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My two cents

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I realize you have to try and pretend your game is playable for some people to save your own face, but the fact that no one has been able to play this game for 3 solid days now is a blatant disregard for your loyal customers. Not only that, but the fact that you act as if it's a "portion" of the community experiencing these issues is a slap in the face to every person who plays this game. I have been playing MapleStory since it's original Beta release in like 2003 or 2004, and this is without a doubt the worst maintenance state I've ever seen this game in. Get your act together and do what's necessary to keep the game stable, whether it be hiring actual competent employees or weeding out the imbeciles providing the latest patches. You're destroying your player base each day this nonsense goes on.

For many of your players, MapleStory is a means of escaping daily stresses and allowing themselves to immerse in a world where they can be a part of a community and feel as though the company they sink hard earned money into is allocating that money in a way that's beneficial to them as a player. With your consistently laggy gameplay, disregard for glitched and important quests, and lack of swift acknowledgement of your core game issues (just to name a few,) you are making all of these people feel as though their monetary and otherwise loyal commitment to this game is unappreciated. Instead of fixing these issues, you throw 2x events and in-game "compensation" at people as if it's what your players want. It's an extremely bad look for you as a company. I for one, if given the chance, would vote to have the servers taken down for an extended period of time (even a week+) to have these core issues addressed and release a stable version of the game we've all grown up with and come to love over the years. Otherwise, just close down your game permanently and cut your losses. It's clear you've thrown in the towel long ago.

Take this as you will. Some may disagree and that's perfectly fine, but I'm sure a majority of people will agree that these issues are a LOT bigger than you make them out to be.


  • LuxxLuxx
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    MingLee wrote: »
    but the fact that no one has been able to play this game for 3 solid days no...
    False. I've been able to log on the last 3 days, 1 hour a day. :^)
  • PrissyPrissyPrissyPrissy
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    Depending on your time schedule I can completely agree with this. I work and the time I am off, the game is either unplayable or undergoing maintenance. They really should just give this game a week to fix everything.
  • CobainCobain
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    It's easier to test patches with hundreds/thousands of players, then it is to test with a small handful of technicians as they don't do all the things that "we" do. They can't test everything or prepare for every eventuality.
  • PhoenixKumoPhoenixKumo
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    Is this what's happening at Nexon? Because if it is, I kind of sympathize, especially with the clusterfudge this game became over the years.
  • PlasticHollyPlasticHolly
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    Cobain wrote: »
    It's easier to test patches with hundreds/thousands of players, then it is to test with a small handful of technicians as they don't do all the things that "we" do. They can't test everything or prepare for every eventuality.

    There's some truth to is for sure, and it's pretty obvious we are the testers of this game, but that in no way excuses this last issue and in the bigger picture all the issues that have come up since he migration and V update. This last issue alone was patched twice, presumably tested it after the patches, and still brought the game up with the same issue. The continual lag issue is obviously a bandwidth or hardware limitation which has now been addressed at least 5-6 times and once it was even announced they "beefed" up their servers to fix this and yet as of last weekend we have seen no noticeable improvement and this not even mentioning the fact that they knew ahead of time that KMS ran into these exact same issues with this update and had to add channels and servers to address it. That shows an extreme lack of foresight and or the unwillingness to upgrade their servers enough to handle the increased traffic especially on 2x weekends. It's gotten to the point a lot of the players are pleading with nexon to not even hold 2x events because they know they wont be able to play during them/. How bad does it have to be that players are asking nexon not to hold to 2x events.

    Then you have the issues with the pet snack in which players have bought an item for real money that doesn't work,, what's nexon's response to this. that they dont give refunds and to watch the website for updates as they investigate the issue, but player after player comes here begging and demanding updates and are ignored and they continue to sell this item in the cash shop knowing it's bugged for some and leading more people down this path. This doesn't even include the many people that cant get past the Regional select screen without crashing or having to time it just perfectly to actually log in the game and again Nexon is completely silent on this issue as well. Yes we know thy have no current Community manager, and no one is actually assigned to come talk to us, which in itself is utterly ridiculous for a company that's over 10 years old and has been making the profit this company has for as long as it has, and if you cant hire a new community manager in a timely manner, then temporarily assign someone to do it, to leave players in the dark for over a month with all these and many other issues existing is inexcusable. And yes them saying it"s some of the players on issues as widespread as this is dishonest and not at all the truth, it was at very least most if not all of us and them trying to downplay this just makes it look like they are more concerned about appearances than actually really supporting the players and helping them play their game
  • OthidistOthidist
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    I was walking home last week and I saw a penny, so I have one cent. If I had a penny for every time this kind of thing happens I would need to spend it on a psychiatrist to tell me to stop worrying about every little thing. At least they didn't do hell rollbacks or hell bans or temporary shutdowns of the game for entire months. The glorious leaders are very capable of doing so and have done so with other games. Another thing to keep in mind. They have other games.
  • thekenturahthekenturah
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    Original post is on the mark for me. Could have written it myself except I've only played since Bera was released in 2005 :P. I am a loyal long time player, 8th player to lvl 200 in GMS, and I've been through a lot of ups and downs with Nexon over the years. I'm very sad about the way they have recently backed away from what was a very nice turn a couple years ago where they actually communicated with the players and admitted when they were wrong. I'm guessing someone in upper management needs a reality check :) Make an account, play the game awhile and see what life is like on our side of the log in screen!
  • BooberpuppyBooberpuppy
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    @thekenturah You're right on target there, buddy. Exactly my sentiments within a similar position to your own in regards to being one of those OG players. What you said about those upper management members needing some big thumps on their noggins is also true. Whoever is heading these projects is clearly about as far out of touch with the players as it gets. The level of poor service to players in this game is unprecedented for an MMO, and hey, I've been around the block a few times with a lot of them. I feel like the majority of what we write here has about zilch effect on anything and that's extremely sad because this forum is the only platform we are given to communicate our real thoughts on. About the only thing we can do is come here and share our concerns with each other to relieve the stresses that come with trying to cope with all the nonsense.

    Ok, so we have the GM "customer support" or ticket system, you say? Go check it out! It's like talking to a very limited responses robot that has no capacity to give any real damb about your concerns. This game deserves waaaaaaay more than it gets in terms of attention to details, coding, customer service, etc.. I think they need either a bigger or much better quality staff. Can you imagine how absolutely dominating a force this MMO would be if they put some effort in to customer service and worked on reciprocation toward player's concerns? I think that is what we dream of here, but sadly never does this gigantic jet plane of a game seem to leave the ground.
  • MomTeresaMomTeresa
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    hope they don't shutdown ms like other nexon games..