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I just got done polishing my Non-Leech guide. Now I have the guide with the places to level, and the other guide with the places to get equipment!


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I'm just a fellow Mapler whose been around since early Sept of 2005. I know all about the hardships of pre Big Bang and how it beat you in to how the game works. I've played around with a lot of classes throughout the years, but I'd have to say my favourite class to play as is Hero of the Explorer Warrior tree.
  • Howdy! L>Friends

    That's just the thing about Reboot World. You have to be ambitious with the things you're after. That's not to discredit the people who party with you in the pursuit of such things. That part of Reboot World is somewhat refreshing to me. We're all here trying to rise up alone or together.
  • Old NX Cash Weapons and Rare Equips (Drop List)

    Victoria Island

    Wild Kargo: Blazing Sword(1H Sword).

    Big Spider: Familiar (60% drop/meso rate).
    Security System: Heart Key.
    Broken DF Android: Horoscope Net(2H Axe).

    Sleepy Grobbler: Fish Spear, Steel Polearm.

    Cellion: Blazing Sword(1H Axe).
    Lunar Pixie: Emerald Dome.
    Orbis Item Exchange

    100 Bain's Spiky Collars: Maple Throwing-Stars.
    El Nath

    Pepe: Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
    Hector: Blazing Sword(1H Axe).
    White Fang: Emerald Dome.
    Separated Pepe: Dark Dome.
    Castle Golem: Familiar (Map Bound 15% HP and MP regen)
    Aqua Road

    Scuba Pepe: Horoscope Sword(Wand).
    Jr. Seal: Meso Gunner, Scissor Stick(2H Mace), Scissor Stick(2H Axe).
    Freezer: Blue Blazing Sword(1H Mace).
    Mask Fish: Meso Gunner.
    Krip: Scissor Stick(2H Mace).
    Seruf: Green Blazing Sword(1H Blunt), Scissor Stick(2H Sword), Horoscope Sword(Wand), Horoscope Sword(Staff).
    Flower Fish: Green Blazing Sword(1H Axe), Green Electric Guitar
    Cico: Green Blazing Sword(1H Sword), Cherub's Bow.
    Bone Fish: The Jackal.

    Trixter: Cherub's Bow, Rock Stick(2H Mace), Blazing Sword(1H Mace).
    Bloctopus: Horoscope Sword(Wand), Green Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
    Drumming Bunny: Toy Rifle.
    Planey: Green Blazing Sword(1H Mace), Emerald Dome.
    Block Golem: Scissor Stick(2H Axe).
    King Block Golem: Scissor Stick(2H Axe), Scissor Stick(2H Sword).
    Rombot: Green Blazing Sword(1H Mace).
    Pink Teddy: Green Electric Guitar.
    Roloduck: Meso Gunner.
    Toy Trojan: Cupid's Bow, Green Blazing Sword(1H Axe).
    Robo: Tiger Paw.
    Master Robo: Tiger Paw.
    Platoon Chronos: Familiar (10% Party HP and MP regen).
    Herb Town

    Mr. Alli: Familiar (15% HP and MP regen), Red Rose.

    Cactus: Sun Quan Staff, Blue Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
    Desert Rabbit (F): Horoscope Sword(Staff), Green Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
    Desert Rabbit (M): Horoscope Sword(Staff), Horoscope Sword(Wand).
    Scarf Plead: White Nightfox(imo I think it's still worth a lot), Knockout Boxing Gloves.
    Meerkat: Paper Stick(2H Axe).
    Dark Sand Dwarf: Guitar.
    Sand Rat: Paper Stick(2H Sword).

