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  • ChosenSphere wrote: » Why does nexon change CM so frequently Been two years!
  • Greetings everyone and apologies for the much delay in selecting the winners of this contest! From looking at all the entries we can clearly see many creative and amazing ideas created in the form of a simple holiday card. With that said, there…
  • We brought this concern back to the table in today's meeting. It was agreed that this wasn't intentional, but we don't have an exact time frame yet on when we can see the drop table addressed for Eboss/Emobs
  • How does everyone feel about server transfer tickets in the cash shop? While it may not be the solution for the current issue with worlds and population, what are your thoughts of this option existing in MapleStory? Would like to hear more though…
  • I can provide some insight into the appeal process. Yes, the message you receive per sending in an appeal may be generic, but it does not mean the case went ignored. Once your ticket has been responded to, our investigations team looks further into …
  • Sterling_Aisling wrote: » I'm really sorry, but I have another question. Is it alright if we use different kinds of paper? Like Line paper, or something? Yes, that is fine. TheSoreArk wrote: » can I donate the maple points if I win? as a …
  • While I do appreciate that Spirit Savior is not your typical fetch and kill daily, I can understand the sentiment behind it. The content itself is also by design, not fair for every class in MapleStory. We'll pass along this feedback.
  • Please see the winners for the contest below: 1st Place: IGN: Jiheo World: Bera Name of Artwork and/or Description (Optional): "Long live the Empress" Amazing work! Not just featuring Cygnus herself, but the White Spear and Shinsoo as w…
  • Winners will be announced tomorrow! Thank you everyone for the amazing entries!
  • Daxterbeer wrote: » Can we mail it to Arwoo? Yes!!! I would love it!
  • Sterling_Aisling wrote: » Also, I have a question, sorry for this. I'm turning this into a hassle.... But, what is the maximum and minimum limit on how big you can make the card? As small or as big as you'd like.
  • From all the crossovers we're aware of from JMS and KMS, which one would you guys like to see the most?
  • Apologies everyone for how long it took to judge this contest. There were just TOO MANY good entries and we were limited to only 3 winners. Regretfully, but at the same time, proudly, I present to you all the 3 new Black Mage Commanders: 1st Plac…
  • For account related issues, Customer support is your best shot: https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us Either live chat or ticket and hopefully they should be able to help you out.
  • Adding onto Aggraphine's question, are you getting this message in certain areas or when performing a specific action? Or is it random?
  • Beast Tamer will be available early December!
    in #Blessed Comment by Arwoo November 2018
  • Mira wrote: » That is absolutely correct, as I'm in one of those classes, and have voiced my opinion in the other thread about this topic and in the Discord. Alas, as usual, their response is that they're doing nothing about it but will 'try harde…
  • We'll be sharing the rates for Marvel Machine so no worries!
  • Alliances, another world leap event, world change coupons, etc. . . I wouldn't limit it to just these three either and we're very well aware with the individual issues that each of the three above would cause. However, feel more than welcomed to …
  • I can share that this topic is one of our most prioritized and discussed topics. However, the discussions aren't about world merges, it's more so about various worlds and their populations. World merge would be one of the discussed solutions, but th…