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  • Good Bye It's been fun

    Welp, good bye everyone. I'm leaving. After working hard to be able to solo cras, I've been **** blocked by nexon's god awful server lag in every channel that prevents me from attacking consistently. This game is 15 years old, 2D and **** graphic, but still has more lag issues than graphic intensive games coming out today. As added bonus, hackers are roaming everywhere farming mesos and deflating meso market and inflating item prices on AH, making it pretty much impossible to survive in non-reboot world except for swiping credit cards. Double whammy, those same hackers are advertising meso sites on CH1 Hennesy and absolutely nothing is being done about them. Triple whammy, you come to forum to complain about issues and get mad when literally not a single issues get resolved in years, only to be warned/thread closed by certain autistic moderator with down syndrome.
    I had fun while it lasted. It was pretty chill relaxing game at first after intense LOL, OW comp games. But now after playing it for sometime and getting into it a little, I realized how much of a dead game this is, and that it's gonna stay that way forever. I hope others come to realize how much of time wasting game this is, and more importantly, how much money wasteful it is to spend money to feed the devs who couldn't give rat's ass about the player base.
  • Stupid things that needs fixing

    ffs, please just enable CRA in all channels. Why is it only enabled in ch 14-16? I'm dawn warrior and the server lag that causes delay issue with equinox cycle is ALWAYS THERE. There's literally 1 server channel where I don't get server lag and can draw full dpm of my character, but I can't run CRA in that channel. It's just absolute nonsense. Somebody please explain to me why they have CRA enabled in only 3 channels. Every other bosses can be run from any channel. Hell, why not just make private channel for CRA like Cygnus and Magnus? Like, am I really being a **** for asking for freedom to choose least laggiest channel to run my bosses on?
  • I'm so disappointed... Too Many Hackers Reach 250!

    Botters all over the map= not banned
    Spam bots all over ch1 Henesy of every world advertising meso sites= not banned
    Hackers reaching 250 in a week= ???

    Based on the trend, take a wild guess on what will happen to the obvious hackers who reached 250.
  • Plz fix server- From Dawn Warrior`

    I'm honestly just thinking about quitting my main as dawn warrior. Speeding Sunset/Moon Dancer is the primary attack against boss, and I can't do full damage because of the server lag bugging the equinox cycle to not alternate and slow down. I use to be able to just switch to different channel with less lag, but now after several maintenance, nexon has managed to take out every decently stable channel completely. Every channel I switch to has severe lag, leading to solid 2 sec delay between equinox cycle and eventually ends with server crash. Saddest thing is that it's not even just dawn warrior. Every job has much longer delay between their attacks. It makes the game so slow and frustrating to play and the worst part is that this problem won't get fixed no matter how many maintenance is done.
  • Sugar Time Rigged or Not?

    It's not really rigged. They just don't mention the fact that chance of you getting "additional items" is around 0.001%