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[Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story


  • NibboNibbo
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    My design

    Outfit description

    The outfit I made is based on the more sweet pastel lolita outfits, with an adorable knitted sweater and miniskirt around waist. It is a very casual outfit which works both to wear at home and out.
    I imagined a small hat like a hairpin would go well with this outfit to keep it casual and sweet. :)

    I decided to go for a more autumn/ early spring type of clothes when its chilly but warm enough to wear a skirt. Knitted sweaters are quite nice to wear when it's a bit cold. <3 Since it is a season the weather is unstable you can easily get a cold too so I thought I'd add a cute face accessory to fit the season.


    • Overall : Sweet Pastel Dress

    • Hat: Casual Hairpin

    • Face accessory: Soft Cold


    The overall is a sweater + miniskirt combination that make a whole outfit that looks like a dress. A white/light beige knitted sweater suited for more chilly weather together with a sweet, pastel pink skirt to make it a cute looking outfit.

    The hat is two small hairpins to keep hair away from your eyes and also use as a sweet and casual accessory in your hair.
    It is a dark, greyish brown colour to give a more soft feeling to kind of compliment the rest of the outfit. (If it was black it would give a different image)

    The face accessory is a soft pale pink/red blush on the nose area (Kind of like Allergic Reaction but smaller and does not cover all of the cheeks). When it's cold you usually get a very pink nose and cheeks, so that was my idea for this face accessory

    This outfit is supposed to target females, but I'd like to give males a chance to use it too if they like to dress up like that or enjoy feminine clothing :)

    World: Luna
    IGN: Lapras
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    Introducing...the Black Widow Set or Grieving Widow Set
    I was inspired by the sad anniversary of my Mother's death (next week on the 18th). What's wrong with grieving while looking fabulous? Why does this widow grieve? I wanted to do something that I would want on my character, although the picture is not colored, the color palette is in dark grays and blacks, perhaps dark purples, but not much different than the colors shown on the colored image. I would like to note that certain areas are "translucent" and that means they would show the skin through them somewhat (I have indicated which parts of the outfit in my image)

    - Black Widow's Shade (Hat)
    The Rose on this would be colored dark indigo purple. The Shade itself would be gray to hide part of the face, but you can still see them underneath the veil.
    - Black Widow's Dress (Overall)
    The darkest elements on the dress would be a deep gray, almost black. Top half of the sleeves is translucent gray.
    - Black Widow's Steps (Shoes)
    The socks are meant to be translucent, and grid-patterned. Shoes would be black.

    Although this was inspired by sad events (and uploaded on a sad day to boot) It can still show pushing through grief. The hardest part is probably getting through that, but we all do in the end, no? We need to grieve to be able to move on...
    Uhm...I might also wanna mention I am from Reboot, but Petalmagic of Nova will work fine as well. (I'd prefer to have my forum related name over one of my IGNs in Reboot)
  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    I don't know what to name the outfit. The four heads just throws it off. I cannot name it Medusa or Red Eyes B dragon.

    Hat: Black Fiend Head
    Top: Black Fiend Armor
    Bottom: Black Fiend Greaves
    Shoes: Black Fiend Stompers
    Cape: ??? I really don't know what to call four snake-like heads

    World: Arcania
    IGN: Daxterbeer
  • TsuusTTsuusT
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    IGN: TsuusT
    World: Scania
    Photoshop was really laggy for some reason and SAI doesn't have options for text...With some back and forth of copying text and...somehow my pixel art became more pixelated Q_Q welp...the cape/weapon/hair looks so weird now...

    Anyways, I want to create an outfit that's both cool and cute at the same time. I think a fox is the best representation of that...with dem fluffy tails and the mystical feelings of the flames...yep foxes are awesome.

    I also want my design to fit with other outfits available in Maplestory, yet bringing something unique that can enhance existing items. I chose white and blue for this reason. None of the items are too different in style that it cannot fit with other items available in the game. The items also function on their own and can be wore without other pieces of the set. The outfit is also gender neutral so it can be wore by everyone.

    I also designed hair and eyes to go with the outfit and for lolz...

