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  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Comming week we get a new balancing patch, where most classes get made even stronger. Yet no news regarding non-kms classes balancing. If you have these classes in the game you responsible to balance them just as much with the other classes.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Would love to see an update, we have had almost a 1/2 year of no updates and with Ark comming up next month it would have been a perfect time to squeeze in a balancing patch for the exclusive classes cause outside Kanna, Jett and Beast Tamer really need to be fixed still as well. I don't count pure events and anniversary patches as a proper update this is just filler and doesn't add or balance any current content.

    Like to add to it that Buccanneer sitll does 3x as much damage as a Kanna, Jett or Beast Tamer with similar stats. Doesn't sound balanced to me especially considering that this game only considers DPS roles and tanking, support or any other role common in MMORPG's are not required to clear any boss at all. So therefore each class on it own need to be balanced in such a way that their DPS is similar to clear all contents of the game. This includes Lacheiln Clocktower, where DPS is required to reach a higher floor to gain more Arcane Symbol, there is no metric in this solo content in the game to compensate classes with lower DPS at all. Therefore the only solution would be to make all classes equal in DPS. Same goes for the daily for Arcane symbols in Arcana, although in this case mobility is the main priority and some classes just lack the mobility to be able to complete this daily succesfully. Not really an equal footing if you ask me. Why not make content in such a way that all classes are able to do it in somehow equal way or if you wanna keep the current way introduce at least several possible alternative ways to get the same outcome, in this case Arcane Symbols of a specific area like Arcana.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Bare with me this text might get long.

    As a fellow Kanna main I feel saddened Nexon made the decision to follow TMS. A server which by all means is the most unbalanced server of them all. I sincere hoped GMS would be able to make its own decisions and follow through to them. There have been plenty of good solutions given of how Haku Blessing could be changed so the class isn't as reliant on 1 buff anymore and neither its party effect is would be broken anymore. Yet out of all these directions that could have been taken, Nexon decided to take the solution least favourite by the community. Keeping it a party buff, but only for flat m.att and not solving the issues concerning this buff at all. Even though the skill should be changed in the very near future again, I think this is a very poor solution for now.

    I would like to eleaboriate a bit more why I think the taken decision of TMS and thereby GMS is in my understanding the wrong path to take. One of the first reasons is that having more then 1 Kanna in the same party, will override each others Haku's Blessing. Often it have happened to me when partying with my fellow guildie Kanna main that I got a weaker Haku's Blessing cause my own got replaced by his. Keeping this skill a party buff will still cause this to happen and won't solve this first issue.

    A second reason why this will be a bad solution is that the buff will still be mages only. Yes it will be a weaker buff, but physical attackers will still complain about the buff. This could have been solved by making Haku Reborn's FD be shared with the party in contraory with Kanna only. This skill is only activated anyway when buffing other party members in the party.

    A third reason will be that to have Kannas available for a party to do bosses with, it on the first place should be possible to play this class as a solo class and only for the end game boss like Lucid you should party up. This game doesn't have the classic roles of having a "Tank", "Support", "DPS" dealers anyway. The game is currently designed and benefits clearing bosses solo. With the boss changes which we get with Nova is a great example for this. The crystal that you can exchange for mesos that drops from bosses, gives the highest return if you clear a boss solo. So yes this game is being able to solo content first and partying up is a 2nd or even a 3rd priority. We all remember when Paladins got nerfed and a lot of players where forced to quit there Paladins cause it wasn't viable enough anymore to join a party to do bosses with. I have seen so far 0 Paladins doing Lucid, you think this is a coincidence? and yes the nerf proposed to Kanna is more devestating and heart breaking then it was for a Paladin. No class should have to go through the pain of being relevant and then from the moment the next day starts not being able to clear content anymore.

    Continueing on how this game more and more becomes a solo game, a great example to this is Dream Breaker. This is content that is only possible to do solo. With Kannas slow mobility it already takes a lot of time to switch rooms and being punished for this, but now also losing 70% of its damage (Damage Test: https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/7691rk/kanna_comparing_haku_vs_no_haku/ ), instead of being able to clear floor 70 and maybe getting close to 80 I will be dropped down back to floor 40. This means it will take me almost 2x as long to get enough Arcane Symbols to level up my Lacheln Symbol. Before the Tune UP patch i was clearing floor 50 and with recent improvement I made to my job It would be easily floor 60 by now. It is not acceptable in anyway to punish a class so hard for its damage, that it will literally be unable to do solo content like this.

    Long story short, if you wanna go through with changing Haku's Blessing comming patch some counter measures should be taken to mitigate the 70% dmg loss. Cause otherwise Kanna can't be competitive to other jobs.

    Possible solutions:
    1. Haku Reborn FD for party, keep m.att % as is and only as a self buff for Kanna.
    2. Give Kanna 30% FD passively on Kasen with the Haku Blessing Nerf.
    3. Make it self buff only, keep it as it is.
    4. Increase Skill damage of every skill, mainly Vanquisher Charm from 242% --> 360% (other noteable skills Shikigami Haunting, Demon's Fury)
  • Anyone here who couldn't register at first?

    Made a new char on NA server, worked after.
  • I have a cool update idea. What about you :O?

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Perhaps we could have an event where we put up a MapleStory monster hit list for Maplers.
    I can't spoil too much, but we are planning to release a pretty tough cookie that may take many Maplers to beat.

    It's a monster everyone is familiar with as well so... keep your eyes peeled!

    Sounds like buggy and laggy Hekaton!