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A Better Maple (Simplified version)

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Instead of having a list where we add on, I decided to replace the better maple thread with this so it redirects you to the main thread of the topic you have an interest in. Please avoid suggesting what is already listed below in bold. If I see a topic popping up the forums, I might add it myself and the convenience of others.

The links below will take you to the main thread.

Flames of Rebirth/ Additional Options
Reward Shop Revamp
Nebulite Revamp
Removing Crafting Decay
European Reboot Server
Kritias Shop Changes
Monster Park Level Restrictions
Increase Max Characters
Shared Cash Shop Storage
Coupons and Disconnections/Crashes
Pacific Time Zone Revert
Claiming Reward Points
Switching Accounts with Nexon Launcher
Zero Marriage
Drop Rate Nerf
Transferring Untradeable Items
Zeros in Reboot
Repeatable Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge Quest
Inventory Expansion
Familiar Revamp
Filter chat for the text's writer
"Quit Game"/"Character Selection" button feature
Zipangu Revamp
Kritias Invasion Time Changes
Alien Visitor PQ Revamp
Level 3 Link Skills Changes
Give us back Gamelauncher
Increase Item Stacks to 9999
Advancing Dialogue Boxes
Tradable Cash Items, Allow Reward Points to be used on all Cash Shop items
Changing the loot stages of bosses
World Merge/Leap?
Crimsonwood Keep PQ (Revamp or return as is?)
Gollux Shop Restocking
Kanna Soul Sheer Toggle

I hope I covered the majority of the topics that have been discussed. I've am glad the Event Hall issue is gone and I haven't heard a peep from the community about it. Also, what do you think of my organizing skills?

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