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  • We all agree on that!

    nexon is doing those people a favor, they need to spend time with their family and friends instead of wasting another xmas/winter break on this game. Some people can't control themselves.

    Says the guy who spends all his time on the forums of a game he claims not to play whining about said game and flat out insulting it's players. If you're that upset about cooldowns, maybe you just aren't that good at the game, ever consider that? It takes a smidgen of skill to work with cooldowns, after all.
  • Jump puzzle quests

    I've always felt that lag and the unforgiving nature of JQ's makes them more frustrating then fun. I completed the first Shumi's coin one once, never again. That might just be me though.
  • Did anyone else get "NGS hack detected" banned

    Finally got sick of waiting and logged in today. Saw botters doing their thing like always. Whatever changes they made to the hack detection, it sure isn't catching them. :/
  • Did anyone else get "NGS hack detected" banned

    July wrote: »
    Arwoo wrote: »
    If you don't use third party programs such as auto hotkey, macro programs, or botting tools, then you have nothing to worry about.

    Finally action against macro users.

    Those cheaters should get banned or at least get removed from ranking.

    I dunno, some people claim to be getting banned even without that stuff. . .
  • Did anyone else get "NGS hack detected" banned

    So, what I'm getting here is the auto ban system shouldn't be able to permanently ban players. It's been proven that it doesn't work well enough to be given that much power. If it detects something it doesn't like it should just prevent the game from launching or something like that. Much less headache for everyone that way. Seriously, the auto ban going rogue like this is not acceptable. Legit players shouldn't have to worry about getting permanently banned for no reason. This needs to stop.