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  • Suggestions

    Has anyone ever won big with Maplehood though? Don't think I've ever seen it. We could have a " Maple points" event similar to spell trace fever. During several 2 hour windows every few weekends, monsters have a small chance to give some maple points. In amounts similar to honor exp drops, for example. Just with a fixed and lower droprate. I think this could be really fun, and i feel the impact on the economy wouldn't be that big if done right. Might even be a positive influence. Consider people on a hiatus coming back to play to earn some maple points. Some might even stay after. Instead of rewarding very few in Maplehood with a large amount of points, everyone would be rewarded with a small amount of points (assuming they grind during the right times).
    Anyway, just my thought process. I'd be interested to know if you guys think this could work or not and why.
  • crafting cools down only if you sit it out???

    I think the cooldowns are dumb either way. We already have a fatigue system, why bother with cooldowns? It's just a pointless annoyance.
  • Buff Freezers no longer stack and only last 7 days

    It's stuff like this that just makes me more determined to stay f2p.
  • How do I ACTUALLY solo bosses?

    I realize this topic is half a month old, and I'm sure you know more about the game by now. But i felt i had to add a few things about traveling to bosses that for some reason nobody else here mentioned.

    First and foremost, the Maple Guide is your friend. Kill enough monsters in certain maps (or complete a questline in certain cases) and you get the stamp for that area in the maple guide. This allows you to teleport in front of or very close to most of the bosses.
    For bosses where the maple guide is useless (Magnus and Gollux come to mind), you still don't have to walk there manually. You use the boss queue feature that searches for other players. You simply ask someone in your guild or alliance to "q" you to a specific boss. Once your guildie helps you in teleporting there, you simply leave the party and create a new one for yourself if you want to solo. This is a common practice, at least in my alliance. The process literally takes seconds, so people are usually more than willing to help.
    If maple guide can't get you close and nobody is willing to q you there, then and only then should you walk there manually. Unless you enjoy sightseeing of course :D
    Hope this helps! Good luck and have fun.
  • lol, removing amoria quests

    I never even heard of Amoria until now. It's not like I've done every single questline this game has to offer, but I thought I was quite thorough with checking places out on my first character.
    So what's next, Afterlands? Rather have them fix the bugs in that place than remove it. My main still has a door key in inventory that i can't use or drop, which is the only reason i don't play it on mules. Love the story and maps otherwise.