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  • Ability to Ignore EXP Obtained

    I don't play in Reboot but i do feel this is unfare. If your not supposed to farm mesos, but not allowed to trade other players, sell anything, etcetc.. Then you should be able to ignore exp as said above or simply kill yourself over and over again. This isn't intented Gameplay but Reboot wasn't an intended server. This server was made due to the fact most of the players were compliaining about the F2P Game being P2W. They wanted to change up so Nexon decided to Elimante Trades, Create a Whole Server which is solefully base around yourself. Yet you can't die? How are you supposed to progress in Reboot if the monsters are 10X harder yet you need to farm at your level range 20+ or 20- Levels to even obtain mesos.. Either they should get rid of the Level range you need to be within monsters to gain items. Remove the Gain Less Exp & mesos becuase your to high level. Let people constantly kill themselves, or Let you filter exp..

    Btw this is for
    AKradian wrote: »
    Staying forever in the same map and at the same level is also not intended gameplay.

    This isn't intended gameplay??
    Then why is this person not Banned from ToS?
    This girl used to kill herself over and over and over again, Even on video. To be the #1 CPQ Queen. No one said nothing about that. Why did she do that you might ask?
    Well not only for the CPQ Medal you would obtain but because if you didn't she would've outleveled the PQ and wouldn't been able to obtain the medal. Also did it because she was godly.
    #2 I remember i used to kill myself. Not really on purpose but for that Fall Down 100 Times Medal..
    Fell down in FM about 20000x on a bunch of characters for that medal. Died over 50-100x.....
    That's not intended?
    I just dont understand Peoples logic over this.
    No one is hacking, No one is doing anything wrong. Technically if this was Pre BB everyone would die 24/7...

  • [Feature Suggest] Organize Cash Inventory

    I would like for the Window where you store your items in Cash Shop to be bigger. So i can see 30-60 peices of clothes instead of 10-15.
  • New Loading Screen Worlds Messed Up~

    The World Screen, Choosing a world is offset / unbalanced / broken.

    Problem, When you'r about to choose a world there's a problem.



    Possible Fix? Move the worlds back to they're place lol.

  • Badge Glitched from Monad Quest?

    Well I recently got the Badge from Monad, come to find out i think its bugged?


    As you see it say's
    Potential Reset Not Allowed
    But at the bottom it says
    Potential. (click on the magnifying glass button in the item window to unleash.

    Either its bugged and need's to have potential, or everything that says potential needs to be removed lol.

    I thought it has a potential only reason i did the quest.
  • I am NOT publicly shaming!

    Neospector wrote: »
    You are, however, screaming and ranting. As such, I've moved your thread to the proper subsection.

    I apologize, sometime's my word's are vulgar with no cursing so in that being said i do apologize.