    Anyways, I hope you like my design...I'm not a professional pixel artist or anything close to that (as you can tell by my pixelated pixel art =_=) but I hope the design is clear enough and I'm sure artists of Maplestory can do a much better job. I'm open to feedbacks and suggestions but I won't be near a tablet for a while so I probably can't update things...ha..haha >_<

    ...I hope the image is big enough...Maplestory sprites at the actual sizes are soooo small...

    Edit: yep the image is too small, updated it so hopefully things are bigger and a bit less pixelated, if anything click on it to see the full size image...I should also add that the weapon is suppose to be a fan that summons a fox...If the art is not clear enough...

    Thanks for the likes ^w^
    NibboJoTheWeirdoSqueakDarkpoison64PeekAtChuDazedDrakonisKimikimiPuripuffRenniand 9 others.
  • Darkpoison64Darkpoison64
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    Ever wanted to have the cool Aran clothes but did not have a polearm equipped? Well now is your chance with the new Beyond Blade set!
    I love the Aran class so much that I decided to base the costume around the Beyond Blade skill for aran.
    The clothes are designed for male and female so every player can enjoy the set!

    I never knew how hard it was to create this until I sat down and had to really think what looked best.
    I had trouble with the size of the wings when creating this piece. I hope it is ok and it can be adjusted.

    Here is the costume without wings


    Here is the costume with wings


    • Beyond Blade Polar Hat: Show off your might as an Apex Predator of the Arctic Tundra. This hat will keep you warm and cozy.
    • Beyond Blade Polar Gloves: Devastate your enemies with one final blow swipe!
    • Beyond Blade Tiger Shoes: These Tiger shoes that will never make you loose your grip! Even when climbing the highest vines.
    • Beyond Blade Eagle Wings: Take to the skies on the wings of an Eagle.
    • Beyond Blade Lillin Overall: Crafted by the people of Rein, Survive the harsh winter weather in style!

    World: Glaicia
    IGN: Rengi64
    Created in Adobe Illustrator
    Don't forget to leave a like down below if you like the concept :P Thanks so much!
  • DrakonisDrakonis
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    So I persent you outfit based on traditional Łowicz attire :D.
    - Red Scarf - a beautiful red scarf with fresh poppy flower. It smells like summer.
    - Braided Wig - a neat wig with pretzel-shaped braids.
    - Chaplet - necklace made from little red beads. Some say that they resemble rowanberries.
    - Poppy Earrings - little red meadow-scented flowers.
    - Traditional Łowicz Dress - colorful and bright dress decorated in field flowers. It brings happines and a little sound of folk music.
    - Bootee - Elegant, high-laced shoes. Very comfortable, perfect with a dress.

    I hope you like it :)

  • MaysaGarciaMaysaGarcia
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    I wanted to make a bat themed set, which is also cute. I made it thinking in maple characters style. It's supposed to be cash itens. I drew and painted it tradicionally. Her hair i did not include in the set because i had made a hat part already. I hope the gamers like it, and thanks for the attention. I play on Windia, and my main is a luminous named LuminousCham.

    Final Art:





  • yFailExamyFailExam
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    One random day with no particular significance...
    Mir: Hey We are out of food, the fridge is empty.
    Evan: zzz...
    Mir: do you hear me? I m staving!
    Evan: its Sunday, let me sleep, get some stuff to eat yourself....
    Mir: you know, I have always wondered what you taste like
    Evan: Wut.
    num num num


    stuff Included in the Mirateevan Set:

    Mirateevan hat: devolving dragon head(Evan head not included)
    Mirateevan overall: The full belly that is of the dragon body after it fully goes down
    Mirateevan gloves: cute dragon claws
    Mirateevan shoes: cute dragon claws
    Mirateevan cape: Lit Dragon wings, onyx dragon wings at that, oh also the tail is part of this.
    Crying face accessory: would you not make this face when you are being eaten as well?

    100% serious entry with no troll elements.
    m8 r8 8/8

    IGN: yFailExam
    World: Scania
  • ChocobixChocobix
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    The first time I saw the town of Magatia with a friend I was very excited and I said "you brought me to the stars"

    The theme of my costume is inspired by the Magatia sky, the colors I chose them inspired by my favorite weapon "milky way"

    I drew traditionally and painted on my computer (I'm not good at drawing), this is my job:



    The components of the outfit are unisex and are:


    -Jump of star (Shoes)
    Description: do not lie to them, stars can also jump.

