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Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes


  • luna02luna02
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    this is another ridiculous nexon memo .. why isn't it the same in frenzy totem? $$$ simply do not seek player progress, they only seek to earn money. the game is full of hackers and bots .. people are returning to the game and you find lag on servers. crashers. bugs. There is no memo on this topic that no adm responds to problems today, it will not be the last time a nerf to Kanna .... in the end for their earnings they will eliminate the kishin and the price of totem fury will simply cost more
  • zmintzmint
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    The v214 memo changes suck! Don’t go through with these changes nobody asked for
  • BobbyWeaveBobbyWeave
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    These people are so incompetent it's embarrassing.
  • DoubleShiftDoubleShift
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    Great other F you to the players who spent so much time making an Arcana farming Kanna after we were told byebye was bannable offense.
  • DarkZettaDarkZetta
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    bazzy wrote: »
    iArrowZ wrote: »
    can anyone please apply to whatever her job is LOL. we need new management..

    where is the karens when you need them..

    Well, Anna isn't really at fault, she's just the one that delivers news and takes the hits. All updates come from Korea and are approved by Korea before they are sent to GMS. Screw the developers lol.

    Anna is the producer for GMS, so yes, she definitely IS at fault here
  • Kanna4MobsKanna4Mobs
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    Anna: please just stop changing anything - everything you do is bad for the game
  • xBurielxBuriel
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    This memo tell us a lot.

    1- It's a lot easier to nerf kish and totem then increase server infrastructure, cause when there is an event lag follows (countless players using totems and farming on kannas).
    2- Obviusly its not player based this changes, the most accurate change would be cut the cost of totem for about 50% or more and increase the limit to even the odds and we could farm on our mains. Since theoretically average players got a limit of reward points and could remove the advantage of 2 pc players and would not break the game.
    3- Their look is completely around the regular servers, cause this changes and gollux`s is not meant for reboot since hellux gone from medium hard to nearlly impossible, where if u arent at least 30k+ and dont lag you cant clear it (not even bind works on a boss that hard). And its to reduce efficiency gap and ballance things out, but the $$$ totem wasnt touched and its about 50% stronger....... a bit strange dont you guys think?

    So my fellow maplers lets make these posts relevant and remain civilized to try fix things out.

    Good mapling and good luck to us all.
  • McSpekMcSpek
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    Make the Kanna spawn rate client sided or a 1.5 exp buff so all those people crying over not having kish QQ can finally shut up.

    Want Kish? Play Kanna....
    If u won't, than just shut up about not having the great spawn Kanna has.

    I'm a Kanna main, doesn't have a 2nd computer or laptop so on ther classes I use Frenzies and it good as it is!
    No morge changes, except maybe a client sides Kish.

    I think the upcomming changes will be a BIG nerf to Kanna's when you read between the lines...
    Kish a larger cooldown, shortend duration....
    Other skills depending on Kish when it comes to their damage....

    Kanna prolly will end up with a 60 sec duration Kish and a 100 sec cooldown, or some rates like this...

    Just like the Gollux/Familiar patch they are gonna mess it u.
    Such nonsense "I hope you consider these changes as part of our efforts to make the game balanced and healthy. We will continue working hard to bring content that players can enjoy during the Summer. We always appreciate your support!"

    When looking over forums and the internet it's clear Nexon never ever acts on the communities wishes, so please remove such nonsense from the memo's.

    And as stated before, R.I.P. Reboot.
    Especially when it comes to new players.
  • AnnaSuksAnnaSuks
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    I have never played a game where the developers & content managers are so out of touch with the actual playerbase. It's demoralizing to play Maplestory in its current state.

