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  • Add this to it as well, this is the Zipangu Revamp thread. http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/785/new-and-revamped-areas-for-zipangu
  • I think anvilling cash shop items over to another cash shop item would be great. It definitely works for items that expire because those types of items either haven't been released yet in a permanent version, or can only be obtain through outfit pac…
  • Familiar Revamp is missing.
  • Bodyguard A's stun punch and The Boss's 1 HP and MP attack.
  • More Familiar Revamp things: Vitality Removal: - Allow players to remove Familiar vitality from Codex and convert them back into Familiar cards to sell/trade with other players. Drawback is once a familiar is registered into codex with 1 vitalit…
  • That's life in MapleStory. It's like a person with a 1 word name (especially with 4 letters) could get tons of respect around a lot of random people. I remember when people kept on suggesting for the wipe out of names for players who haven't been pl…
  • With all these familiar revamp ideas coming to mind, I think someone should make a complete new thread consisting what can make familiars better.
  • It's the only drawbacks I can think of that could work for the system. Just as long as it doesn't require NX cash.
  • MaplerOver9000 wrote: » Q: If all characters share the same familiar, will the player be able to name them differently for each character? This. That's the reason why the account sharing with familiars wouldn't work. It would make more sense i…
  • Nexon, how are you gonna show off such a cool looking item and leave some people hanging by not providing any means if the weapon is obtainable? Jokes aside though, thanks for the answer! I hope it becomes a mob drop, or an item that can be purc…
  • Sharing familiars would be a great idea. Though, I prefer that we have the ability to remove them from our codex so we can transfer them to our other characters. That way, if we no longer desire a familiar on a certain character, we can give them t…
  • Yes! I've been wanting a familiar revamp for ages now. Preferably JMS's familiar system. I'd also like it that they include renaming our familiars as well because I wasn't satisfied with some of their names. As well as had some of my familiar names …
  • What about the Tess in Ellin forest?