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I just got done polishing my Non-Leech guide. Now I have the guide with the places to level, and the other guide with the places to get equipment!


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I'm just a fellow Mapler whose been around since early Sept of 2005. I know all about the hardships of pre Big Bang and how it beat you in to how the game works. I've played around with a lot of classes throughout the years, but I'd have to say my favourite class to play as is Hero of the Explorer Warrior tree.
  • Maple World Teacher - permanent or nah?

    Well... As a conselation prize, you can still get the Superior Hunter title from doing the Silent Crusade quest line. It gives +3 All stats, +1 attack, +1 magic attack, +400 health, and +400 mana.
  • Practically a Nooblet! XD


    As an added bonus, I'll teach you how to get around Maple World fairly quickly without the use of Hyper Teleport Rocks. Click on the light bulb to the left of your screen and look for a quest with the word Alishan in it. Start that up and you will be sent to a place called Alishan. Once you're there, climb to the top of the map and go through the portal. Once you've done that, you will have been sent to Henesys. Now, right under the mini-map, there will be a Quick-Move option. Click it and then click on the boat icon. It will send you to the shipping area. Instead of taking the boats to places, just climb down that rope ladder. Having done that, you should now be in the Six Paths map. Now climb to the top of the map and click to enter Pantheon. Once you've entered, click again on the portal and it will give you a list of places you can go to without having sat on a boat or a train or even a stork. Once you've picked your location, you will be immediately sent there. The Quick-Move option is only available in towns. So, now that you've gone to the place you wanted and want to go somewhere else, just use the Quick-Move option and then press on the Dimensional Portal. Inside the portal, there will be numerous party quests and such, but also the Alishan area. Voila! Enjoy!
  • Captain Vaga guide (R.I.P)

    Ivangold wrote: »
    Captain Vaga: :Notlikethis:

    Well, all I can hope for is that my guide was of use to someone before the plug gets pulled on the content. I spent roughly 2 weeks trying to complete Captain Vaga and I'm glad I was able to finish it because the chair is really good. I can't say I know of another chair that plays music while sitting.
  • Ghost Ship map

    Superboi wrote: »

    BTW, the fact that we can't access maps such as Singapore, NLC, Malaysia. etc. without searching for them or visiting them, is also pretty weird.

    That is because they're non-KMS locations, so ordinarily there wouldn't be a way to search for them without having known about them prior. Much like Zipangu areas or even Neo City (although it was once a place to go, it is no longer available to be reached).
  • Do Not Remove Captain Vaga

    HousePet wrote: »
    I tried it recently and was rather confused by the weapon sprites being displayed at right angles to how it should have been. The interface was also not clear about how to do things or what it was about or how it linked to the Mapleworld. (But I failed the first mission, so maybe I hadn't seen the point of it yet. Then again, maybe it gets worse...)

    This is basically a typical online game thing where they keep throwing incomplete and buggy content in a rush to have new things, when what players actually want is completed and working things.
    Constantly adding and removing not great content is not the way to go. If something isn't working as intended, it should be fixed, not removed and replaced with the next incomplete and buggy piece of content.

    I get what you're saying, it is difficult to play a game if you don't know what your limitations are. It's a bit of experimentation that is missing in a lot of new content and sometimes that can be a good or bad thing depending on your audience. Honestly, I wouldn't blame you on missing out on key instructions when zipping through those text boxes. It is very easy to miss much needed information. It is so vague that I had taken it upon myself to make up a guide on how everything worked in Captain Vaga.
    Also, the reason why there wasn't any immediate link to Maple World is because you don't find out about it until the very end of the story.
    You find out that you've been working for PULSAR all the while fighting bugs that were being produced on the ship as biological weapons to be sold off. And then after that is where the start of Stellar Detectives begins.