    The Maple memos that come out keep saying things like "we're trying to bridge the gap between classes". Have you guys taken a look at the gap you are creating between newer players vs older players? First Gollux changes were enforced, which opened a serious gap between veteran players and newcomers. Then, the familiar system copy-pasted code didn't work properly and now we have no drop-rate boosts from the old big spider. The GMS team was so quick to rollback familiar bugs during the first week of release, but they didn't think of bringing back the old system as a placeholder for the past month. Now Reboot is going to experience a Kishin nerf, which just makes getting droplets so much longer to obtain just to catch up to the veteran players.

    I don't usually hop on these forums, but enough is enough. If GMS wants to be identical to KMS, then just do it. Skip all the nerfing stages to Gollux, Kanna, and other non-KMS content. Trying to catch a falling knife isn't helping the playerbase here. Seeing these Maple memos just makes me want to quit a game I love and play daily. That's a no from me dawg.

    TL;DR Ignore all the bashing I wrote in this post, just make GMS transition faster to KMS already if that's the route the GMS team is taking. I would rather see this game head in a single direction than multiple at once (keeping, but nerfing GMS content).
  • IiteIite
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    For the love of all that is holy, stop nerfing my main, let us have the class remain unchanged for at least a year, or better yet, buff us so our damage output and lines are close to other classes, there were benefits to being a kanna, you could help other players level, make money selling kinsh service, bind for a whole minute, and this made them a great support class, but now our support ability is halved at best and our damage output is awful. If you plan on nerfing kanna offer us a job change to a different mage class and change our weps/ potentials to match that class.
  • DarkDaveDarkDave
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    i'm starting to worry about their mental health
  • DiximaNDiximaN
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    I honestly think that we, the players, should take actions against the actions of our dear producer. She is the worst producer we ever had and we should protest until she is replaced by someone who actually plays the game. **** these memos. She literally ruins the hype we have for every large update.
  • AquaCeruleanAquaCerulean
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    Please just take Kishin out the game, and leave totems as they were.
  • Luminous0014Luminous0014
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    They should make a memo of how they want to remove all players from GMS.
    It is so dumb how they are saying they want to change the unbalance between classes but then nerf kanna AND the fury totem at the same time. How is the balance changed? People that were grinding with their own kanna or a 2nd pc kanna will still continue with their kanna, at a longer period too because you nerfed the spawn rate and people need to grind longer for the meso and exp they want.

    If you really want to change the balance, don't change the furry totem. Even better, make other sources of meso and exp available and at a greater amount. I do Ursus and Maple Tour everyday. I only get 1 bil a week from both combined. But that is the same rate once you are above lvl 200. 1 bil a week might be fine at lvl 200, but have you considered the 75 levels above 200?
  • darikdarik
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    Yacy wrote: »

    Please completely remove the spawn rate increase from Kanna's Kishing skill.

    Make Arcana and above maps spawn rate INCREASE, instead.

    - Making another account to level up to 225 a Kanna to Kish yourself with 2 PC is ridiculous.
    - Farming 15* gears, 2 lines % gears, and 100% mesos gears on a Kanna in your account. Doing all Arcana pre-quests and dailies again. Ridiculous.
    - Training/farming mesos only when you have enough RP for totems. Ridiculous.

    When I farm at CLP on my main (100% drop gears) without a Kanna. I barely make 100m an hour. That's one 17*->18* try. One try per hour of farming.

    Now with the June 10th notice. You inform us that you're making changes to Kanna and totem. Only, it's not the change we want/expected!

    The current game design is ridiculous. Make us able to farm in our main. Make Kanna a normal mage main.

    and what about below 200, tthose lv up too man, those nneed kishin too or high spawn rates
  • darikdarik
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    Prophetie wrote: »
    I couldn't agree more
    If I understand correctly, this make us rely even more on Kanna farmers because having someone kish your map will result in less uptime than actively playing as a Kanna.
    There's also a bunch of buffs to Kanna's dmg output and bossing abilities which I don't understand. If the goal is to promote class diversity, why buff the best support, utility, farmer and to some extent bossing class (as far as parties are concerned)?

    cuz its probably a nerf, nnot a buff
  • darikdarik
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    Obviously the meso rate reduction is the most important issue in Reboot. Nexon is constantly nerfing our rates, and for what? Why should I farm 500m/hour for hours on end just to spend 30b with little to show from all the wasted hours.