    Triple Rumo: Japanese War Fan.
    Homunculus: Transparent Claw.
    Reinforced Iron Mutae: Big Hand.
    Roid: Black Electric Guitar.
    Neo Huroid: Purple Blazing Sword(1H Sword).
    Saitie: Boleadoras.
    Stone Colossus

    Mantis: Flame Throwing Stars Recipe
    Temple of Time

    Eye of Time: Familiar (100% meso rate).
    Future Henesys

    Mutant Snail: Familiar (15% Party HP and MP regen).
    Mutant Ribbon Pig: Familiar (60% drop/meso rate).
    Twilight Perion

    Sinister Wooden Mask: One-Handed Weapon For Attack 40% Scroll.
    Sinister Rocky Mask: Shaman Earrings.
    Ninja Castle

    Kaede Genin: Janitor's Mop.
    Kaede Ashigaru: Crossheider, Doomsday Staff, Serpent Staff, Skull Staff.
    Kaede Chunin: Mystic Shield (imo I think it's still worth a lot).
    Kaede Ninto: Stonetooth Sword: Esther Shield(still worth a lot), Pyogo Staff, Doomsday Staff.
    Kacchuu Musha: Blue Seal Cushion.

    Tippo Blue: Stonetooth Sword.

    Emo Slime: Emerald Dome.
    Oly Oly: Doomsday Staff, Serpent Staff, Skull Staff.
    Bonus Content: Purple Senior Armour
    (For people who are looking for decent equips to use.)

    The Purple Senior armour is a special equipment set that can be equipped by any one class.
    The piece of armour will be forced to become whatever class your character is. There is also the chance that if your Equip Inventory is full, it'll become a tradeable consumeable item in your Use Inventory that does not yet have a class designation.
    So, what's the reason you'd want to get this armour you ask? It's only level 60. Well, I'll tell you why.
    The best part about this armour is that it is guarenteed to have Epic status in the main potential.

    Purple Senior Cap: Bloctopus, Brown Teddy, Star Pixie, Snow Witch, Seacle, Cico, Krip, Trixter, Firebomb.
    Purple Senior Glove: Brown Teddy, King Bloctopus, Jr. Cellion, Grupin, Snow Witch, Cico.
    Purple Senior Shoes: White Fangs, Lucida, Hector, Pinboom, Helly, Planey.
    Purple Senior Suit: Tweeter, Hector, Bloctopus, Panda Teddy, Green Trixter.
  • Player Memo : A Reply to Nexon, broken system

    Not too long ago, there was a situation when Mechanics had an ability to increase the movement speed of enemies on a map. It was a fun way to get enemies moving while also dropping their defenses. I can only surmise as to what the team was thinking when they brought out a new class that had the ability to increase the spawn rate without glitches (I’m looking at you, Wild Hunter). Now that Kanna have gotten something equally as game-breaking, it’s easy to see why there’d be so much backlash for something that – I’m sure had the best of intentions – turned into this sort of one-trick pony to out-do what Bishops were doing for many years before. There was such a large shift in priority mules that you were no longer seeing Bishop mules for their Holy Symbol (with Beast Tamers and Phantoms being in the same situation). I hate to say it, but maybe it wasn't the best call when they gave an ability to a class to increase the spawn rate. I think what should've happened was when Runes got implemented there was perhaps the incentive that you weren't only getting 2x EXP, but also a large burst in spawn rate increase when a rune was consumed. I'm not saying that it can't be resolved in the same fashion.
  • Question about quest "soaring on a mount"

    They recently brought back the mount quest for explorers, so there's some differences in these new quests. At level 60, you go to Kenta in Aqua Road for the first quest where you're opening chests for items while protecting a hog from a Zeta Grey. The second quest is for you to get your own hog, so you talk to Kenta to transport you to the area that has hogs and you use the item when you're really close to them to catch them. At level 120 you go to Chief Tatoma in Leafre to start working on the journey from Hog to Silver Mane, which involves the collection of 500 of Turtle Dragon's Cracked Shells, 500 of Green Hobi's Pin Hov's Charms, and 50 million mesos. The Soaring quest you completed may not have been related to the Hog quests, however, now you have a skill that can be used on special mounts for you to fly around (most) towns and enemy maps. I have a list of them in my Beginner guide.
  • To Soul or not to Soul?

    Actually, all you need to do is right click the item to see the bonuses. The Necro set is a decent set if you're unfunded and can't quite afford the better 150+ equips. I suppose the same can be said about the Frozen set. Heck, you can probably go the whole game without having to change your gear up until 5th job where you're going to need 100 stars on your equips for advancement.