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[Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story


  • scholar624scholar624
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    Please make posts to this thread only if you are entering the contest with a design. This is not the appropriate place for leaving criticisms or feedback regarding submitted designs. If you do find one you like, be sure to give the posting a thumbs up.

    Overall, really like all of the creative designs submitted so far.
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  • DazedaDazeda
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    i can't draw at all ecks dee
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    18 more Days =)
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  • iLiMiTaDoiLiMiTaDo
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    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////CONQUEROR OF THE HELL - SET///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////




    First of all, I apologize, my English is bad and I use google translator. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    My name is Derek and this is my design (Conqueror of the Hell); I did it thinking about a Ninja and Fire style. I hope you like it.

    rare very limited, everyone wants one, only a few can use it.

    this set was inspired by the old world SUPREME EMS, here the conditions were extreme and only the strong could adapt.

    My goal has been to make it as imposing as possible, at the beginning use paper pencil and colors. Finish the Side in Paint

    The set consists of 7 pieces. Everything except the Hat is unisex, I hope if I can win, nexon can make you one for you girls, more beautiful and sexy. <3 <3 <3

    HAT : hat-wig, Ninja style, red bandana with flame mark (MALE)

    OVERALL: black set, Ninja style, with fire marks on the design

    GLOVES: black bandages that cover the forearm. Ready for combat.

    SHOES: Black shoes, with a base in flames. Very hot ¡¡¡

    EARRNINGS: earrings with flame shape. Cute but dangerous.

    CAPE: a burning fire, a demon or a friend. Care that it can burn.

    WEAPON: of the same hell. this black sword, covered with a spiral of fire, would incinerate the enemy.

    =) =) HAPPY MAPLING ALL =) =)
    <3 GRACIAS THANKS Renni <3
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  • DKReaveNDKReaveN
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    TU VAS A GANAR Derek ANIMO ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
  • ClawStaffClawStaff
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    I'm not very good at drawing but here goes nothing.KPDVEF7.png

    Cyber Warrior Set

    Cyber Warrior Helmet

    Cyber Warrior Garments (Overall)

    Cyber Warrior Gloves

    Cyber Discharge (Weapon. These would be animated energy orbs that shine out small rays of light if I could do that).

    My whole concept of this was really just to use the energy orbs in something, so I though a robot suit would work. Since I'm not good a drawing I figured a robot armor would be easy enough. I intentionally made it have a lot of sharp edges to represent the inventor's imperfection in making a machine look human-like.

    The weapon would work similarly to the shining rod cash equip, except instead of changing color when attacking the orb would increase in size.
    The rays of light are supposed to appear and disappear as well when attacking. It's supposed to be kind of like the magic tome or knuckle cash equips.
  • 3x3x33x3x3
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    so many awesome entries! I'm excited to make my entry

    -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ EDIT! -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

    Here we go!
    Hello, this is my entry, I hope you find it okay ><!
    The Rawring Stars Package includes:

    Hat: Rawrling Star Hoodie
    A cute yellow bear with black starry ears is now now your hoodie! Be careful, it has sharp teeth too!

    Overall: Starry One
    A one piece outfit decorated with countless stars at the bottom

    Cape: Starry Paw Paw
    Don't mess with my big bear paws!

    Shoes: Starry Fluff Boots
    A pair of fluffy, black shoes decorated with stars on the top

    good luck to everyone entering!
    *edit2: didn't have time to colour before, now it's filled in!
  • RafasamelaRafasamela
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  • ArntArnt
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    LUNA Ftw
  • AngelS143AngelS143
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    Joker Set

    - Heart Dress: Inspired by the blue dress worn by Alice in "Alice in Wonderland"
    - Diamond Hat: Military style cap
    - Clover Shoes: Combat boots with red laces
    - Spade Earrings
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    Cusco Hat
    Cusco Overall
    Cusco Gloves
    Cusco Shoes
    Cusco Earrnings
    Cusco Cape
    Weapon bumeran

  • KimikimiKimikimi
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    Ever wanted to be a real deal phantom thief? But you don't want to play a trash class like Phantom in order to be one? Well look no further!

