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  • Why is the Dark Lord of Darkness event so short???

    I've been told i got extremely lucky with this event. First and only time i played it was 2 years ago and i got all 3 of the correct dark totems for my class. 2 of them on the same day even. So personally i don't care about this event anymore. But i suppose i do feel bad for other players only getting 1 week, when i know i had and needed more time. Unless the amount of totem boxes you get per day is increased, but i doubt that.
  • How to get to Gollux??

    You take the dimensional portal in a town (henesys, leafre, etc, though not all towns have it) and then you go to CrimsonHeart Castle. From there you exit the map on the right side. Then the middle exit to leave the castle. From there, find the labyrinth. go through the labyrinth to reach gollux.
    I didn't go into to many details because i assume you'll remember it once you see it.
    Good luck ^^
  • Did I go too far?

    Maybe he has a fragile ego? Can't admit that he was disappointed to fail, even though you warned him. Just a random thought, i could be mistaken. Hard to predict why people react the way they do, especially online.
    Don't let it stop you from taking people to bosses they can not kill though! I always enjoy bringing newbies along to certain bosses. Either to carry them or to watch them fail miserably while i take my sweet time killing it. I tell them they need the practice, which is true. Quite a few players have been more than willing to take me up on the offer of just practice, knowing they won't get the kill.
  • Rest in Peace, Bonus Potential.

    As someone who does not use nx at all, i have no proper bpots yet on my equips (all rare and 1 epic, all with garbage stats). I plan to buy bonus cubes with mesos in the future (buying maple points from the meso market in fm), but I've had other priorities with my mesos so far. My main potentials are coming along nicely though. Most of my gear is now unique or leg with 15% luck or better. It means relying on master and meister cube drops from bosses, commerci, bounty portals, legion shop, mineral veins and the occasional events. Extracting useless equips for superior crystals and crafting 1-2 cubes a day also helps. And of course the 5 red and black cubes per month from reward shop. I am currently able to solo both normal lotus and normal damien (though barely).
    I hope they put bonus cubes in the reward shop someday. That would help significantly. Though keep in mind that bpot is not really needed to make it far.

    260k range at lvl 171 is pretty solid to be honest. I had barely 100k clean range at lvl 200, though i pretty much just grinded before i started worrying about range. Upgrading your gear is a slow and difficult process.
    CRA bosses are still far out of your league. Don't expect to be able to solo them for a long time. I was well over lvl 220 before i could take them on. I needed about 1.5-2 mill clean range for the queen, pierre and von bon. My first cvel solo kill was at 2.7 mill clean range. Some people might need more or less but this was my personal experience. Until that time i recommend asking guildies for carries every week.

    Good luck!