    -Star rain (Face accesory)
    Description: the stars are funny in the face.

    -Constellation linear (Hat)
    Description: the constellation can only be observed by the people chosen by the stars.

    -Wings of star (Cape)
    Description: the stars that wear wings are more beautiful.

    -Stellar mesh (gloves)
    Description: elegant for a party of stars.

    -Star shining out (outfit)
    Description: all have a star inside (or out).

    thank you for your attention and I hope you liked it =^-^=

    World: Windia
    IGN: chocobix

    Note: i use google translator because i can't talk in english~ sorry for the inconvenience
  • IkableIkable
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    Inspired by my dude 'Wooden mask' in Perion. Wanted to work around the headdress and wooden armour theme.

    Unisex Costume:
    Hat: Primitive headdress
    Face accessory: Primitive mask (with glowing eyes |+_+| )
    Overall: Primitive overall
    Cape: Primitive cape
    Shoes: Primitive shoes

    Good luck everyone!
  • nguyendenguyende
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    edited September 2017
    Hey everyone! This is my first post in the new forum system, but I entered a few contests a couple years ago (namely the "Design-an-Outfit" 2015 contest and Ugly Phantom Art contest). I personally love these kind of contests, and hope to see more. Good luck to anyone else entering! Anyway, this is my submission. I hope you like it!



    Nitta Fashion Design:
    (Click on the name to see picture of individual item)

    Nitta Fashion Wig (HAT)
    Nitta Fashion Outfit (OVERALL)
    Nitta Fashion Sneakers (SHOES)
    Nitta Fashion Watch (GLOVES)
    Nitta Fashion Jacket (CAPE)
    Nitta Fashion Shades (EYE ACCESSORY)

    Additional Details:
    • The hat is a wig that covers the player's original hair style. It's black with grey-white tips on the sides.
    • The overall consists of a MapleStory t-shirt, a gold chain necklace, a jade pendant, blue jeans, and a key chain + lanyard tied around the pant's belt loop and clipped to the pant's pocket. Note the position of the pendant and keys in the jumping pose.
    • The shoes are a pair of sneakers.
    • The gloves is a broken wrist watch that displays no time on it.
    • The cape consists of a jacket worn over the player's shoulders, with a mini slime companion. Note that the slime changes positions and expressions depending on the player's pose.
    • The shades, similar to half-rim glasses, actually have a thin, metal rim in the lower half.

    For your convenience, click here to see the full album.
  • squirtlesquirtle
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    The Mysterious Wanderer Set inspired by Vindictus and the Black Mage. I've always wanted to have a giant sword
    but never got the chance to swing it in MapleStory . Some may argue that Zero, specifically Beta, uses a giant sword, but I don't like playing Zero (Calm down those out there who main Zero). Now, I introduce the Mysterious Wanderer Set, and with this, you can make your dream come true.

    The Mysterious Wanderer Set:
    Hat: The Mysterious Wanderer Hood
    Overall: The Mysterious Wanderer Cloak
    Weapon: The Mysterious Wanderer's Great Sword
  • WizardBeauWizardBeau
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    This is an unisex outfit themed somewhat after this guy from NLC ( maplestory.wikia.com/wiki/Stirgeman ) which includes the following :

    The Stirge-mask ( eye accessory ) This quality mask is made from a trash bag the finest of materials.
    Stirge-shirt ( top ) A T-shirt with the emblem of Stirgehood.
    Stirge-shorts ( bottom ) They're comfy and easy to wear.
    Stirgeman Cape mk 0 ( cape ) A n old curtain you found in a garbage can Cape.
    Orange gloves ( gloves ) Some gloves that you probably also found in the garbage.
    Stirge-slippers ( shoes ) Some stirge themed slippers.

    Strike mediocre confusion into the hearts of criminals with this!