    Introducing the Beauty Thief Outfit! (a.k.a. The Discount Phantom Thief)

    This is a UNISEX outfit.

    This dapper outfit contains the following:
    Feathered Fellow (HAT)
    The top hat is essential to any beauty thief outfit. Its large brim makes it the perfect candidate for concealing your face and its high height makes it a stylish choice for any Mapler.
    Masked Charade (EYE)
    A real beauty thief needs to conceal their own face in order to keep their extravagant beauty from shining upon others.
    Epaulette Rosette (OVERCOAT)
    A real fancy and stylish overcoat for a grand beauty thief. Especially flashy and dazzling, yet cunning and dastardly.
    Golden Boy (SHOES)
    A fitting name for a absolutely stunning shoe fit for a beauty thief that's way out of your-- or anyone else's-- league.
    Ace of Maple Leaves (WEAPON)
    Why steal hearts when you can steal Maple Leaves? A perfect choice for a calling card for a real candide beauty thief!

    With this outfit, you'll be sure to be the real deal in Henesys Channel 1!

    The idea of a phantom thief outfit has intrigued me ever since the release of Persona 5. I was infatuated with both the game and the idea of phantom thieves. When this contest started up a while back, I decided to make a phantom thief outfit and test the waters.
    Halfway through the making of this, I realized that there WAS a phantom thief outfit-- more specifically a class.
    Nevertheless, I still had fun making this. My favourite part of this outfit definitely has got to be either the Masked Charade or Epaulette Rosette. The Masked Charade is filled with such intricate details that I can't help to just be at awe at it-- also there's a bit of wordplay there with masquerade. The Epaulette Rosette is one of my favourites due to it being the first thing that I worked on and how the colours match together nicely, imo. I can only wish the best for the entries here, as they're all especially amazing and creative in their own way.
  • DjanosDjanos
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    Space Commander Set (by Djanos from Winda):

    Hat: is like a pin on both sides and has a special ethereal-feather like appendage to it. It's the fashionable touch to the whole thing if you ask me.

    Overall: It's basically what you'd expect a commander's suit to look like in the 1700s (except blue). I wanted to keep this part plain and simple so the whole piece wouldn't look so overdone. I also added some chest/shoulder armor to it to make it look more fantasy-like. Other stuff like the scarf and the gem in the middle of the chest plate were just for aesthetics.

    Shoes: The shoes are decorated with ornate, golden designs to contrast the dark-blue.

    Gloves: Again, I kept the gloves simple to contrast everything else (especially the cape). However, I did add a dash of turquoise to further the colour theme and a golden outline to make it seem more fancy. The glove is fashioned to look like something a general would wear in the 1700s.

    Cape: Ok, this is what ties everything together. The cape is the main player in this because it is what gives it the "galaxy" sort of theme. When you jump, it fans out to look like wings (to make it look more majestic). It has speckles of light in it (like stars) and is essentially a gradient of colour (from light blue to purple). At the end of the cape, the color fades out to give it a magical touch.

    ~Overall, this was fun to make and I don't really care about winning. I just wanted to share a little bit of my imagination that's all :). Hope you guys enjoy it!

