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  • Dutch trading restrictions.

    Make Dutch Mapling Great Again :D
  • 4th of July

    Happy independence day my fellow maplers "MURICA" hope you all enjoy this day and have a piece of liberty today ;)

  • Returning to Maple Story

    I will say this most of the fun that comes with maple is from the players who you surround yourself around.

    If someone not motivated and has no ambition in-game they will most likely quit and leave you behind, if someone is all about drama and gossip and spends most there time on petty stuff then it would bore you and make you want to quit, if you're around toxicity, in general, you won't enjoy it. There's also those who are seekers who look to make a profit from runs or an economy and only in it for the bag or opportunity.

    My best advice to you is to find a group of players who are fun and friendly, positive, and good energy and enjoy the game content. People who aren't messy and all about goals if you can find that you will have the best experience in maple. If you haven't started fully yet do some research and decide on the server a lot of people come to bera due to the friendly and helpful reviews people give of it. But researching is good prior to do anything.

    Once you have done that you will see a lot of the great things maple has to offer, but if you are surrounded by the cons I mention you will quit indefinitely. But gl and hope you enjoy the game. ;)

  • Is it safe to use AntiMicro to remap controller?

    Was wondering if its safe to use programs like AntiMicro that remaps controller input to keyboard input. Reason being the game doesn't support Nintendo switch Joycons but with antimicro I can map the joycon inputs to mirror my keyboard functions. Is there any risks to this? Training for hours on end is seriously taking a toll on my wrist and being able to train on a controller would be great if possible.

    I would say if you plan on doing it from what anyone tells u its 100% safe if you do it the right way. Do people get ban from doing it from anti-cheat? yes, cause most people who use programs don't know either how to set it up or if it's ok in the engine.

    Mapping is ok as long as your controlling it as ms2 and many games allow you to map your controller.

    As someone who uses an Xbox elite controller with a keypad, I can tell you first hand that playing with a controller is not only more effective but it makes bossing easier. If you're in ms1 discord maybe my mapping is still searchable. If you cant find I am in ms2 discord if you need the help. Also, there's a way to sync the joycons and trick it into being another type of controller.

    I post examples below so you can see with your own eyes lol.

  • i want to make friends

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    It should also be noted that Riza has been banned from said discord* for reasons unknown to me, therefore there is bias within that statement.
    Like any community, there are good and there are bad. Learn to tell the difference between the two and don't take the bad ones too seriously.

    *Or so I've heard. If untrue I'll change the first line, but I still stand by the second one.

    isn't bias as many others been ban for many said reasons, but I would say if you want to make "real friends" and not have anyone hounding or stalking every single one of your movements better to make friends in-game. The discords make new rules every single second and isn't worth the toxic I say in-game is the best as its more hands-on and more in your face experience if you're in discord for news then alright but then again website would be a bit better. but I mean it's from mine and other people experience and hope you find what works for "you".