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Coming from EMS? Introduce yourself here!

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Hello, and welcome to all you wonderful people joining us from EMS!

The MapleStory team here is very excited to have you all, and we can't wait to get everyone back in-game. Please feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself :)

I'm Michael "KThxBaiNao" deVenecia, the Community Manager for Global MapleStory at Nexon America.

About me:

  • I grew up in Seoul, South Korea.
  • I started playing MapleStory in a PC Cafe around 2003 after losing a lot in Starcraft.
  • I main a Hayato, and Night Lord
  • I'm a huge ESports fanatic, and amateur shoutcaster
  • I stream occasionally
  • I've been having too much fun with the HTML on the new forums
  • I actually really really love my job, and I'm super fortunate to be here

What my job entails:

  • Social Media Management
  • Forum Mediation and Management
  • Content Curation for Social Media
  • Delivering feedback regarding content, bugs, server issues, etc. from the community to Nexon's MapleStory Team
  • Delivering communication regarding your feedback, reports, etc. from Nexon to you guys
  • Maple Minutes - A community focused Youtube series that showcases community events, achievements, and fan creations
  • Lots of other stuff
tl;dr: I handle social media, forums, and make sure you (the players) have a voice, as well as acting as the primary voice for the MapleStory Team

MegaScienceAggraphineNeospectorPerceptivityTashieInvulgoManThighMataharyJettLuvsUGerdaermahand 8 others.


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Don't mind me, just your friendly neighborhood poster
  • Liege_LelouchLiege_Lelouch
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    Well League player/fan confirmed

  • Nal_rANal_rA
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    Hey, nice to meet you, i was wondering who that kthxbyenao on reddit with a big smile was. I'm Galathea from maple europe, 204 merc playing maple since 2007, used to main a paladin before bigbang, "souleater142". I'm from the european guild Aeon.
    Nice to see you are an esports fan, Starcraft is indeed a difficult , yet passionating game. I have played for a team and travelled to events between 2013-2015 and it was so exciting, I am a french protoss player named "NalrA" ( was trying to be the successor of kang min well, I tried )
    The whole guild is happy to be there, see everyone soon on the forums.
  • WhutWhut
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    Hey there!

    Started playing Maplestory a long time ago. The time where the only classes were the regular adventurers, not even including the pirate class (don't know when that was). The time where it took me months to get to lvl 30 on my bowman and where people who could slay the Balrogs on the ship to Orbis were heroes.

    I'm a 21 year-old male born and raised in The Netherlands.

    Favorite class? Dunno, I always change my mind about this, but my highest leveled are Demon Slayer and Wild Hunter.

    Other games that I like? I've always been a huge fan of Rollercoaster Tycoon and Age of Empires. And finally after 12 years, a true sequal to RCT has arrived, Planet Coaster! I've also been playing League of Legends for the past 5 years and I'm currently Platinum 1. Also been spending quite some hours on Overwatch since it got released. Oh forget to mention, Pokemon! Getting Pokemon Sun/Moon on the first day of release, which is in 2 weeks.

    I'm looking very much forward to finally be playing GMS again (My first ever account was on GMS, but I lost it unfortunately). See you soon, only a few hours left!
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Welcome EMS users! It's a party in here!
  • DeadMalcolmDeadMalcolm
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    Ello to all EMS users! I'm glad to meet you all!
  • PerceptivityPerceptivity
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    Hello and ty for the welcome =)
    I already made a introduction in the introduction before but let me make a new one ;D

    I am Daniel but called Dan (to many Daniels on EMS) so please call me Dan ^^
    Im 27 years old and been playing maplestory since 2008.
    I played on Demethos server for 6 hours and i then changed to Kradia and got stuck there and still am my main is Perceptivity a level 241 Bishop (currently highest bishop on European server) Wich im proud off :)
    I am looking forward to getting to know new people and some of the GMs!

    Got really sad that all our ems GMs didnt get to continue monitor Luna :(

    Also got a question about me (if anyone is curious feel free to ask me :D
  • ThatGuyZennyThatGuyZenny
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    Hello everyone im Rick (Aka ZennyKanna) im a 21 old male from the Netherlands my favorite class is Kanna (Pre Big Bang Aran) ive played the game for like a good 10 years now and hope to hit 15 years of playing in the future!