    (EDIT: I just realized that using the template may have not been the best idea since using it makes the overall look fat, but just keep in mind that it wasn't supposed to look like that.)
  • ShiroiSenkouAgainShiroiSenkouAgain
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    Empress reImagined set
    Empress reImagined hair pin
    Empress reImagined outfit
    Empress reImagined arm piece
    Empress reImagined shoes

    A reimagined version of Empress's outfit.
  • SauceDoodleSauceDoodle
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    The man respected by all has now been immortalized...
    ...As a wearable costume!! (Art by JaY)
    Introducing the Kemdi kit!
    Haven't you ever seen this majestic being during all of your bingo games and just said "Wow, what a beast. I want to be like him someday." Well now you can!!
    Hat: It's a perfect replica of Kemdi's beautiful head and hipster snapback. Wearing it makes you feel like you can take on the toxicity of the maple community after everyone receives trash randomly generated bingo numbers whilst still smiling.
    Overall: Wearing this is the epitome of looking "hip" and "gangster." Show off your bling to your friends and show them just how economically superior you really are compared to them. Looks like grinding all of those mesos in Reboot payed off.
    Gloves: Have you ever looked at your own hands and just said "Wow, my hands are garbage." Well now you can wear perfect replicas of Kemdi's furry, sanitized man paws.
    Shoes: Why in the world does Kemdi wear yellow rubber boots anyways? He should be able to afford a nice pair of Yeezy's, but what evs.
    Weapon: Show the whole world your super cool rapping skills with your microphone and play Maplestory with the new Razor keyboard that you bought off of a sketchy vendor on Amazon.
  • XingxinXingxin
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    The trendiest way to dress when going to an airport.

    Airport Fashion Set
    Hat: Trendy Black Bucket Hat
    Face Acc: Trendy Black Face Mask
    Earrings: Trendy Triangle Earrings
    Top: Trendy Zipper T-Shirt
    Bottom: Trendy Black Shorts with Leggings
    Shoes: Trendy Black Sneakers
    Cape: Trendy Black Backpack

  • StéphyStéphy
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    Hai all,
    First of all, i never done this before, so therefor my apologies that i didn't use the template.
    As i made this in paint, i decide to just add this version.

    For the picture i chose hair/eyes/body already excisting from nexon, to get a better view of how the nx items would look on a char.
    At the picture of the back, i skipped the hair, as it would have covered the top from behind.

    My outfit is kinda basic, as i really do like basic outfits. Plus i think we can get some more black/grey outfits.
    Owell hope someone likes it. It could be for male and female. (although the hat might be more for females :D)

  • jenniferkjenniferk
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    (by hiroyomi from Scania)

    Galaxy Sparkle Set
    Somewhere beyond Maple World lies a galaxy that sparkles and shines for you...

    Hat - Galaxy Sparkle Cap
    Feel the light breeze of the galaxy way, moon and stars with this cap

    Earrings - Galaxy Sparkle Mix-match Earrings
    Mix and match with stars and moon

    Outfit - Galaxy Sparkle Overall (unisex)
    Twinkle, twinkle, sparkle, sparkle galaxy outfit perfect for galaxy adventurers

    Glove - Galaxy Sparkle Watch
    Keep track of time by the way of the galaxy and stars

    Shoes - Galaxy Sparkle Sneakers
    Galaxy shoes with a shade of purple

    Cape - Galaxy Sparkle Andromeda
    Wear the Andromeda Galaxy as a fancy pastel colored cape

    Effect - Galaxy Sparkle Cloud
    Your own blue sparkly cloud to travel in Maple World, space and beyond

  • morkmork
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    Lmao this might be the worse designing ever but its a good idea i think

    Weapon First choice: M60 E3 Machine gun
    Weapon Second choice: Hoyt Spectra bow
    Hat: Long red head band
    Face acc: eye scar
    top: Muscle simulator with scars
    Bottom: black combat trousers with Rambo Bowie knife
    Shoes: black army boots

    To see any of the items from the back....
    i'm not good enough at drawing or creating them
    but i'm guessing it would be pretty basic things to imagine

    As an extra i thought a pet package with 3 pets
    Pet1: T-72 Tank
    Pet2: bell uh-1n twin huey
    Pet3: 1951 GMC M135 2½-ton

    I couldn't find good things but did my best lol i guess they can be created if they choose this
    i'm not 100% sure i got the names right for all the items but very close for sure =)
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