.

    You're welcome to show me what the developers and tech support do at Nexon. Show me that they can fix things easy with money that they apparently don't want to spend. If you don't know what they do or have a simple idea of how coding and maintaining servers works then what you say holds no water. Coding alone is a nightmare and isn't something that gets fixed easily. Sometimes a simple code line takes a month to fix, maybe even two months. That is on a basic level of coding. Now imagine the dozens of codes this game alone has and the amount of hours with the amount of manpower put in to fix all these codes. I can guarantee they have coding professionals on their games which a lot of you would argue against even though you have nothing to prove it.

    That was just to give a general idea what they have to do.

    I don't know if they are goofing off or desperately trying to fix the problem. I can also bet that most of you don't know as well. We don't know their actions on what they do during their hours so calling them incompetent when you don't even know if they are working or slacking is really moronic to say the least.

    @Tuba I never once called people incompetent in this thread. When I said "it comes back at you", I meant it as "you have to eat what you've said" if you can understand that terminology. You're also welcome to tell me where Nexon can find these expert coders. They aren't exactly "easy" to find. You claim all these things when in reality you don't have a single idea. You're merely giving off speculation with your own discomfort with the game and/or forums.

    It wasn't meant as "if you don't know how to code then don't talk"; its a "don't claim you know what they are doing/spending on when you don't."

    Hopefully that should clear some things up.