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  • They say they're "looking into it" or "investigating it." They say their "team is working to fix the issue and make MS better." They say they're "hearing the community and haven't forgotten about the issues". Yet for months, they haven't been a…
  • Starting fresh and clean in the new world and raising your main is extremely difficult. Especially with all the top 4 characters that you picked out. They all have difficult progression barrier that are too high for new players and are more suited f…
  • lol for real. Did everyone decide to quit for some reason. I just hope NX does some right stuff in response to huge player drop
  • scholar624 wrote: » It's not just you; the drop rates for festival nova boxes are just plain atrocious. Worse still, the boxes are the only way of earning Nova coins right now. Everyone's feedback and observations are being forwarded onward sugge…
  • In Scania, one box is being sold for about 3,000,000-4,000,000.......for ONE nova coin. Nah, not worth it. I guess they just want you to play this game 24/7 without sleeping, eating or even taking dumps. Why can't they just increase the drop rate ju…
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » Pigaba wrote: » DarkPassenger wrote: » Pigaba wrote: » It truly boggles my mind thinking about what goes inside people's head when they put **** like "Subi-Throwing Star" on auction for 30,000,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » Pigaba wrote: » It truly boggles my mind thinking about what goes inside people's head when they put **** like "Subi-Throwing Star" on auction for 30,000,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!!!! Not only this, why are …
  • They want a lot of people to participate, but they don't want to give good items to people. What are they suppose to do other than mislead and bs like they always do?
  • AK712 wrote: » There's been a lot of compare-and-contrast between GMS and KMS for quite a while. KMS is apparently close to Mapler's "heaven on earth", whereas GMS is compared to "a trash dump". This view has especially been common for disputes…
  • You guys are not seeing the bigger picture conspired by Nexon. First, patch bosses so that they drop "intense power crystals" Second, put "collector" NPC, who is the ONLY one whom you can sell those crystals to, in FM Lastly, get rid of FM entire…
  • For god sake, when will people realize nexon launcher is an absolute garbage and learn how to switch over to steam launcher?
  • MP isn't gonna be much of problem with gold monster park potion. And they're absolutely fantastic character to main. Very ez to multi because the attack range in pretty wide
  • Actually, Illium has been proven to be VERY high-fund required character in the KMS. Just raise' em both since they both will be fun to play, even unfunded.
  • Rannamae wrote: » I got a claw and daggar from Tot's, but no chain. In KMS they had the mega burn and gave out armor at lvl 30, but on GMS that won't start till mid Dec. I hope they do something. I just found out that claw and dagger is only …
  • I just found out Tot's To Know gives you new chain weapons. Except for lv20 tot quest, all the Tot's quest give chain weapons with corresponding level. I opened lv20 and got no chain, so I thought even Tot wouldn't give chain, but it's just lv20 b…
  • Yeah, I saw Von Leon and Fafnir on auction, but nothing else Nothing from level 20-100. Guess I'm grinding to level 130 with lv10 weapon lol
  • I wish they would increase the drop rate for nodestones
  • JalaJala wrote: » darik wrote: » TheToxicDudeFromRene wrote: » Sniff Sniff, boo hoo. 2x event + 2x card + some for of additional drop be it spider or w/e = PLENTY of nodestones. There is little to no merit in these complaints other than MAYBE …
  • I never understood why moderators even bother saying things like "this isn't the forum to do (blank) and we can't help you." What an awful bureaucratic nightmare. The op's complaint is that there are so many botters in certain maps in Bera throughou…
  • There are two steps included for registering for nova package reward. You complete 11th step by registering and 10th step by sharing the registered page on twitter/facebook.