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  • Avoid SFing CRA Top. Last week it was SW tattoo!

    if you try to star force a CRA top u r gonna have a bad time this sunday Nexon plays a game they booby trap a few items that will have very very bad luck rolls and syphon your mesos out, last sunday during the 30% sf discount the booby trapped item was the sw tattoos, those are now safe. this week it is CRA top avoid SFing CRA top at all costs!
  • BAD DMT! you just burned your bridges with me!

    I bought a 30 pack of bpot cubes taking money away from my family, my daughters and what do i get for that entire pack of bpot cubes... 1 tier up from unique to legendary on my very last cube. You gone and donked up! The bank is shut off u cheap greedy company! This is how you repay my loyalty over all these years and i haven't purchased a substantial amount of NX for quite a LARGE amount of time due to circumstances LIKE THIS ONE and i finally get tempted to do so again and what happens? You kick me right in the crotch... again! You better get your poop straight no one feels like being ripped off! Maplefest is coming next year and i will come as a guest from any of my friends that get the invite and i will give those korean maplestory delegates that come over for it a very big earful in the very public setting that is that event, in a most rude and abrupt way possible. I understand you gotta build your sky scrappers some how as a company and it is just a sad shame you are doing that by ripping honest hard working joes like me off! i fraps recorded this dmt this time, time to start building up these awful circumstances in recording for future references. Why is it that every DMT I feel gyped? why can't i get a DMT where it is like "wow i am glad i spent that money", you know what i am saying?

    Ah that felt good! /end rant
  • Nexon, I'm begging you.

    It sounds to me like bbqtime wants to hide his other characters... better take a close look
  • Please remove/delete kanna from reboot plz

    Being forced to have a kanna to farm mesos is lame. Remove all kannas from reboot plz and add zero in their absence. Put a daily mesos limit on the amount of mesos u can earn per day, to stop botter auto farm abuse. This will fix reboot imo.
  • soo angry at cube results

    over 200 USD spent on b pot cubes and i can;t even roll 2 lines of att% on my sub weapon greedy glutton pile of poo, i hate u ever time u do this to me