    The rate in arcana with the old kish used to be 800m to even 1b meso per hour, which is completely fair given the extreme prices for 22 starring and 3 lining. Then the kish nerf brought reboot down to 600m to 700m per hour with maximum effort, but the average player will make 400m to 500m per hour. And now our meso rate will be reduced again by about 15%.

    Keep in mind that to even get these rates you have to level and fund a kanna to arcana, which is no easy task. For the majority of people, this kanna will not even be their main. For the kanna mains, this kanna will either have to stay at 247 or be punished with a meso reduction at 250. For kannas who want to advance beyond 250, they too have to make another kanna for arcana.

    Something has to be done to actually balance the game according to the new meso rate. Starforcing and cubing must be cheaper.

    Also, don't forget that with this kish update, the rate of nodes/droplets will also be reduced by 15%. The drop rate of these items should be increased.

    dropletts drop rate are getting increased in rise patch. And droplets required for arcane weapons will be less
  • microwavemicrowave
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    ante todo este mensaje va para la comunidad latina y europea hablante de español ante los ultimos memos presentados

    1. toda la gente de habla español y inglesa debemos recordar que hemos tenido una nostalgia tremenda en maplestory desde los inicios del juego hasta el big bang y el cambio de wizet a nexon , asi como los viejos eventos y preocupaciones en general del juego asi como el excelente servicio tecnico que tuvo el juego

    2. nexon a tenido errores garrafales y con este ultimo memo y los anteriores peor aun ... kanna a tenido 6 nerfeos ( ojo no estoy defendiendo a este personaje en clase) pero resulta ilogico que siendo una gran compañia y tener un servicio tecnico excelente ... no puedan arreglar los problemas de sus servers, gamelauncher ( que por cierto es uno de los peores ) el antiguo game launcher era mas excelente debido que los problemas de logeo no eran constantes, y a dia de hoy lag spikes y freezes etc con el game launcher nexon ..) aparezca este memo y hable de cambios a un personaje que LA COMPAÑIA NEXON o su staff del juego piensen que es el origen de todo lo que pasa en la inestabilidad del server ... ? .. ahi si estoy en desacuerdo, porque hay que recordar que estos problemas de inestabilidad de los servers vienen ya años atras y jamas se ah dado una solucion a este problema oh hemos visto un memo del productor o parte del staff indicandonos estos problemas, JAMAS y si lo hubieron jamas hubo solucion , oh un gran mantenimiento para poder solucionar esto ? ninguno

    3. nexon no quiere el progreso del personaje y de ninguno , el nerfeo a este personaje kanna es un sabor de mal gusto a toda la comunidad en general debido que ES EL PEOR MOMENTO PARA HABER HECHO debido que por la situacion del virus ( que deberian darle las gracias al corona ) mucha gente a retornado al juego y gente nueva se une .. aparezca este memo y otros anteriores que en verdad son mas ridiculos ..., ok perfecto nerfea kanna y haces otra ves cambias al best tammer .... otro cambio mas ... pero lo que se entiende al final es que ya muy pronto el skill kishin sera removido del personaje , eso es lo que al final sucedera el skil kishin sera removido y problemente solo queden los ahora fury frenzy o totems .. la verdad ya mucha payasada y el totem frenzy ???? para cuando o que cambios ? MEJOR ANNA HUBIERA HABLADO DE ESO DE UNA VEZ QUE MATAR POCO A POCO AL PERSONAJE

