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  • Tower of Oz Guide

  • [FIXED] Pet Heal and Potion Cooldown

    This bug was fixed in v186: Override.

    Bug type: Functionality

    Brief bug summary: If your pet auto-heals you in a map with a potion cooldown, using a potion manually will restart your potion cooldown, even if there is already a cooldown in progress. Additionally, a pet auto-healing you will not activate the cooldown overlay or tell you how many seconds are left in the cooldown.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Enter a map with a potion cooldown. Examples: Gollux: Head, Empress, Lotus, Damien, any normal Tower of Oz floor, and more. Just find a map with a potion cooldown.
    2. Make sure you have your pet set to auto-heal you with a potion.
    3. Get hit by an attack that makes your pet heal you.
    4. After your pet has healed you with a potion, look at your potions. There is no cooldown overlay or cooldown seconds timer over your potions.
    5. Wait a second, and use a potion. The potion will not work, and it'll restart your potion cooldown, even though the potion cooldown should have been counting down from the potion your pet just used.

    For example, in a map with a 15 second potion cooldown, after 10 seconds of your pet auto healing you, you use a potion manually. Now nothing happens and your potion cooldown has reset back up to 15 seconds, even though there were supposed to be 5 seconds left in the cooldown! You're now up the creek with an extra 10 seconds of potion cooldown for no reason.
  • Add the hourly Reward Points Guild Skill into GMS

    Back in KMS's FLY update, (link here), the Guild system was revamped, and one of the Guild skills was a skill that awarded you 2/3/4/5 Reward Points every hour, much like how you get increasing hourly Contribution.

    However, GMS did not have the Reward Points system at the time of the Guild revamp and thus this skill was skipped over. This is why guilds have a leftover 4 SP.

    But, even after the introduction of Reward Points, this skill was not added back into the Guild system for us.

    I suggest that this skill be added back into the Guild system, since there's a leftover 4 SP due to not having this skill as well as having another way of getting more Reward Points as Star Planet has been removed.
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  • Forum Suggestions and Feedback

    I'm trying to post a Tower of Oz Guide in the Game Guides section, but unfortunately the character limit isn't nearly enough for it, since it has in-depth paragraphs and formatting for each of the 50 unique floors.

    Could we get an increase on it (or remove the limit)? The old forums didn't have this issue. If you need a round number of characters required for it, it's around 50,000.
  • Welcome to the new forums!

    congratulations on the new forums! Looking around you've fixed many things, I wonder what the mobile view is like :)
    It's pretty good. Much, much better than no mobile view. Though there seems to be random white space after some post's text.

    Looking forward to custom avatars.

    There isn't the stock RED Bowmaster in the selection of default avatars, though. The RED Warrior, Mage, Thief, and Pirate avatars are there, just not Bowman: http://i.imgur.com/x7bes6a.png

    Also, there's two Mihile avatars. (Old and new art)