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  • Lucsean99Lucsean99
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    Hello Everyone.

    My name is Richard (yet some of you might recognize me).

    I've busy as late, working usually 5 days a week, but still able to play Mapelstory/LOL on a regular free day.

    Maple Life.
    I've created goals for each class, which prevents me from getting bored. My main goal is every class Lv130+
    I have my own Guild Union (WorldsIntent), but couldn't have done it without the help of some Maplers, which are respectfully on the guild still.
    I do enjoy the PQing but never done anything higher up than R/J & Pianus.
    I 'am heavily funded & will continue to be funded.
    I can chat with just about anyone in-game feel free to send me a whisper if you want.

    I own Xbox1 & Ps3 I enjoy playing Final Fantasy Type 0& other games( I will be getting the new 1 in November.
    I will also pick up Pokémon Moon on Nov 18 2016.
    I might start subscriptions on Wow & FF Heavenwards again but I wil have to budget according.
    Getting "Cable" for the first time, even tho idk what's cable future these days.
    I will be going on vacation to visit my family up north.
  • JerenSoonJerenSoon
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    This is Jeren, and I was MapleSEA player...

    Started my Maple Life when Dual Blade update(Before Big Bang) and main on Paladin(On that time they think Paladins were noobs; but I proven them wrong)
    My mission on that time was to discover every job's skills and see which job are the best to be...
    My messed up moment when I accidently gone to wrong place(Henysis-Sleepywood Path) and died at there(maul'd by Blue Mushrooms- that time i didn't know the hotkeys)

    But after Black Heaven update AND gone my College Life (And also Windows XP unable to support ANYMORE), I forced to put down Maple for good...

    Now being YouTuber for other gamings; and I was hoping there's Maple M coming up either in US or SEA so Ican show you guys how I played Maple for so long...
  • KazunariKazunari
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    Hi everyone~

    I'm that one weirdo who owns the IGN Eckhart. Some of the forum games lurkers probably knew me as T0gami over at the old forums.
    You can call me whatever you wish, though I'm usually going by the names Hiro or Kazunari over the internet.
    I've been too busy with University to play MapleStory lately, but hopefully I'll be able to during Winter Break.
    I'm from Canada! I think I've had this account since July 2012 or something. Been on and off in the more recent years, though.

    In MS, I'm trying to collect all Eckhart-related items because he's my favourite character. He's just so cool!
    My main character is Eckhart, though I also play as Togami when I can too since he's the character I have the most cash stuff on.
    I've only spent around $50 Canadian on MS since I wanted to buy the Dark Eckhart mask some time last year. Haven't paid for anything since. I'm a super casual player.
  • SeimoreSeimore
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    Ello folks

    Go by Seimore around here. I've been around for a really, really long time, but I'm mainly a Mabi player. I've seen all sorts of phases and changes in Maplestory though. My goal in Maple is simple, I just wanna play casually and meet people. I used to be the kind of person to play as hardcore as can be, but I've picked up art recently and focus most of my time on that now.

    In Maple though, I'm trying to find a class to play. Recently picked up Battle Mage, if that doesn't work I'll run a Blaster...If worse comes to worse, I'll work on link skills and wait for Beast Tamer to reopen on Reboot.

    Feel free to say hi to me and stuff, I don't bite or anything like that.
  • BigDaddyDavidBigDaddyDavid
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    Just call Me Big Daddy
  • bodhisativabodhisativa
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    I'm Ashley.
    I'm 20.
    I live in the United States.
    I'm in Florida, though I was born in California, and grew up in Virginia.
    I have one tattoo, and two cats.
    I'm an artist, which ranges from painting to photography to pottery.
    I've been playing Maplestory since 2007, but it's been about seven years since I last played, until a few days ago (so does it really count?)
    I also enjoy doing yoga, kayaking, rock climbing, and right now I'm teaching myself how to play the guitar and sing.
    I'm attending college this spring, and hope to become a wildlife rehabilitator, an alternative medicine doctor, an anthropologist, a green architect, or an art/music therapist (this is me saying that I have NO clue what I want to do hahaha).

    I love life. It's beautiful. and I love all of you. That's all I gotta say.

  • misaki6505misaki6505
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    Where to begin with this

    Welp first off, the name's Cody. 25 years of age
    I've been stuck in the middle of some backwoods town in TN for about 18 years
    I've been playing games since I was a few years old (got my start with the SNES)
    I do play music, primarily guitar (self taught for the most part over the past 10 years at least) and I occasionally record stuff as a hobby (albeit with a pretty meh looking setup)
    I'm just your average guy who likes anime. Went to a few conventions and met a few english VAs
    I'm hopefully looking to get a career in fixing computers
    I actually am a returning MapleStory player (with what's been going on over the past day or so, guess I'll dub this game as MapleStutter), first picked up the game a couple of years ago on November but set it down for a while then got back into it then set it back down for some other games, and life. Decided to try out Kinesis and I'm having a bit of fun with the class
  • TheLegendaryGoblinTheLegendaryGoblin
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    It is I, THE Legendary Goblin (not just any old Goblin Legend).