  • MoreRpighMoreRpigh
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    Lost Sight Reaper(hat) - an one eyed devil skull, a mysterious light glows from it’s eye (animated and translucent)

    Ominous Reaper(overall) - an overall with bandages around the torso and the left hand. Black and solid > red and translucent at the bottom

    Ominous Dark Cloak(cape) - black hooded cloak with shadow-like rims at the end of the cape (animated and translucent). The back of the cape has an unsettling eye looking at you.

    Cursed Marks(face accessory) - Ominous black tattoos that infect the left side of the face.

    Lost Wing Scythe(weapon) - shaped like unbalanced wings. The small wing is red, the big wing is a deadly scythe. The character will sit on the scythe when sitting.

    Thank you for looking, hope you like it :)
    AthenaLagTooMuchDazedPuripuffNibboClawStaffFreundIvangoldHachuAngelv83and 1 other.
  • starflower1220starflower1220
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    *slams fist on desk*
    i love anything cute and pastel and i tried to make it look as if the whole outfit was hand-made hence the patchwork theme!

    I lowkey waited last minute to do this so i unfortunately didn't have enough time to make a thorough reference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Patchwork Set

    Overall- Patchwork dress
    Hat- Patchwork button
    Shoes- Patchwork socks
    Cape- Clingy teddy
    Weapon- Giant needle
  • AthenaAthena
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    MoreRpigh wrote: »
    Lost Sight Reaper(hat) - an one eyed devil skull, a mysterious light glows from it’s eye (animated and translucent)

    Ominous Reaper(overall) - an overall with bandages around the torso and the left hand. Black and solid > red and translucent at the bottom

    Ominous Dark Cloak(cape) - black hooded cloak with shadow-like rims at the end of the cape (animated and translucent). The back of the cape has an unsettling eye looking at you.

    Cursed Marks(face accessory) - Ominous black tattoos that infect the left side of the face.

    Lost Wing Scythe(weapon) - shaped like unbalanced wings. The small wing is red, the big wing is a deadly scythe. The character will sit on the scythe when sitting.

    Thank you for looking, hope you like it :)

  • ArwooArwoo
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    Today's the final day for entries! This thread will be closed at 11:59 PM PDT today so don't forget or be late!
  • EmpressSayuriEmpressSayuri
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    Hat: Glowjam Headphones
    Overall: Glowjam Dress
    Gloves: Skating Gloves
    Shoes: Glow Roller Skate

    This outfit was design to be a Roller Jam futuristic, but I want to make details that glows, everything glowing is cool! I wish I could make the male version. (*ノ´□`)ノ
  • elsieelsie
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    Firstly, I clearly don't have good art skills but hopeful you guys can see the overall idea!

    So decided to mix in modern day fashion with a little but of kawaiiness.

    Earrings - Purple pom poms
    Glasses - Just a black frames with a clear lens
    Weapon - A purple moon stick
    Top - Off-the-shoulder white moon top (with bell bottom sleeves)
    Bottoms - Simple distressed jeans (distressing on the knees)
    Shoes - Yellow flats (with a purple fluff on the top of the shoe) [didn't add it on thought of it later]
    Hair - Space bun hair (with bangs and two buns)

    I hope you like it and good luck to all the contestants!!! :D <3
  • candyleafcandyleaf
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    This is my entry! It's a leaf-themed combat outfit:

    Leaves contain chloroplasts, which are organelles in plant cells that harness light energy for photosynthesis. The concept of using leaves and maximizing outfit surface area symbolizes the absorption of light energy, providing additional power to the attack.

    Hat: Sprout
    Staff: Photosynthesis (The chlorophyll molecule helps deliver additional energy to the attack. It is especially powerful of this molecule hits the enemy’s weak spot).
    Top: Leaf
    Bottom: Sunny Leaf (comes with the leaf chain)
    Shoes: Racing Leaf
    Gloves (the arm sleeves): Lilac Leaf
    Eyes: Amber
    Hair: Botanical

    Here’s a more clear drawing of the hair (outfit here not part of my entry on top):

    Not an outfit, but I also designed a self-sustaining plant house, relating to leaves:
    This plant house runs on glucose via glycolysis as well as hydroelectric power, it's entirely self sustaining. The plumbing system relies on water from the central vacuole.

    More of my art:

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