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  • Specific Character Login Issue 10/26

    Hi Maplers,

    We just applied a fix for the issue where some players received "Having trouble logging in?" error message when attempting to log into specific characters.
    Please try logging into your affected characters once again and let us know if you still experience this issue!
  • [URGENT] maple hotel shop error when trying to buy

    Hi everyone,

    We received reports concerning the issue where players would receive "Due to an error, the trade did not happen" error message when attempting to purchase from any of the Hotel Maple shops. Hotel Maple shops were supposed to be available until June 13 at 11:59 PM UTC and we're aware that certain players have yet to spend their Sweet 16 Coins and VIP Coupons.

    We've relayed this issue for investigation and will provide an update when we can!
  • Unable to Use Manji Coins

    Thank you for the report!
    We are looking into the issue where players with 100+ coins in their inventory will receive 'You cannot use that coin due to an unknown error' message when attempting to use Manji Coins.
  • Thunderbolt skill on Thunder Breaker dysfunctional

    Christougher is correct, we've confirmed with the team that the increased delay for Thunderbolt is intended.
    However, we're well aware of the sentiment towards this change and understood how much it affects smooth gameplay for the class.
    We'll be reviewing and relaying the feedback concerning this skill change to the team, thank you.
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