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  • Boss Crystal Limit

    Hello Maplers,

    Collecting mesos is a big part of the game, especially in reboot. Killing bosses is one of these methods and selling the boss crystal of the specific boss. However you are limited to sell only 60 boss crystals each week. A limit which I hope after this suggestion gets increaseed to 100.

    Currently if you do all daily bosses each day of the week (zakum, hilla, von leon, horntail, magnus, pb, ark, ra x4) and all weekly bosses (cygnus, hard magnus, lotus, damien, lucid, will) and in future with the black patch we get another 4 bosses. You can understand its very each to reach this limit.

    11 daily bosses x 7 = 77
    6 weeklies = 6
    Total: = 83

    This is calculated excluding the 4 new bosses with the black patch as well as any new future bosses. As you can see if you do all bosses, you get 23 boss crystals which you won't be able to sell and lose out mesos on. While you still like to do these bosses for the other drops or guild points they can give.




    So hopefully we can raise the boss crystal limit we can sell to the npc.

    With kind regards,

  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Would love to see an update, we have had almost a 1/2 year of no updates and with Ark comming up next month it would have been a perfect time to squeeze in a balancing patch for the exclusive classes cause outside Kanna, Jett and Beast Tamer really need to be fixed still as well. I don't count pure events and anniversary patches as a proper update this is just filler and doesn't add or balance any current content.

    Like to add to it that Buccanneer sitll does 3x as much damage as a Kanna, Jett or Beast Tamer with similar stats. Doesn't sound balanced to me especially considering that this game only considers DPS roles and tanking, support or any other role common in MMORPG's are not required to clear any boss at all. So therefore each class on it own need to be balanced in such a way that their DPS is similar to clear all contents of the game. This includes Lacheiln Clocktower, where DPS is required to reach a higher floor to gain more Arcane Symbol, there is no metric in this solo content in the game to compensate classes with lower DPS at all. Therefore the only solution would be to make all classes equal in DPS. Same goes for the daily for Arcane symbols in Arcana, although in this case mobility is the main priority and some classes just lack the mobility to be able to complete this daily succesfully. Not really an equal footing if you ask me. Why not make content in such a way that all classes are able to do it in somehow equal way or if you wanna keep the current way introduce at least several possible alternative ways to get the same outcome, in this case Arcane Symbols of a specific area like Arcana.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Dse fix means crit dmg 15% --> 8% from it. Is a netto loss of 2% crit dmg.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    The Winter patch is officially over and a new patch awaits around the corner. Since we now enter a 6 months of period where barely any KMS patches have been released and most of them will arrive during the summer this might be the right time to take another look in to the exclusive classes that are not present in KMS, Kanna, Beast Tamer and Jett. Hopefully these 3 classes can be revamped again, so they more balanced and don't do 1/2 the damage of a Bishop, a class with one of the most healing, party play, survivability and utility.
  • Yonax - Mod Application

    A brief description of why you'd like to become a VFM.
    I would like to start with a small introduction of myself. My name is Yonax and I started playing just after the beta in GMS. Some might recognise me from the “Teach me how to” series, where I joined Arwoo on Twitch to showcase Kanna or recognise me from my Youtube videos or Twitch streams. On Youtube I made several video guides about in game mechanics such as hyper stats, legion and training guides to help out fellow Maplers. I have really enjoyed helping out others with their questions about the game and would love to give back to the community by becoming a VFM.

    I’m someone who is active in the game and a joint leader of my own guild in Luna; Onyx. I’m also active on the Maplestory Forums, Discord and stay up to date with new content that gets released and ongoing discussions on the subreddit, and other platforms.

    What do you hope to accomplish as a VFM??
    As a VFM I would like to be someone who is approachable for everyone. A VFM that players can rely on to quickly report bugs, forward suggestions and communicate community concerns to Nexon. I would like to become the bridge between the community and the Maple team, to improve the communication and transparency so both Nexon has a better understanding how the community feels and the community gets a better understanding why Nexon is making certain changes.

    I mostly play on Luna, however I’m very knowledgeable about the game and well aware of the differences between mechanics of the regular server and reboot. I recently made a character in Reboot, to experience Reboot as a player and get a better understanding how game changes will impact the Reboot server.

    Do you have any experience moderating for other communities?
    My moderating experience might not be extensive, I moderate my own stream along with other streams and answer everyones questions in the comments on my Youtube videos. I have my own personal discord and a guild discord which I moderate as well. In the past I was a (Head-) GM and Council member in an online manager game for a couple of years. My responsibilities included monitoring and reporting bugs, providing feedback on the in-game economy and new updates for the game, directly to the developer(s) of the game.

    In-Game Character Name: Yonaku
    World: Luna
    Discord User Name: Yonax#4092

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.