    4. nexon mato el holy simbol .. blessing cat of exp de best tammers . buff of attack de muchos personajes, el skil kishin innecsariamente porque se a comprobado con el tiempo que simplemente CUPONES DE EXP, DROP, ATTACK no cambio casi nada ... no.. no .. no cambio nada ... cambiar el skill kishin y mas para los jugadores en reboot ... mejor la gente quitea o se cambia de personaje y que los totems fury o nuevos cuesten menos maple reward porque asi debe ser y no a un costo de 1800 maple reward.... sabiendo que mucha gente no hace bosses a hoy

    5 nexon no puede que GMS sea igual que KMS si nexon quiere que sea igual ok deberia ir de una vez a ser serios y no sacar memos ridiculus con cambios .. que mas estorban y hacer que el jugador se vaya del juego.... hay tantas ideas buenas ... hay muchas cosas por mejorar ... hay improvisaciones buenas para el juego ... pero no ... cada memo esta para el abismo

    6 porque no hay noticias de revamps por ejemplo? demon avenger, blasters.. al pobre jet tambien es otro que lo han estado matando pero wow ..... el mercedes .... seria bueno eso no ???

    7 te cuesta mantener servers ? no porque . con un simple evento o noticia de filosofo book , marvel con frenzy totems , scroll de aniversary etc etc lo solucionas en parte o con hairs exclusivos , un sin fin de cosas pero ... pobre no eres .... puedes aumentar los channels ... puedes incluso hacer un mejor merged pero no .... la inestabilidad del juego lo haces porque TU ( NEXON) piensa que un personaje o unos totems fury son los causantes de toda una inestabilidad pero te olvidas de tu blackchiper .... tu game launcher... hackers... bots en fm ...

    8 hay muchas cosas mas ... seria interminable pero estos memos no garantizan estabilidad , mas por lo que yo observo es alejar mas a la gente que ama este juego .. que seguida despues ... no es dificil adivinar , pero nerfear de nuevo a kanna y recordar al pobre del beast tammer para otro cambio mas ...mejor guardo mi dinero hasta ver cambios buenos en el juego en general
  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    Can y'all plz just face the reality and accept the fact that these devs will never ever address frenzy totem? They simply deleted portable badge contents, heard hundreds of players complaining about already existing pottable badge making the game unbalanced, and did they ever address it? Of course not. Just like pottable badge, frenzy is another $hit stain that nx just can't remove. They've stopped selling it, and that's the end of addressing frenzy forever, no matter how much players complain about already existing frenzy causes imbalance. Meanwhile, they'll continuously nerf kishin and fury totem and live in a fantasy world where players will be happy with that. GG
  • NovuhzNovuhz
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    This is going to be my first post on this forum.

    I started this game like a month ago.

    My conclusions after reaching +210 is this game spawn rate or w/e is going with it needs a big rework.

    The fact that I can only enjoy the game when I have fury totem tells a lot about this game... I don't have a Kanna on main account and I was looking to make a second account just for Kanna purposes. I don't even care about the meso what I find boring and dull is having to wait for spawns or move too much around just to fight 3-4 mobs then move around a lot again... it's getting boring and tedius... I'm honestly thinking of quitting the game just because of how spawn rates work in this game. I honestly don't feel like farming xp/meso or even do arcana dailies when I don't have access to the fury totem...

    Why is there such a limit to Fury totem? Hell I was looking around to see where to get this black totem or well Frenzy Totem and reboot doesn't even have access to it...

    Replace Fury Totem with Frenzy totem for 2000 RP and decrease Fury Totem price down to 1000 and increase the duration to at least last the whole day also remove the limit of how many we can buy per month. This would go with the 30k RP month cap and you would make everyone happy, there would be no need for people to have 2nd accounts just because of Kanna and no need to force players to play a character they don't want to Kanna as their meso farmer.

    You guys are so out of touch with the community and the game it self it baffles me how can you even think about these changes and not make good QoL changes instead. I barely have 1 month of experience with the game and I'm already more in touch with the game than the devs or this Anna person. That tells a lot.