  • SannaSanna
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    Im sandra and my main is Lhimy
    Im from Peru and joined Ems around 3 years ago

    i like to sing, draw and photography
    but im too shy to sing for other people so i just do it for myself
    and i just draw when i feel it ( you know when you are in the mood)
    i like to think in draw how an expression of my feelings
    it doesnt mean im good singing or drawing :P
    and i love to take pictures of everything!!
    ah i must say i like comics, anime and movies -have you seen distric 9? i love it-

    i love to eat and sleep hehehehe playing games too ofc and enjoy doing random stuff
    from take a bus and to go the beach just to get wet my feets(even in winter) to pick a bag and travel
    i like everykind of pets from lizards to bunnys (i had a lizard once called Mauro)
    cant choose a kind of music so i shoud say i like almost everykind of them
    im still studying in university so im not as active as before but im doing my best
    and i hate standing early up too as my big idol but i enjoy going uni specially in lab-days they are funnnn!
  • WolfKeepAdriWolfKeepAdri
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    Adri's the name, creativity's the game. I am new to the MS world, and I'm pretty sure I'm a beast tamer at heart. I'm an avid crocheter, reader, gardener, artist and advocate for this globe. I love movies and anime, tea is my beverage of choice unless hot chocolate is readily available. I have a dog named Howl. No, not because of his silky smooth singing voice, rather a particular blonde wizard in a moving castle that he shares certain attributes with. I hope to meet some awesome people in the game and am open to new friends.
    There, that's about all the awkward information I can force into this post. ^-^
  • BrinnyBrinny
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    Hey there! I'm Brinny, soon to be 21 come Saturday.
    I was a hardcore MS player back in the day, but it's been years now and I only finally returned not too long ago. Unfortunately I couldn't remember my old login and that email was long gone, so I had to start anew. No worries here however, since starting a new account helped me get readjusted and learn all about the new and improved MS world. I'm a very casual player and have only recently started playing regularly once again. I love meeting new people and making friends, so here's to hoping we kick up a conversation soon. Feel free to reach out and chat with me!
  • marcienmarcien
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    • MSEA player, lurker. (Because PlayPark forums are crap to create an account for.)
    • Played since Beta version, stopped around Aran's release. Started again end of 2015.
    • My irl mum also plays actively. I actually got back into this game no thanks to her.
    • Currently stressed with work.
    • Mains Zero.
    • Sometimes fanartist, sometimes fanfic writer.
  • ThatNinjalolThatNinjalol
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    My name on the EMS forums was narutolol. Don't really use the foums anymore but like to be able to check if I'm not the only one unable to log in :p

    I study game design and computer graphics here in Sweden, so I'm not prioritizing the game as much as I did several years ago.

    Started in 2007. Semi quit the past 3 years (whatever semi quit means). 205 Hero main!

    Cya in LUNA.

  • BdaySakeBdaySake
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    hi guys im Bdaysake im from italy and i have problem with the game...
    I downloaded the game, however, after I click the launcher does not start please help me i want play maplestory!
  • ShadowJoshXDShadowJoshXD
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    Im ShadowJoshXD or Josh is what I like to be called.

    Im 23 Years old.

    Born in Tennessee, Lived in the south my whole life.

    I'm a fun Video game player and been in love with it my whole life and most of my Family loves Video games (my brother, my Brother in law and my niece and nephew)

    I play Runescape, mainly a guy who does Player vs Monster there and is trying to get his Comp cape.

    I'm also a Competitive Pokemon Player, Even tho I just play on Twitch Streams

    Been playing Maplestory since V .55

    I'm usually the lively around my friends in real life.

    I'm Really addicted to anime Since I was 5 or 6.

    I'm a Hardcore Nintendo Fan, have almost every console.
  • ImSoSquishyImSoSquishy
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    Hello, I like to keep my privacy. Enuff said. kthxbai
  • EucilleEucille
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    Hey, I'm Bonnie. I main a Mercedes named Eucille and i'm new to MS. I just got my Mercedes to level 100, which is a huge deal for me. I currently live in Alaska and I adore role-play games such as Maplestory and Skyrim. I also have a Shade character named Loucine, and if you play on Broa, you might see me in Spiegelmann's Guest House, screaming about how rude Shammos is for basically call me a newbie. (I am, but jeez, i'm not that weak anymore.)
  • TidusRiverTidusRiver
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    Hiya I am Tidus River
    I live in Canada
    I play Cygnus Knights (mostly Wind Archer)
    I like food
    And I currently play competitive Smash 4
  • KidsterJewanKidsterJewan
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    Heya! I am Jin I played this game frequently like....I wanna say 7 or 8 years ago. After like 1 year I kinda went on an off. However, this is an amazing game and its great to see such an amazing shift in change in this game, Growing up with no gen consoles I kinda stuck to maplestory for a long time and enjoyed it greatly made alot of great friends and had great times.
    Music ( I play the horn )
    Marching Band
    Probably more too lazy to type it all out
    Dislike: Ehhh I don't really know...
    Nice to read about all of you guys !
    **P.S: New to forums and never really done much in one before so this is new . Still learning ^_^!
  • NickSephirothNickSephiroth
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    Hi i'm Nick and i've been playing Maple since the 7th Anniversary
    i usedto play on Renegades (i have 28 characters on renegades alone. 8 ranging from 140 to 158 and 20 ranging from 30 to 130)
    but now i mainly play on reboot.
    I'm 21
    Single (not looking for love)
    I'm a proud member of the community encouraging maplers to try new things.
    Happy Mapling Maplers.
    if image is broken go here