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  • Ghiblee’s Adventure Ends Here

    Hiya Maplers,

    Today, I wanted to share special news with you.
    First, I’m excited to introduce a new MapleStory Community Manager joining our Community Team to work alongside Ezrabell. Please give a warm welcome to Veeraah! Veeraah is an experienced Community Manager with a passion for MapleStory–but I will let Veeraah share about himself.

    As for me, it’s bittersweet to say but my MapleStory adventures are coming to an end as I open a new chapter at Nexon America. Yes, I’ll still be at Nexon but moving on to work on a new project so this is not exactly a farewell! I’ve had the pleasure of being your Community Manager for nearly 4 years and this was my first step into the gaming industry as well as being a Community Manager. I came in not knowing what to expect but it has been an amazing and eye-opening experience, especially as an extreme introvert, meeting Maplers at MapleStory Fest 2019 (oh the days before the pandemic…) and interacting online. Some of you may have noticed I stopped making an appearance on streams as of late. Ezrabell has done and is doing a fantastic job on videos and streams, and that allowed me to shift my focus to update Patch Notes and webposts, working more so behind the scenes in the shadows. My presence was more noticeable on the MapleStory Discord but not so much on other community platforms and I do apologize for that as I should have done better on my part.

    MapleStory has a special place in many of our hearts as it lives in our past, present, and the future. It was truly heartwarming to get a glimpse of your love, passion, and dedication for MapleStory from step-by-step bug reports to feedback essays I received in my DMs. Those had a part in motivating me to be dedicated to the game and the community even more. Surely the journey wasn’t an easy one as we’ve been through ups and downs but I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Maplers that supported and encouraged me along the way. I’m not sure if I could have made it this far without you and I hope you continue to brighten up the days of many as you’ve done for me. That said, we’ve been through it all and I’d say that is an achievement. Thank you for being patient with me since my beginning days, filled with troubleshooting audio issues during streams and struggling to write update Patch Notes in the coffin (if you know, you know). I appreciate your assistance and I’ll cherish the memories we’ve made! I’ll look forward to the synergy Ezrabell and Veeraah will bring to the team as I continue to cheer them on from the sidelines.

    Now, to share bits about my transition, I’ll remain working on MapleStory until September 30 until I fully move on to the new project. Afterward, you’ll still see me lurking in the shadows with the Nexon role in our MapleStory Discord so feel free to say hi! (Disclaimer: All game and community-related reports will be requested to be directed to CM Ezrabell and CM Veeraah).

    That’s it from CM Ghiblee. Without further ado, I’ll let Veeraah say his hello!
    Veeraah's Greetings: https://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/32968/the-new-cm
  • Crash when double clicking myself

    There seems to be an issue where opening the Character Info UI after starting the Home tutorial in Reboot world may crash the game client. Please be aware that the game client may crash in the following situations:
    - Opening the Character Info UI on your characters after starting or completing the Home Tutorial
    - Opening the Character Info UI of another character after they have started or completed the Home Tutorial

    While we investigate these issues, we ask Reboot world players to please avoid opening the Character Info UI.
    We are working to address these issues as soon as we can.

  • Masteria Act 1, can't talk to Crimsonheart


    Thank you for reporting the issue where talking to NPC Crimsonheart does nothing and thus, players are unable to proceed through Masteria Act 1. We've relayed the report to the team for investigation.
  • Tera Burninator prevent me from creating tera cha

    Thank you for reporting the issue where players are unable to create a Tera Burning Plus event's Tera Burning character if they used the Tera Character Burninator item first. We are looking into this issue and updated the v.233 patch notes Known Issues section with it.
  • Pink Bean X Yeti Step Up Account Bug

    There seems to be an issue where Lara characters are unable to claim Yeti x Pink Bean world event account rewards.
    Thank you for your report and this issue is under investigation!