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September 5, 1997
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@Ruby and Rune
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I seek to renew forgotten or outdated content, and truly push for a better Maple that has something for all types of Maplers to enjoy.
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Just a long time casual fan of maplestory
  • Stop Maintenances

    Gomenasai wrote: »
    Albinorock wrote: »
    Lmao is this your first time playing Maplestory? I've played this game for 15 years and i remember this one time where for a whole week there was a maint going on. Every single day for 7 days straight. It's Nexon, it's Maplestory, there will always be extensions and many maintenance. Just have to deal with it.

    What exactly are you trying to say? I know there were times when we had maintenance every single day for a straight week, but you're basically just talking about history and what happened before and that there is no way to fix it cause "this is Nexon".

    I disagree.
    I say we can make a change, very easily, make less maintenances, who decided that we have to have maintenance every single week? therefore I disagree with you.
    PokerStar wrote: »
    Whats wrong with having a maintenance every week? Is the best way to improve the game weekly

    But as you can see, we're always having new troubles after weekly maintenance.

    Obviously they're having trouble finding every bug until it hits the live server, and when it does; they have many players to report on them as opposed to whatever team they have currently. They then extend maint. to fix said bugs. Not having maint. would lead to a bug ridden mess that doesn't get fixed at all. If anything it's major updates that can cause issues, and that's why they have such long times to begin with for initial maint. Yes; it's annoying to have these problems, but would you rather them just go unsolved, and have things just not working or working improperly? or have them fixed, but not be able to play for a bit? Either way you're potentially losing time; whether to rubberbanding causing your items to disappear, glitches causing them to lose lines of potential or reset star force, etc. Or just not being able to play for a bit while Maint. is going on.
  • The Familiar Revamp and Reboot

    If they're going to stay on the route of keeping Reboot from not being able to have the final levels of stats (which isn't something most of us want, but some can at least see the reasoning for.) I would think they should at least make something like this:

    >The following new Familiar cash items will be sold in the Cash Shop for Meso in the Reboot world only:

    Blue Familiar Card: Use to reset Familiar’s Potentials based on the current Familiar Quality Rank. Familiar Quality Rank may increase at a certain chance. If Familiar’s rank increases, its Rank-Up Points will be reset. Item can be used on Common to Unique ranked Familiars.

    Familiar Slot Expansion Coupon: Use to increase the maximum Familiar slot by 5, up to 2,000 slots.

    We have the ability to buy upgraded slots for our inventories and even character slots in Reboot. I don’t understand why we couldn’t buy familiar slots in a similar way. Whether through Henesys shop, the new Familiar System Shop or the Cash Shop.
    And we have cubes as well; so not being able to re-roll potentials on familiars not only would be terrible for the reasons above, but also not make very much sense to restrict just Reboot.
    Again; if they insist on going this route we should at least have a compromise. If this suggestion has any glaring issues please let me know.
  • Let's play a game.

    Scorci wrote: »
    Vanishing Journey. Everything is all nice and close together! very satisfying<3
    who's your favorite mob?

    Slimes! Those or the old Neo Tokyo Angels I never got a chance to fight, but I still love the design.

    What was your first class?
  • What are you Watching Right Now?

    Watching the maplestory twitter for when the game goes back up
  • GG nexon

    AKradian wrote: »
    Not entirely sure how this is P2W, you can buy the random boxes with meso and it won't include specific items.

    Besides, you'll need to buy a lot of boxes just to get a chance at those items, which I believe justifies its existence in Reboot.

    Don't forget the fact that there have been plenty of events in Reboot (including attendance), that have given hardworking players Unique Potential Scrolls, like the Artifact and Rocket events, which allowed you to buy a Unique Potential Scroll.

    It doesn't matter how low the chance, and it doesn't matter that these items sometimes show up through other events.
    People should not be able to pay either a fixed price or a random price, in NX, for a Unique Potential Scroll in Reboot.

    Otherwise, why not put NX cubes into Reboot's Cash Shop, alongside the meso cubes?

    As it's already been said many times; allowing Nexon to do this once will just give them the idea that this is ok to do in the future.
    They already removed the medals from Reboot which hurts; they left in the NX boxes which had much less reason to buy for many
    due to the lack of the medals. DUE TO THIS; I'm sure they added in this system as an incentive to get players in Reboot to spend NX,
    but that just means they took out a medal a good amount of people wanted for the reason of:

    "For the fans of Re:ZERO, we didn’t want to exclude any server from the exclusive items that could be acquired from this collaboration event. However, this decision came with our vocal Maplers stating that the medal is an advantage favoring those who purchase NX. "

    But this is still p2w; if you can pay any amount of money and get items that help your progression on Reboot;
    this is exactly what we were just trying to put a stop to yesterday.

    From what I can tell; this just proves that they didn't really listen to us, and not only punished us by completely removing the medal for the outcry, but just making a new p2w option that they're highly unlikely to change now. Way to kick us while we're down.