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  • Sorrow wrote: » Why not just get better hardware for the server so they stop bleeding money on server instability during DMT? Making customers 'reserve a time slot' is ridiculous. Stop making excuses and get better hardware Fun fact: It's expe…
  • SenzuBean wrote: » There's a point in early game where you are hardstuck in a phase with 10 star gear and it becomes extremely difficult to progress with no meso and no way to effectively farm it. Just to point out, changing it to KMS rates wou…
  • The problem with having an endlessly repeatable pq / fixed reward form of gaining mesos is there's no realistic way of balancing it. Currently meso rates for any server are balanced behind mesos gained % on accessories / mesos boosting buffs. By …
  • thrakkes wrote: » However, I am wondering if 45 seconds is a bit too long. So you are also suggesting cooldown reduction on Baby Bomber to 1 second? I thought 3 seconds cooldown was already short enough. Actually, I considered reducing it to 2 sec…
  • -Eka: -Normal Attack= Damage: 325% > 800% -Special Attack= Number of Attack: 10 > 12 Damage: 350% > 950% When selecting Eka as Special Attack, Reduce Tornado Flight cooldown by 70% for 20 seconds. To be honest, I find this change fa…
  • Update, after using more summon skills, it appears an awful lot of summons don't seem to deal damage properly. Or at-least it's the case on Beast Tamer. Lotus Strike (soul weapon skill) and Li'l Fort also seem to have problems triggering damage, …
  • **** staff post an lock the thread Wait... That's censored? inbefore is censored? (efore = 4)
  • KingofFurries wrote: » Are you sure it's a bug? it's a very grey area if you look at it in depth. Thunder dash was designed to cancel other skills. you can check patch notes
  • KingofFurries wrote: » this is not a bug this is normal gameplay. beast tamers were buffed a year or two ago to actually be good and not super clunky. last thing every beats tamer main wants is for leopard to be clunky af again and to be nerfed…
  • After further investigation, it turns out I've and many others from the looks of places like reddit, have long since misinterpreted how these skills work. From what I can tell, most enhancements that apply a % damage increase, rather than a % point…
  • Wait until the maintenance, it'll likely appear after then. There is a glitch in the client that allows you to see the world however it's a client sided visual glitch only. Clicking it has no functionality at all.
  • I wouldn't say working on gear is too much of a time sink, the passive buffs however will be. Yeah you want to scroll your gear decently but the passive buffs affects your damage a lot, got a feeling without them you wouldn't be seeing people easil…
  • Fair enough, mis-interpreted information and wasn't sure if you simply made a mistake not noticing the swap over. Just coincidental based on time and how you stated it was around the hour.
  • Unless you waited an hour to post this I think you're off by an hour of ingame time. 3 minutes prior to your post it'll have hit the daily reset. So 28th 00:00 instead of 27th 23:00 Hitting the daily reset will have changed it back to 0/100.
  • For some reason when you click the link it removes the colon after https (Going from https:// to https//) wonder if it's a bug with all links on the forum atm. Got a feeling