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  • LagTooMuch wrote: » yea stupid Nexon has nexoned on it XD seriously bring wild totem back or make frenzy totem either what you said above or self-casting buff, only affecting the caster of the frenzy buff. Regular server is dead... I miss goo…
  • BlasterMaster wrote: » Kwanza is not a real holiday. It was made up by the media. Can someone please lock this thread before it turns into a political rant? well, it is not really political also saying a holiday is made by the media is quite…
  • thrakkes wrote: » I have considered quitting MapleStory almost 2 months before liberating on my Beast Tamer because how this game becomes so grindy nowaday especially when reaching content past Black Mage. It is already bad enough to reach that po…
  • iBundance wrote: » Will Steam allow maplestory to Launch through mac ? to answer your question maplestory is in fact on it and I found out it does cover over 100 different steam game if you type in search bar or look for m you can find it. …
  • Pardon wrote: » You can use nvidia geforce now on mac to play MapleStory. I can run a test on it later tonight but this is new news I plan on buying more macs for the studio but never heard of this. I see there is an hour trial as well so it…
  • Fuhreak wrote: » I would like to see more classes get the kaiser/mech/WH treatment where they have a feature of their class that can be visually customized. I think Nova and Resistance are both overdue for revamps. Resistance actually got a re…
  • Mira wrote: » cool story bro Thx someone had to do it
  • Its possible if you eat Spinach
  • https://discord.gg/69zrJZ29yA new one but need to renovate the servers
  • the ones you least like
  • well ask the creators directly im still trying to get a riza anime series and npc as well. they used to have thier numbers out there and you were able to call them but i guess this can help and gl with request im sure they honor it. https://support.…
  • Depends on what your using I can help with it outside the forums but here it not letting people post well and this place too outdated
    in virtual machine Comment by riza March 11
  • NoamBlade wrote: » [img][/img] I bouth a macbook pro it says to me this The forums been mess up and the Ux/ui after so many years I’m surprised it never been updated I say when you post check a preview but even with that this system old so it …
  • For some reason it won’t let me post in full think it a bug but there’s a way to fix it I prob post a thread to see if it let me post in full there
  • As a Mac user of 7 users and someone who mainly games on macs I can speak from experience. I would say if listening to a person who doesn’t use a product or know of a product then yes as the person said above it be impossible to play MapleStory …
  • BladeN wrote: » how can I play maplestory i tried so many ways please help! As a Mac user of 7 users and someone who mainly games on macs I can speak from experience. I would say if listening to a person who doesn’t use a product or know of a p…
  • Wow this brings back memories it like you look back at yourself 5 years ago and ask “are you the same person?” The real question is am I?
  • Middah wrote: » Posted On Reddit: Posting Here for Nexon Visibility: This Post Is The Official Declaration Of a Boycott for Nexon's Neglect of The GMS Region And Especially The Reboot Server. All Players Are Requested To Stop Paying Nexon U…
  • Make Dutch Mapling Great Again