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  • foussiremixfoussiremix
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    Hi i am foussi aka foussiremix
    I am 16 years old
    I live in austria but me and my parents are african.So i am european.
    I love drawing my OCs and generally drawing and i have many exotic(also poisounous) plants that i care.
    Also i am into anime,especially mahou shoujo .

    My bro introduced maplestory to me when i was 7 or 10 and my first char was a mage , that i turned into a cleric when he reached 30 but deleted him because of the hairstyle ticket. (Pre big bang).

    I had like a very long pause and stopped playing and forget it but found maplestory again last year and all the changes surprised me.

    Then i had a short pause a again but started playing again, and I still play it.

    I play on Luna and my currents mains are slushydab the i/l archmage lvl 154 and foussiremixo the bishop 160.

    Well, nice to meet you all:3

  • DeputyDerpyDeputyDerpy
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    Hello, my name's Sally but you can call me ' salty ', ' sal ', ' oppa ' (Yes, I know that's for boys, but Noona sounds weird), ' Koharu ', ' NP ' (It stands for NibbPower), ' Shally ', .... And so on. Most of the nicknames were given to me, and some I just made it up, for example NP and Oppa are made by myself.
    I'm 21 years old, I turn 22 on the 26th of this month. Despite I'm a winter baby, I hate the cold. It gives me the shivers. Oh, did I mention that my Chinese name is Snow? Wait did I mention I'm Chinese...?
    I love cross stitching, I've been practicing on it for weeks now. Most of them came out perfect, of course the earliest were horrible. I also do photoshop, just basic stuff, not like all amazing like everyone else. I just mainly do signatures/icons or manga/webtoon editing (non-profit/freelance/not-affiliated to big publishers).
    I love anime and manga, people been using the term weeaboo for them. But uh, I'm not like those... people that collects anime stuff though. Meaning, I'm not an otaku. I can only remember the story, I mostly can't remember the characters name or who voiced them. I'm mostly a gamer, so I'd prefer collecting gaming items than something that's not really worth it.

    As for how I came across on Maplestory, I watched my two brothers and sister-in-law play it for about 2 weeks. At first, my older brother didn't want me to play because he was afraid that I would end up dead, like those who suicide for being cyberbullied. I was already being bullied in real life, so he was very protective of me. The other two said, ' it's okay, just let her try it out. We'll always be watching her anyways. ' it was kind of creepy, but it's for my own protection. I started around beta, so I believe that was around November 2005. I remember that I started at the age 8 but I turned 9 the month after. I played until april 2006, then I quit. I came back around August 2006, left again because I believe around that time, MapleSea was still global... so I played on the servers there for a bit. God, it was crowded and I didn't understand a single word they were saying. Then I came back again around December 2006 till December 2008. Lots of feels from that point, after I left, a friend of mine at that time told me that literally all the cool people left. But eventually a few of us came back overtime. So that's pretty much my story. I usually only play magicians ONLY but I've been trying other classes, and I still like classes like magicians or angelique Abyss.

    I forgot to mention. I play on Reboot server. My two characters are
    ShiroChiro | currently level 95 | Mercedes
    iiEATCrayOns | 105 | Kinesis (This name is not affiliated or similar to iiEatcray0ns, who was the original owner of the name. The name got removed. And her ign was inspirational and cute, so I used it).
  • BewbzBewbz
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    OOh another intro thread.. #ShamelessCopyPaste

    Hi all,

    Bored at work so guess I'll contribute here :p

    My name is Oscar, 25 years old from the Netherlands. Marketing student and currently doing my internship in Berlin, Germany.

    Started playing Maplestory 2 weeks after GMS went official and played on Scania (Royalflush pride <3) until EMS Beta got announced.
    Played the beta for a while and even won a iPod Nano back then for it! After EMS got official me and a friend skipped school to get
    some good names. My first character was called ,,Life" and it was a Bandit during the era where Hermits ruled maplestory. Until this day
    I still enjoy Shadowers the most. a while later I created another account and made that my main and would log back to ,,Life" so now and
    then. Sadly I forgot the details to that account so now im Life-less -badumtss- :p

    Anyhow, new account had another Shadower cause I messed up the stats on ,,Life". Back then we still had to make the hard decision on
    where to cap our dex or even go Dex-less. Being the smartass I was, I went for a Str-bandit because I liked the weapons which was a
    stupid move back then. Anoyhow, born was Bewbz the shadower.

    I met a lot of great friends through Maplestory (Miyavizm 4 life <3333) and still have contact with people I met 10 years ago! From a pregnant guild leader to
    a proud mom with a young boy now. Safe to say that I'm grateful for maplestory being here.

    Fast forward, played maple for a while, quit for a while to just return for a while again. Decided to quit Maplestory for good during the
    massive screw up from Nexon where a big part of the player base got hacked. Since I lost everything on Bewbz I didnt feel like playing
    anymore. After a few years I got bored and decided to give Maplestory another shot. Damage on Bewbz was really really really crap so
    couldnt stand playing on that. Made ,,Tired" , a flame wiz and was surprised how easy leveling was nowadays. 1-150 in just three days?
    Played that, got my little sister and friend in the game again and then 5th Job got announced. Together with the burning-event so guess
    what I did?

    Yep, I remade a thief! But instead of a Shadower, I decided to give Dual Blades a chance and to be honest, its almost as fun as a Shadower!
    Born was ,,SpicyPotato" , currently lvl 185 and enjoying the game again. So will be 200 in no time!

    Running the ,,TeamPotato" guild with my little sister so for whoever is interested in joining, feel free to apply!
    or just add me on ,,SpicyPotato" for the occasional laughs and giggles ;)

    lots of love,


    PS: HolyCowballs. If you read through all of that, feel free to tap yourself on the shoulders lol
    PSS: Ohyeah, GM's PLEASEEEEEE wipe the Stone Collossus maps. Some of them had a hacker on literally every channel!
    PSSS: European player active in Luna c: