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  • Why Burning World is excluding reboot????

    Sadly for the original poster, Nexon is just copy pasting the event from over seas and gms has no dev staff on there team to make it a reality, For gms it is simply easier to give the event the green light then it would be to recode the event to have a separate server just for a reboot edition.

    Personally they could save themselves a lot of time and just hand out the same number of burninators for all servers, I dislike having to make a new character every time they do a burning event and would rather get some of the existing characters the perk instead.
  • [Cash Shop] Hair Choice Coupon

    I wouldn't remove the coupon it just needs to be updated every so often, like make it so it updates once a season like once for spring, summer and so on kinda like all-stars hair coupon.
  • Double Miracle Time Cube Package Limitation

    Or you'll see a little memo in small print saying you can not longer buy cubes with maple points.
  • flame throwing star recipe

    Well I'm not sure were Flame throwing star recipe is, but I do remember getting in past infinite throwing knife recipe from the samurai boss in ninja castle. Not sure if they still drop though.
  • Any Thoughts or Feelings on the new MVP Changes?

    This new MVP seems 100% worse then the old one, Sure I guess spending up to $300 a month is a tad crazy for diamond rank; But looking at the new red and black rank is clearly insane $500 dollars a month for 3 months for red or $1000 dollars a month for 3 months.

    Nobody should be ever be spending $500 to $1000 on a game per month, I don't care how good it might be. This creates more problems then it's worth and further divides the player base by giving them there own little slice of false eden and of course to get there you got sell your soul to the snake.