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  • Arwoo's Ride Stops Here - Farewell MS Community

    Longest roller coaster I've been on with an awkward ending. Fits the awkward start of my ride though yeah? I've spent a number of years working with various communities and by far, MapleStory has been the most difficult and most rewarding.

    Everyone here at Nexon will be the first to tell you that I'm terrible when it comes to making analogies, so I'm going to borrow one that the community frequently used to describe their relationship with MapleStory. This community was the best abusive relationship that I will forever hate to love.

    For me, in the two years I got to spend with all of you, I’ll forever recall all the moments where it felt like everything was game over. I’ll regret the many times where I could not help all of you. I’ll remember all the laughs you’ve given by memeing the hell out of me. I won’t forget the times where this community gave us their genuine gratitude despite our hardship.

    MapleStory community, you have all come a long way and I want to thank you all for letting me grow with you. You’re one of the most helpful towards new and returning players. You’re some of the most skeptical and critical towards game changes. You’re all the most dedicated and passionate community that the PC gaming world will ever see. It sounds impressive, but it should be a given as many of us grew up with MapleStory's over a decade long journey!

    All I have left to say is that I’m going to miss you all. I know that the feeling might not be mutual from every single one of you, but like I said from the start, this community was the best abusive relationship that I will forever hate to love.

    Swing by today's livestream to see me off and meet your new CM Ghiblee at 2:00 PM PST today

    MapleStory stream channel >> https://www.twitch.tv/maplestory


    *Years from now*

    “So I heard you were the CM for MapleStory? What was that like?”

    “Oh man. . . brace yourself for one hell of a story”
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  • #Blessed

    Beast Tamer will be available early December!
  • Marvel Machine Odds

    We'll be sharing the rates for Marvel Machine so no worries!
  • Possible new Jett content?

    Sorry to disappoint, but there's no new Jett content. Updated art is nice, but that's really all it is.
  • Maplestory Panels at Conventions

    We've been to a number of conventions in the past. While we don't typically book a panel, most of our convention booths do feature a live QA sort of panel. Our most recent convention we attended was PAX WEST.