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  • Double Miracle Time Cube Package Limitation

    Or you'll see a little memo in small print saying you can not longer buy cubes with maple points.
  • No damage 150 Dual Blade, how to progress

    A few things I can recommend that can also help to get some extra damage as well, is to get the totems from the after lands quest line and also the medal from masteria from time quest line. Other suggestions might be to try to complete the mushroom shrine quest line for the cape until you can get something better.
  • The Familiar Revamp and Reboot

    I just don't see why the upgrade system is not just a low number of reward points on both server types for the special upgrade cards like 400 reward points or something like that and allow something like 5 or 8 cards per month for reward points and if you wanted to you could spend nx to get more cards if you wanted to, that way both servers get a win instead of a low ball cash grab.

  • Isekai Quartet Question

    It is too bad that you can not buy the new items much like the Attack On Titan and Sword Art cross overs. Attack on titan even offered a mini gamble box with only it own items even but they were random even if nexon wanted to go that route again.

    Sadly PhantomDraft you are going to see it is going to be another gamble box with other fine items included, much like Aggraphine is stating.
  • Bring Back CWKPQ

    Technically, they already did make a lame version of it through the Gollux version of Crimsonheart. I remember doing it with a few buddies to experience what it was like and it was as SOULLESS as you can imagine. No one lining up to do it, barely any information about it because it's as nothing as you can get

    I always thought that quest was a pre-quest to be able to enter Gollux, but yeah it was just a bad as you mentioned it was. And now from looking back at old videos of the previous Crimsonwood Keep party quest which seemed to have so much thought and effort put into it, It is a sad shame to bury and remove such a quest from the public eye.

    All they would have to do to bring it up to par is just allow any of job classes from any class as long as they are in the basic branch group to trigger in opening the job portals such as Kaiser being in the warrior branch being able to help with opening the warrior portal or Angelic Buster being able to help with the pirate portal stuff like that.

    If they had a complaint about drops just keep it the same and allow the player to upgrade item in question by trading the item in for an improved version like lord pirate hat drop if they wanted to. and if they want to be creative maybe add a damage skin as a prize as well.