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What class do you hate the most and why?

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Angelic buster, obnoxious recharge rates, annoying voice over(which is disappointing considering i actually like some of the voice actors other work) and overall just feels really clunky to play. I feel like the nerfs she received way back when really hit too hard and made her rather antifun.

2nd most hated would probably be jett because.. who?


  • XenomataXenomata
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    Phantom. I try to like them, but they feel oh so weak no matter what I steal, and the idea of having a skill that only does 120% damage per hit, even if it's a 2 hit keydown, and ESPECIALLY when it becomes an 80% 3 hit keydown, just doesn't feel right.
    Kaiser just doesn't feel strong.
    Beast Tamer feels outdated.
    And Demon Slayer just feels... bland really.
  • SilverswornSilversworn
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    Buccaneer. I disagree with the design direction of this class. Who thought it was a good idea to turn one of the most engaging classes into a one-button snoozefest?
  • Warlocked200Warlocked200
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    Pre 4th job buccaneer, it's the only class that made me fall asleep while mobbing.
  • scholar624scholar624
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    Mercedes for constantly flooding my chat with "You are not high enough to use this skill" messages.

    Second place goes to any random pirate explorer of your choosing. Corsairs are like chaff grenades, all flashy but no real damage. Buccanneers have dull mechanics. Cannoneers are toooo ssssslllllllooooooowwwww for anything useful. Then Jett, well... Poor thing gets a free pass out of pure sympathy.
  • PhoenixKumoPhoenixKumo
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    All pirate classes except Shade. For some reason, I've never had an interest in them even when they first came out.

    Second is Blaze Wizard. For this I'm just... shaking my head. So disappoint. How could this even be called a mage class?

    Third would be Beast Tamer. It feels like they're trying to fit too many things at the same time and it could get easily confusing to me considering keyboard setup changes for each animal.

    And finally there's Mihile. Nuff said.
  • NiightseekerNiightseeker
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    My least favorite is basically all the pirate classes (barring Shade because Shade is actually pretty cool). Like PhoenixKumo I also never really had any interest in them so I never really tried them out.

    2nd least favorite would be Aran. I didn't really care for it back when it first came out, and I kinda had a neutral opinion on it since then, but because of Heroes of Maple I now really dislike the class because of Aran's personality.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Dawn Warrior sucks. It just feels clunky and gross whenever I tried to play mine before deleting it(to get that sick burn back for another character that didn't suck). It's like trying to ride a bike with octagonal wheels, or scraping a fork against a glass plate. It's just uncomfortable to play the damnable thing.
  • TwinrovaTwinrova
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    Though I can mostly agree with the whole "no pirate classes except shade" argument, I really think people are forgetting about Thunder Breaker, it's a blast to play IMO
  • OverArchOverArch
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    Blaze Wizards cause they're super boring. I just felt like I couldn't do anything with the character and hated playing it. If it wasn't for the burning event I wouldn't have made it to the third job advancement.
  • SircaptainSircaptain
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    I love mages, that's why I dislike bishops the most.
    They are great support, great skills yes.
    But playing it, that would be very disgusting for me.
    For bishop mules, I really don't want to touch it, I'll just leech it upwards to 200 =3=
    Because, it's too holy, the skills are slow in the begin, low damage, the 4th job mobbing skill is just UGH.
    Bossing skills at 150 are okay but it's too bleh so to say ono
  • AlpsAlps
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    I don't really hate one specific class, but there are a few that comes to my mind:
    - Kanna: Although was my first serious main in the past, just can't stand with the bugs associated with them. Also the delay on teleport/skills kind of bothers me at times
    - Bishop: Bossing is just too boring imo(Angel Ray spam, eh...), and doesn't feel rewarding.
    - Jett: I do not know why but the last time I played them, felt like I would rather play other Pirate classes.
    - BT: Initially, I find their mechanics to be interesting, but it later turned rather tedious and not very rewarding
    - Blaze Wizard: Juggling fireballs is just not for me
  • KerBansotKerBansot
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    Buccaneer. I disagree with the design direction of this class. Who thought it was a good idea to turn one of the most engaging classes into a one-button snoozefest?
    I main a bucc, I use three buttons at least. I loved the old bucc though except for the lack of FJ. Unfortunately I didn't get to master the whole i-frames bit which must be why I'm not one of the new-bucc haters.

    On topic: I have several but in a nutshell, classes with "you may not use this skill yet". Also, "tap tap" skills. I find it difficult tapping one key while jumping/teleporting w/ another, my fingers seem to want to walk out after.
  • BIackbeanBIackbean
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    jett cuz everyone gives it no love :/
  • Bahamut_XBahamut_X
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    I'm also one of those who love the mages, and have a few who I do have bones of contention with.

    -Battle Mage: No matter how hard I try, the skill set really does not endear me to the developer whose brain fart became reality. With one mechanic that I will never care for, teleport mastery/dark shock. Might give the class another go if it didn't feel like the clone of a paladin with teleport, less attacks and more damage.
    -Beast Tamer: I could cut a little slack here, though it feels like some aspects are needing to be reworked. Bear could use a bit of mobility and bird feels like a beginner with the level of damage.
    -Blaze Wizard: Another class where single skill spam does not endear me. Does not help with the class being abused by little script kiddies either or people confusing them with Fire/Poison. Hence why the movement towards more fiery finishers from RED and beyond for F/P feels like pure laziness on the designer's part.
  • MaryseMaryse
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    I have some leftover hate for Bishops pre-BB.
    But as a class that I played myself, and for way too long, Angelic Buster. That class can disappear forever and I wouldn't mind at all. I hate the recharge system. I hate how girly it is. I just hate it. I hate everything about it.
  • WillScarletWillScarlet
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    well here is really unsuall opinion and probably unpopular opinion... ( and I expect some hate from its fans)
    I really don't like Aran
    *crowd gasps*
    Please hear me out... I just don't like complex combo style she has got... I like storyline and Aran's character ( especially in Heroes of Maple) BUT the combo style just makes it unplayable for me... New Aran kinda makes it easier but still to bet maximum benefit you STILL need to memorise all different button mashing... it just isn't for me.
  • ShadEightShadEight
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    Any class that doesn't have a FJ type skill
  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    night walker because i can never master the jump attackk
  • MakazeKibaMakazeKiba
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    I hate two classes:

    Blaze Wizards
    Not only do they carry a very negative stereotype (being botters), but I found their movement a bit clunky. When I play mage classes, I am way too used to simple, horizontal or vertical teleport skills. Otherwise, they are very powerful in the right hands. Annoyingly so. Like, I can't keep my map because sometimes

    Clerics (Just this particular 2nd job)
    I HATE raising clerics now. They are, perhaps, the most painful class to get from 30-60. Ever since making Heal have a conditional CD, thus forcing the use of the laughable Holy Arrow skill, it make Clerics (and therefore Bishop) a pain to make. Granted, the ORIGINAL Holy Arrow was far worse, but I feel as though the idea of the Cleric, that it is a party class, cannot use it's niche as a party class due to the largely soloist attitude players adopt. I suppose the class makes up for it at 3rd job, where Shining Ray is pretty darn awesome as a skill. (As well as Holy Symbol).

  • ThrillersVNThrillersVN
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    Corsairs,because the people playing that class always trashtalk when i go through them.