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  • Q&A Ft. MapleStory's Investigation and CS Team

    Seeing how most of the comments on the thread are related bans, I thought I would switch it up a little with some questions I've talked over with friends.

    Firstly, I'm sure everyone would like a reply to this one.
    What is the investigations and CS team doing within the hopefully near future to become more transparent with the player base?

    Why is it so difficult to redistribute an item to a player if something unfortunately happens to it?
    Now I'm not talking about a player destroying their items with a scroll or the likes, but more for the players who accidentally drop an untradeable item or get hacked and lose their items. Other game companies are so helpful to these issues and will give players back their items, sometimes within 24 hours. However, with Nexon if this happens players who submit a ticket or go to live chat about this are basically told that there is nothing that they will do since they don't replace player mistakes.

    When players report a glitch through tickets or live chat, what is the requirements before the teams put the glitch on their list of "to be addressed", as well as what is the process of testing the reported glitches?

    Two glitches that I can think of are actually ones I reported that deal with shade, which are still not fixed to date.
    1. Shade's are not able to view the correct Eullel after completing their storyline
    2. When using spirit incarnation, if a fox spirit procts the skill will no longer deal damage to monsters
  • [Suggestion] Tone down Arkarium!!! PLEASE!!!

    Arwoo wrote: »
    3.) Hard Hilla, since the new status resistance changes it's impossible to survive hilla's cage trap without killing her in 5 seconds or having a skill that has i-frames or using bind.

    Perhaps the intention was to introduce a boss that requires teamwork? Though the cage takes a large amount of effort to break. We'll be sure to provide this as feedback as well.
    Arwoo wrote: »
    I was under the impression you could break Hard Hilla's cage by basic attacking it. Was I misinformed?
    Perhaps this explains why I tend to be the only one who attempts to free my allies...

    It has been tested before and the cage needs 5 people basic attacking at max attack speed in order to break it. This is fairly impossible for most classes to even reach such attack speed without buffs that would increase it.

  • Wow, that live stream was a complete waste of time

    Arwoo wrote: »
    I apologize if certain issues did not receive the attention that it deserved, but the intention behind the live stream was to introduce myself to the players in a more fun way while letting you guys know we're not sweeping issues under the rug.

    I came into the live stream as it was ending so I had to watch the past broadcast.

    It was nice to get to put a face to the new CM as well as to learn a bit about you. It would have been nice to at least hint at what other games you worked for in the past instead of saying that some of us might recognize you.


    While watching the past broadcast and removing messages of people who were being offensive during stream, I noticed a lot of major concerns addressed were recent ones (Recent bans, Anti-afk mobs, Breath of divinity, WR event distribution, UTC, and Nexon launcher).

    However, there are still some issues that we as a community would still want to be addressed.

    Some of these issues would be:

    Crimsonwood Keep PQ still not being open after a year when it was promised to be re-opened sometime last year. This PQ was a lot of fun to do with friends and guild mates but also it gave items that players loved to use for their appearances or for training gear.

    December Cube exploits which were said to be under investigation. A lot of legit players got banned for having or coming in contact with an exploited item, kind of like what is happening now with the Arcane Umbra Weapons.

    Reboot rankings being differed from normal server rankings. A lot of people feel frustrated with this because Reboot, although still part of GMS, has very different experience rates compared to normal servers. The exp difference is supposedly around 2.3x greater than normal servers. I, along with other players, understand there are other key differences about reboot and normal servers. Yet it is still unfair to compare the two on rankings solely upon exp and level due to both Reboot and normal servers requiring the same amount of exp to get to a specific level. The only argument that reboot players tend to make is that those who play in normal servers can "buy their levels" because we have access to CS 2x coupons. This just is merely another convenience for those who choose to spend money on the game. Players, such as I, who don't have extra money to spend on such items just get lumped together with those that have the convenience to do so.


    Also while discussing rankings, can we try to work towards getting the avatars showing on the rankings again?

    In all, I'm sure we all can say it is nice to have a community manager again so that we can have our voices heard.
  • Please change the server time back to PST.

    Its been PST for 11 years. Why do we have to cater to European timezones when they were the ones who merged into gms.
  • Arlong endorses Donald Trump

    PS-grab them by the
    *Jeopardy music plays*

    ... C is REAAAAAALLY tempting...!
    Nexon: A!