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  • For those stuck at this stage of [Mechanical Hearts 3] Aspiring to Escape!, we've confirmed that our Support team will move your character to the next map once you submit a ticket for a character move! MapleStory Customer Support: https://support…
  • Hello, I thought I replied to this bug thread but seems like I was confused with answering a DM, sorry about that! We previously reported this issue where Aran/Legends doesn't do damage most of the time but we'll check up on it once again. Thank y…
  • Hello! This issue where players are unable to complete the '[Aspiring to Escape]' quest is being looked into. We plan to address it as soon as we have a fix, thank you for the report!
  • We plan to address the None of a Kind quest issue during our April 8 maintenance. Please let us know along with your character IGN and world if you still experience this issue after our maintenance. Thank you! https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/…
  • Hello, We'll look into it once again, thank you for the report! We would appreciate it if you can provide us with the affected character's IGN/World for reference.
  • Hello! Yes, this issue with Mechanical Heart event's 'None of a Kind' quest is under investigation. We are looking to address it as soon as we have the fix for it, thank you for your patience!
  • CorsairFingerBreaker wrote: » -snip- You are unable to progress through Season 1 after receiving the 'Hack tool detected 2/2' message, is that correct? We would appreciate it if you can please provide us with your character's IGN and World.
  • Hello! Received several reports concerning this Scarrs' Prank quest issue. We also have others who were able to complete the quest without an issue so it may be situational/account-specific. We've relayed the issue but meanwhile, please submit a …
  • Hello, It seems like this is a returning Mechanical Hearts bug from the last time we had the event. We've reported the issue and are looking into addressing it when we have the fix. You will be able to progress through the event without an issue …
  • Hello, There seems to be an issue where there are only one Mechanical Hearts instanced map per channel. We've relayed the issue to the team, thank you!
  • Hello! Yes, we've received reports that certain players are unable to use their Manji Coins even after the March 25th maintenance. We've relayed the issue once again for investigation. Thank you for the report!
  • iCruze wrote: » -snip- Hello, The last time I've checked, we did not have compensation plans for this issue. However, compensations for bugs are usually distributed during maintenances or via our Support team when deemed necessary. Feel free …
  • I remember this was reported a while ago hmm.. We'll check up on it again, thank you!
  • Hello, The issue where the Mushroom Shrine Thread of Fate closeness reset to 0 upon weekly reset as been addressed. It should now reduced by 15/10/5 points depending on the amount of closeness you have. You can check our v.221 Spring Blossoms Pat…
  • Thank you for the report! We are looking into the issue where players with 100+ coins in their inventory will receive 'You cannot use that coin due to an unknown error' message when attempting to use Manji Coins.
  • Hello, We had a Zipangu Revamp on March 10th, 2021 where players no longer had to complete Hayato and Kanna roleplay prequests for Hieizan Temple. You can now obtain the treasures (shoulder, right, and belt) from defeating Princess No. Please c…
  • Hello, Golden Meso Tree Chair should be available for purchase per character once you've spent 999,999,999 mesos on the Meso-Raining Chair. If you receive an error message even after you've met the requirement, please submit a ticket to our MapleS…
  • Rexaar is correct. This issue was addressed during our v.221 Spring Blossoms update maintenance on March 10. Fixed the issue where Beast Tamer and Blaster's keybindings may reset upon login/channel change/etc. https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/6…
  • Thank you! This issue has been added to the Known Issues section of the patch notes: [Updated March 15] Thread of Fate Closeness reset to 0 upon weekly reset rather than being reduced by 15/10/5. https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/65824/v-221-sp…
  • This issue has been addressed during our March 10 maintenance. Thank you very much for your patience! [Updated March 10] Fixed the issue where Commerci voyages were dropping a default Sweetwater Weapon (M) in Reboot world. https://maplestory.ne…