    Also ive heard many great things about our community manager KThxBaiNao keep up the good work ;)
  • XuuXuu
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    Hey, thanks for the warm welcome :-)

    Where should I start. Well my name is Xu and I am from the Netherlands and currently 19 years old (turning 20, 30 november). Will be most likely go on Khaini since a lot of my friends are playing on that server and I shall be a mercedes :)

    As hobby, I play the guitar and am currently a moderator for Twin Saga of AeriaGames (http://www.aeriagames.com/forums/en/viewtopic.php?t=2559233) so besides Maplestory I do play TwinSaga too and looking forward to meet all of you in-game ^_^
  • KeepComingBackKeepComingBack
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    Hello fellow Europeans and welcome (back) to global maple. Sad to hear about your buddylists and guilds being wiped, truly, but hopefully it won't take too long to rebuild.
  • MionMion
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    Hi Mion here from ems , im a permanent Noblesse (currently lv 212) i hope GMS stuff gonna be fun! if not ill summon the Dank Mage ^^
  • HieroHiero
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    thanks for the welcome, i look forward to an active game again with events and GMs.
    Maining a DB, but are still working on leveling all mules to 200/210.
    Hope the guilds are up and running soon in one way or the other
  • kruupetkruupet
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    Hello all!

    I'm Emma-Lina (Emma for short), aka tinypaws the lvl222 blaze wizard from (former) EMS Demethos.
    20 years old, swedish, played maple since before EMS was even released and well, now we're back to GMS again which i'm excited about!
    I'm also very happy about the Kradia+Demethos = Luna merge seeing as i come from a server that housed about a handful of people and a completely empty free market (as in, we were lucky if there was a single shop up). It'll be fun to actually meet some people again!
  • KassyKassy
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    Hey everyone,
    I'm Kas or Kassy if you prefer. I'm a 26 year old Brit. I've been playing Kradia EMS since it went into beta in 2006 and also played global for about a year before that. Windia was my eventual home on GMS(anyone remember Pemmican from there? I miss the guy xD). I play two mains on EMS, a bishop, Kasumarae, and a hero named Kassy and far too many mules. I usually stick out like a sore thumb due to my lurking set in game so feel free to give me a poke. I'm a part of the Labyrinth alliance currently and was in a guild called Seasons many years ago.
    Can't wait to see some new faces in the Luna community when the servers are up.
  • SpaceHamsterSpaceHamster
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    Hey everyone!

    I used to play EMS since around 2011, quitted and restarted many times.
    I'm gonna try to come back and play on the Reboot server, it sounds very appealing!

    A little about myself:
    My name is Mauro (pronounced maw-ro) and I am 17 years old, living in Belgium.
    Currently I'm studying Digital Arts & Entertainment (Game design basically).

    I don't know what else to say, but thank you Nexon for deciding to merge EMS and GMS!
  • SparkleeSparklee
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    Hai all!

    I'm Sparklee (Or as some know me as Tracie), Level 220 Demon Avenger from EMS Kradia.

    And this forum needs a FEMALE Demon Avenger avatar too ! :D
  • SnowbeanSnowbean
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    Hello and thanks for welcoming us! :D

    My name's Michiel, I'm 20 years old and main an Aran named Snowbroo, currently lvl 212. I study Food(technology)! :3
    Hope to have a lot of fun here with both old and new friends! :D
    Oh, I'm Dutch btw, and no I'm not stoned/high 24/7.
  • Purple_HeartPurple_Heart
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    I'm PurpleCPU and i'm lvl 142 Demon Avenger from EMS Kradia.

    A bit about me:
    I'm Dennis, 18 years old Polish man and I'm currently attending IT technical college.

    Thanks for merging EMS and GMS, and see you all in Luna :)
  • PellinoPellino
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    Hello I'm Pelle, 24 year old Blaze wizard main, I understand that blaze wizards have a rep for hacking here, we ems blaze wizards, all 2 of us, do not indulge in such filth. nice to meet yall ^^
  • ElFrozerElFrozer
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    Hell yea,

    My name is Frozer. I main a Hero and I am bad at this game.

    Gonna start working in customer service soon so I won't have time playing that much anymore.

    I really hope that with the merge, Luna will be great again is going to be a good server like in 1998, when the new Nintendo came out.

    Also please stop playing Heroes :D