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  • Estarko
    Hi Ghiblee I would like to ask you a question and help about hotmail linked to the maple account if it's possible
    June 2020
  • Thonany
    I would like to ask you for help since each ticket I send to the support ends in the same copy and paste response.
    My account was banned while afk in the free market, the reason they give me is that I was hacking.
    Here is a compilation of people who happened the same thing in a short period of time: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/28563/false-bans-back-again/p3
    Please help us
    June 2020
  • cainamolagem
    hey, illium is STILL broken, any word on when they're going to fix a single missing npc????
    June 2020
  • hahalolhehe
    Hi Ghiblee,

    My account was banned during the 2x event on the 9th of May. This ban was triggered by my Kanna skill activating multiple times due to the server lag at the time. I've submitted multiple tickets but I keep receiving the same copy/paste response from GMs which is really upsetting because they are accusing me of hacking even though I wasn't. My support tickets are #946490 and #945225 and I was wondering if you could help because I really want to play again. Thank you!
    May 2020
  • GandalfBergman
    Hey Ghiblee, My account has been recently banned yesterday during the 2x event. This ban wave apparently only happens to people who play Kanna. Do you know if we will be able to recover our accounts, I did send in a ticket but judging from previous people told me to come and ask you for help, I have video evidence of me playing just a few minutes before the ban was issues, I'm not sure exactly what to do, please help, I do love this game and I have been playing it for a while now I did just recently get back into it. My support ticket number is #943740. Thank you :)
    May 2020
    • EagleCape
      Me as well. Please help us and the community by looking into this Ghiblee! Lots of players are posting on reddit about this too!
  • BigNickBrian
    Hi Ghiblee,

    Is it against TOS to use a program called AntiMicro to remap my Nintendo Switch controller to play maplestory on it?
    May 2020
  • PanChode
    Hey Ghiblee my account has been blocked for almost a decade and I heard you're the person to help if the situation is warranted. I'm not the same person I was a decade ago and I just want to go on my account for some good memories considering what's happening with the world right now. I try to contact support every few years because I hang onto the very small sliver of hope that someone will take pity on my situation and reverse the ban. My current support ticket # is 933356. If you need more info I'm glad to provide it.
    April 2020
  • liadnad
    what date will pixel party come to maplestory?
    April 2020
  • greenella
    Hello Ghiblee. Can I ask that you delete this forum account? I accidentally made it. I reached out to MapleStory Support, but the chat is going nowhere.
    January 2020
  • Stellerus
    hello Ghiblee! how can I report GM abuse of copy-pasted responses? I've been playing maple story for nearly 3 years now and 2 days ago I was banned in a ban wave for what they claim to be botting nad hacking but like any other legitimate player, I've sent multiple tickets to support to check over the ban because I have used such means to gain an advantage in any form or way, but all my tickets are responded with copy-pasted messages saying how I'm wrong and they are right, which makes me really upset and disappointed because I've spent so much time and effort of my account, then to be banned and when I need help from customer support to prove I'm innocent, I just get treated like dirt and really hurtful when they don't care about the community.
    January 2020
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    You have been a registered member for an entire year!
    January 2020
  • carmenpop22
    my appy lift ban ok illium lvl 200 thack you guy
    December 2019
  • Ghiblee completed the Post Count Level 3 assignment.
    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades. 100 spades to be exact.
    September 2019
  • neta123
    hi Ghiblee i red that you can help me with unfair perm ban. how can i reach you?
    August 2019
  • ColeSlaw
    Hi Ghiblee, I have an issue with accessing maplestory. How can I reach you?
    August 2019
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    June 2019
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    You have shared your opinion 25 times. Let's hope they weren't just cat memes.
    March 2019
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    January 2019
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    January 2019
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    January 2019
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    January 2019
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    January 2019
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    January 2019
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    January 2019